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Best Hot Air Brush Straighteners In India 2023 Review N Guide

Best hot air brush in India in 2021

Never tried a hot air brush? Or looking for an upgraded model to replace the old tool, then you’re at the right place. Because we have crafted for you the best hot air brushes (also known as hair dryer brush) along with an absolute buying guide for the beginners to get the most suitable brush out of the list.

This is no wonder a magic wand for those busy girls and women who don’t have hours to spend on different hair styling on daily basis. Well yes, these busy bees can save lot of their time and can enjoy their morning breakfast without worrying about getting ready before work.

Hot air brush is not limited to drying and volumizing hair but it is much more than that, you can explore it below!!

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Gone those days when you need to hold that heavy hair dryer in one hand and the hair brush in the other to get volumized heat styling, because a new technology is arrived that combines hair dryer and the brush in the same device known as hot air brush or the blow dryer brush. Hot air brush allows you to style while drying out your hair.

If you wonder how does a hot air brush work? FYI the hot air or the cold air (as per your setting and tool) comes out of the bristles of brush to dry your hair and at the same time there are some ceramic coated bristles which heats up and help in styling your hair.

  • If you want that sleek voluminous hair right after the shower without getting into the process of air drying, blow drying and flat ironing or curling then try these hot air brush tools.
  • Thick curly hair can be easily tamed using hair dryer brush.
  • It does not damage your hair comparatively and you can use it on regular basis but with proper technique.
  • If you want to buy a one step hair dryer, styler and a volumizer then this hot air brush is for you.
  • It is much safer to use, no more burnt ears and fingers.
  • It grabs chunk of strands at a time which saves a lot of your time.
  • Hot air brush cut the time into half of the entire process of blow drying and heat styling.
Hot BrushHot Air Brush
This brush is used on dry hairIt dries and styles simultaneously
It straightens and volumizes hairHot air brush straightens, curls and waves hair while volumizing it
Hot brush is very easy to useIt is very easy and convenient tool to use
It is a paddled brush that works on low temperatures and has heat settings based on flat ironThis brush is a combination of hair dryer and brush. Has temperature settings based on hair dryers
Hot paddled brush can be precisely used near the scalp and roots without damaging themHot air doesn’t strike directly to your scalp while making it damage free and healthy
It uses heat to brush and straighten hairIt uses hot air to dry and style your hair
Creates minimal hair damage and can be used on regular basisCan be used on daily basis
Hot brushes are expensive than flat ironsAir brushes are expensive than hot brushes and flat irons

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Best Hot Air Brush Reviews

1. Panasonic Hair Styler with 2 Attachments

Panasonic hot air brush
  • Panasonic EH-KA22-V62B Hair Styler is one of the best hot air brush by Panasonic for home use. It works consuming the power of 650 watts, which is not too hot but will do the job perfectly for short to medium hair length and thin to normal hair texture and density.
  • It has 2 heat settings for different hair types and 2 attachments that is a nozzle and a brush with siliconized bristles for variant styling. Read this if you don’t know how to perfectly dry hair with nozzle.
  • The pin bristles softly de-tangle hair. It helps grip hair on the curved edge for improved volume and control for smooth and shiny results.
  • Beautiful purple finish gives it a girly look and its lightweight with360-degree swivel cord makes it a travel friendly blow dryer brush.
  • With great customer service and return policy the manufacturer has provided 2 years of warranty which makes this product quite reliable.

What we didn’t like about this brush:

  • It doesn’t work that effectively on thick and coarse hair.

2. Alan Truman The Blow Brush Review

Alan Truman blow brush review image
  • Alan Truman is one of the reliable brand of hair grooming appliances. It produces quality products that performs great.
  • This blow brush by Alan Truman is one of the best hot air brush in India for blow drying, straightening, detangling and styling.
  • It is made up of ionic tourmaline-ceramic barrel for frizz free, smooth and shiny hair. This hot air brush is made to use on wet (towel dried hair) hair for damage free drying and styling.
  • IT has two layered bristles (ball tip and nylon) for effective blow dry tension. It consumes the power of 1100 watts for fast and salon grade styling in a matter of minutes.
  • Short to long length hair can be easily done using 3 heat plus speed settings (low, medium and high) for different hair types and hair styles.
  • Its unique oval shape barrel technology, the spiral vent system, protective rear vent system provides damage free and fast styling like a pro.
  • It is light weight, easy to handle and maneuver because of its ergonomic design and cool tips.
  • This device is protected with 6 months warranty against manufacturing and workmanship defects.

What we didn’t like about this brush:

  • It might not straighten very kinky hair into sleek hair.

