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Best Beard Hair Straightener In India To Buy In 2023

best beard hair straightener

If you want to look best with polished and tidy beard then give the below listed best beard hair straightener in India a try, it will turn your unruly, frizzy, curly and dry beard into manageable straight beard. You can use a blow dryer to achieve so but to get the maximum control over your facial hair style, the beard hair straightener is the best. In this post you will also know how to get damage free beard heat styling by using proper products and proper technique. So keep reading…





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3D anti-scalding technology



180°C and 200°C

Negative ion vent

150°C to 200°C





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Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic


Best Beard Hair Straightener In India Detailed Reviews

1. Figment Quick Hair Styler for Men Electric Beard Hair Straightener Review

best beard heated comb

This best beard hair straightener in India is very easy to use. It heats up quickly in few seconds and can evenly heat the beard, prevents excessive burns, and effectively protect the natural luster of the beard. It can also be used on your head for that sleek look.


  • Heats up in quick 40 seconds
  • Maximum temperature goes up to 180°C
  • It has protective coated heating material
  • Infused with the latest 3D anti-scalding technology
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use
  • Slim comb to reach every stubborn strands
  • Easy to operate with On and Off switch and led indicator
  • Multipurpose tool for head and beard hair


  • It doesn’t work that effectively on thick and coarse hair.

2. 2 in 1 Dolirox Beard Straightener Brush Review

dolirox best beard hair straightener

It is designed to get safe beard straightening a way more faster. The heat barrier comb design prevents heat damage to face and scalp. Ceramic teeth ensures to distribute heat evenly through the hair without damaging them. It has two temperature settings to work on different hair texture and thickness.


  • 2 in 1 hair straightener for head and beard
  • Anti scald comb teeth construction
  • Higher rubber comb teeth and shorter ceramic heating teeth
  • Negative ion technology for conditioning to prevent static and frizz
  • Two temperature levels 180°C and 200°C
  • Light weight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Long swivel cord
  • Universal voltage 110V-240V


  • You will require a voltage converter or adaptor to use it in India

3. Vikicon Beard Straightener For Men Review

vikicon beard cordless straightener

It is a cordless beard straightener that means you need to charge it and then use it wireless, which makes it portable and very convenient for travel. It can handle your beard frizziness and ensures to make it smooth and polished. The size of the brush is standard to work on all types of hair, it works nicely on hair and beard both.


  • Easy and safe to use for head and facial hair
  • Negative ion vent for soft and shiny hair
  • Cordless straightener
  • USB and micro USB ports for charging
  • 60 seconds heating up time
  • Temperature settings between 150°C to 200°C
  • Power and heat controlling switches
  • Liquid Cristal Display (LCD)
  • Auto shuts off in 60 minutes for safety


  • Very long and thick beard might take time to get tamed

4. VIHAX Beard Straightener Hair Styler Comb Review

Vihax beard hair straightener in india

This model has a unique portable design specifically made for beard and men’s hair straightening. The hair straightening plates can be rotated 360 degrees for easy use in different directions. It is quite safe to use because the comb acts as a protective cover against the heating plate to prevent your beard and hair from over-burning.


  • Foldable and ergonomic design for easy operation and storage
  • 120℃ optimum temperature
  • Removes frizz and curls
  • Ceramic heating plates heats evenly to avoid hot and cold spots
  • 15 seconds heating up time
  • It has power switch, led indicator light and the rotatory lock switch
  • 360 degrees rotational swivel cord


  • Since it has only one heat setting, therefore it might not work for every hair type

5. Didiz Electric Hair Straightener Brush Review

Didiz electric best beard hair straightener in India

This beard hair straightener massage your head & promote the blood circulation of the scalp resulting in healthy hair growth. You can easily create damage free hair styling with this tool. It has protective comb cover against the heating plate to avoid direct burning of scalp and skin. Ceramic coating, negative ion barrels & comb teeth helps to prevent hair from over burning.


  • Ceramic heating plates
  • Detachable comb
  • Safe to use with even temperature
  • Quick heating up to temperature 120°C
  • Power on/off button and LED indicator
  • Lightweight & ergonomic
  • 170 cm cable length
  • A hanging loop for storage


  • It doesn’t work on thick & coarse hair. Some users have complaint about the burning smell from the tool.