Check the review video here:

3. Carrera 535 Professional Hot Air Brush

Carrera blow dryer brushes combo
  • Famous for its professional hair appliances Carrera designed this high end hot air brush for personal and professional use. It is a powerful air brush that works on 1200 Watt. This is 4 in 1 tool with ceramic-coated round brush attachments as –
  1. Round brush of diameter 50 mm for high volume waves and straightening.
  2. Round brush of diameter 38 mm for long lasting volume that works perfect for medium length hair and can be used to create curls.
  3. Permanently ionised airflow nozzle infused with argan oil and keratin for fast and frizz-free drying.
  4. And the round brush of diameter 22mm to create ringlet curls and to work precisely near the roots to lift up and can be used to volumize short hair. This brush has retractable bristles that can be operated by rotating the tip of this brush.
  • With 3 heat and 2 speed settings, this Carrera hot air brush can be used on all types of hair and it also has a cool shot button for extra hold and damage free styling.
  • Long swivel cord allows tangle free flexible styling and has a hanging loop for safe storage.
  • It comes with 12 months of manufacturer warranty which makes it a reliable hot air brush to go for.

What we didn’t like about this brush:

  • Not observed any.

4. COIF Heated Straightening Brush

  • This hair brush does the job that a high end products do, in a very affordable price.
  • It provides shiny volumized and frizz free hair in one step, a 3 in 1 tool to dry volumize and straighten.
  • Advanced ionic technology helps to retain hair natural moisture and make them static-free and smooth.
  • It has 3 x 1.9 inch oval shape barrel brush for extra lift at roots, smooth body and curled ends
  • Embedded with combination of tufted bristles and nylon pin bristles for tangle free movement & better grip of your hair.
  • It works on 1000 watt power and is light weight with ergonomic design for easy maneuver.
  • Wider body helps to work on more hair at a time. It is designed to work on all types of hair
  • It works on 3 heat settings that is low, medium and high which can be adjusted using the rotary adjustment gear.

What we didn’t like about this brush:

  • Some users have complaint about the burning smell that comes for few minutes when the bow brush is heated up.
  • Some users have considered it the dupe of Revlon one step hair dryer.

5. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Review

Warning: This is a US based product and if you are willing to use it in India, use a step down transformer, which you have to purchase separately to convert the voltage.

Revlon hot air brush review image
  • Revlon is one of the best brand for hair styling appliances and the Revlon one step hair dryer brush is one of its best and widely used tool.
  • It delivers gorgeous shine and volumized hair in one step, you can use it simply on towel dried wet hair and within few minutes your hair will be dried, volumized, shiny and frizz-free.
  • Advanced ionic technology helps to condition hair while making them shiny and static-free.
  • It has oval shape 4.25 inch barrel brush for extra lift at roots and combination of nylon pin & tufted bristles for easy detangling & better grip of your hair.
  • The airflow vents are designed in a way to dry and style hair quickly in fewer passes.
  • It heats up quickly in 1 minute and works on 3 heat settings that is cool, low and high that can be conveniently operated using the rotary gear/ring at the bottom.
  • This hot air brush is light weight, has cool tip and ergonomic to work on different sections of hair easily.

What we didn’t like about this brush:

  • Universal voltage is missing and that is why you will require a step down transformer to use in India.

Check the review video here:

6. Panasonic Hair Styler with 6 Attachments And 2 Clips

Panasonic brush image with different attachments
  • This Panasonic hot air brush with ceramic coating ensures to give you a salon like quality styling at home with minimal efforts. The styler is easy and safe to use with a compact size and 8 attachments.
  • It includes blow brush, roller brush, volume lifter, slim roller brush, air iron, nozzle and 2 hair clips.
  • You can reform your hairstyle with big curls, small round curls, straighten your hair or just get a wavy hairstyle.
  • It offers three speed settings for different hair types and optimum styling.
  • It is portable and light weight. Hence, you can carry it along even while you travel.
  • This airbrush operates with minimal noise even at high speed.
  • It also provides one year warranty.

What we didn’t like about this brush:

  • It takes time to style long and thick, frizzy hair.

Hot air brush is quite easy to purchase but the “best hot air brush” that adapts your hair type and gives you salon grade hair is quite difficult to buy. That is why this simple guide will help you pick your desired tool in no time. Check some must have features below that you need to consider before purchasing your best hot air brush –

Brush/Barrel Size

The size of the barrel is calculated with its barrel and for different hair styling you need to pick different size barrels. For instance,

  • If you have long and thick hair type, you can simply go for wider or large size barrel brush that is around 2 inch size barrel.
  • If you want to create curls using your air brush, then for tight curls take 1 inch barrel size brush
  • For defined waves you can purchase 1.5 or 2 inch size barrel brush.
  • For short hair it is recommended to go with 1 inch or smaller barrel size air brush because it works nicely and effectively on short hair.
  • While medium length hair needs 1.25 inch, 1.5 inch or standard barrel size for perfect taming of medium locks.

Bristle And Barrel Material

Hot air brush with ceramic coated bristles and barrels works nicely on all types of hair and to get extra shine and more conditioning tourmaline works best. Tourmaline air brushes are recommended for thick, coarse and frizzy hair. Both prevents hair from damage and makes hair smooth and shiny.

Best quality bristles helps to get the salon grade results at home, some air brushes have soft bristles while others have nylon and ceramic bristles or a combination of different types of bristles, it depends on the technology and design of the tool.

Heat Settings

Like hair dryers, hot air brush also has two or three heat settings and a cool shot button. It is better to look for the air brush that has multiple heat settings to protect your hair from excessive heat damage.

  • Cool-to-low heat settings would go perfect for fine & fragile hair.
  • Where medium-to-high heat settings are recommended for normal, rough & thick hair.
  • Curly hair can be managed using medium heat settings.
  • High heat is generally recommended for extra tough & resistant hair.

Styling Attachments

You can invest in the tool that comes with different attachments like different size barrels with different types of bristles and nozzles or blowers to achieve versatile hair styles (curling, waving and straightening) with a single tool.

Light Weight And Swivel Cord

This seems less important but light weight appliances are very helpful for those who like to style their own hair at home. While working on the backside of hair, light weight devices with flexible or swivel long cord helps a lot. For me pain-free wrist movements and tangle free styling gives me peace of mind and satisfaction.

Power Consumption

The energy used by a hot airbrush in emitting cool, warm or hot air towards wet hair is calculated in watts. The heat production & drying time will depend on the wattage of your airbrush. The more wattage means the tool can create high heat.

Hot air brush on high heat uses around 800-1200 watts depending upon the power of the product. The powerful tool takes lesser time to style and straighten stubborn hair.

Additional Features To Look For

  • LED light & Digital Display of temperatures for convenient operation
  • Brand & Price  – Leading Brands always manufacture good quality products to maintain their reputation, though the price of their products are high but the quality worth every penny. Best products gives the best performance like professionals.
  • Universal Voltage is important for those who loves to travel out of India, they can easily style anywhere around the world.
  • Warranty helps to repair or replace your device if it is necessary within a specified period of warranty provided by the manufacturer.
  • Auto Shut Off Mode allows the device to shut down automatically if kept idle for specified time, for sake of safety.
  • Reviews – The best way to determine weather the product works properly or not, is to check its reviews by its users. This helps the buyer to point out pros & cons of their selected tool.
  • Low Noise Hot Air Brush doesn’t matter much if the device is powerful and gives quality results like a pro. But still you can opt for low noise devices if the sound is your major concern.
  • Rotary Air Brush is the brush that rotates on its own. It wrap your strands on the brush and does all the work. It is expensive than the non rotary brushes and gives you effortless styling.
someone Using air brush

Wash Hair Clean

  • Since it is a blow dryer brush so it is better to do on wet hair. Therefore wash your hair clean and condition it with your preferable prepping products.

Air Dry Naturally Or Squeeze Out The Excess Water

  • If you really have very thick hair, it is suggested to air dry your hair 50% to avoid lot of heat otherwise towel dry your hair and squeeze out the excess water.

Nourish And Comb

  • (This step is optional) Apply a good nourishing serum to make your hair healthy and nourished before heat application, it will give you an smooth finish, comb out your hair to spread the serum evenly and ofcourse detangling. You can also apply the volumizing product after nourishing hair to get more volume to your hair

Apply Heat Protectant

  • To protect hair from damage, apply a good quality heat protectant spray or product to add an extra protective layer on your hair. Spray it little all over your hair or use hands to spread it. Comb again if you want.

Separate Your Hair & Split

  • Separate hair into 2 or 3 sections and tie them up as per your convenience. Now release thej back section first and split it into suitable sections. There is no need to work on very tiny sections, because it’s a blow dryer brush so it will do the job on thick sections too.

Ready For Hot Air Brushing

  • Set the appropriate temperature according to your hair type and start brushing hair to get volumized finish. All you have to do is –
  • Place the section of hair on the brush and keep rolling down the brush to the end by making a curve to get volume and lift.
  • Keep brushing the other hair sections too.
  • Or you can simply brush like you do with your regular round brush.

Repeat the process until you get the desired results.

Final Step

  • You can lock your style with cool shot stream or use the hair setting spray/product to hold your style for long time.

No, a good quality hair brush with advanced technology minimizes the damage at great extent. While using heated brush your hair will not come in contact with heated plates directly like flat irons. Also, hot airbrush runs on lower temperatures compared to straighteners and other thermal tools.

No. Hot air brush is nothing but a hair dryer brush which helps in drying your hair. If you use it on already dried hair then it will leave the hair more frizzy and damaged, therefore it is not recommended to use the hot air brush on dry hair unless your brush has that technology to be used on dry and wet hair.

Hope you enjoyed this blog on best hot air brush in India. Our top pick from the list is Alan Truman Hot Air Brush, because of its advance features, good quality and reasonable price. It is suitable for all types of hair.

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