6. Bombay Shaving Company 3-in-1 Beard Straightener Kit Review

Bombay shaving company beard straightener kit

This kit consists of nourishing shampoo and conditioner, nourishing oil and a heated comb straightener. The shampoo is enriched with the Wheat Protein & Vitamin E which helps to cleanse and hydrate hair. The cedarwood beard oil nourishes your beard while smoothen it. The straightener comb has an Anti-Burn Protection design.


  • 3 in 1 kit (shampoo with conditioner, oil and a straightener)
  • Ergonomic heat protection comb design
  • Double side heater with safety comb on it
  • Convenient one button function
  • LED working light
  • Hanging loop for storage
  • Standard length wire


  • Users found that it takes multiple passes to straighten beard completely, one or two passes are not enough for straightening.

7. Wahl India Beard Straightening Brush (Black) Review

Best beard hair straightening brush in

This smart beard brush is made up of advanced ceramic tourmaline technology with unique bristle combination. The brand claims that it is easy to use, light weight and portable, you can easily carry it wherever you go. It is specifically designed for facial hair styling. It tames out your beard without damaging or burning your hair and face. Its ionic technology conditions hair while preventing frizz.


  • Smart brush design
  • Designed specifically for facial hair
  • Unique bristle combination
  • Advanced ceramic tourmaline technology
  • 1.9 m long 360° Swivel cord
  • Heats up in 120 seconds
  • Easy to use and efficient
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ergonomic brush design
  • Convenient one button function
  • LED working light
  • Hanging loop for storage
  • Standard length wire
  • 2 years warranty


  • Very coarse/wirey type of hair takes time to straighten.

Buyer’s Guide – Must Have Features To Look For Before Buying A Best Beard Hair Straightener In India

Size Of Your Beard

Your beard should be atleast 2 inches or long than that because it is uselesss to tame very short beard with the heating tools. As it will burn your facial skin if you are using comb, brush or flat iron on very short facial hair. Short and less hairy beard can be maintained using beard oils and balms.

Size Of Beard Hair Straightener

Consider buying a mini beard straightener for medium length beard, a wider heated brush helps to tame very long and thick beard.

Temperature For Different Hair Types

Heat level plays an important role for different hair types. It is recommended to use low heat for fine and thin hair and high heat for thick, long and coarse hair. For instance,

  • 120°C/250°F – Thin and Fine Beard
  • 150°C/300°F – Medium Beard
  • 170°C/340°F – Thick and Coarse Beard
  • 190°C/375°F – Hard to style Beard

As a beginner try to work on lower heat levels initially and later you can increase the heat gradually as per your hair requirement.

Ergonomic Design

Comfortable design and easy grip makes the entire process of beard styling much easier and faster. Ergonomic design of a beard hair straightener allows pain free wrist movement through out the styling session. So try to consider the tool which is handy.

Budget Friendly

As I have listed above the best quality beard hair straighteners that are cheaper in price. So you can simply check the list and invest in the right tool according to your requirements.

Additional Features To Look For

Some other features to include are – Safe heating material, flexible long wire, universal voltage compatibility, auto shut off function and warranty.

Best ‘Tips n Tricks’ For Using Best Beard Hair Straightener

  1. Use argan oil heat protection spray (as argan oil has the highest smoke/burn point) or use any other heat protectant product of good quality that you prefer, apply it or spray it on your beard and evenly distribute it through out the beard hair. This will protect your beard hair from heat damage and make it softer at the same time.
  2. Do not over use the heating tools on your beard, this may ruin the natural texture of your hair. Instead use beard balm or gel after shampooing and conditioning your beard (well, yes… conditioning is a good idea to manage unruly, curly beard), apply the balm as instructed by the product and brush your beard with a regular comb to get soft, polished and manageable beard.
  3. Super sleek straight beard looks unnatural, try to maintain the natural depth and texture of your beard while straightening it. Straight beard looks great but super sleek straight beard looks unreal.
  4. Gide your heating comb with the regular round brush to get the tension.
  5. Use style setting spray to get that straighten look through out the day or until the next beard wash.

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Beard Hair Grooming

❌ Wrong Product

Avoid using head shampoo and head conditioner on your beard. The scalp and the beard skin are different and you need a branded beard wash which is formulated for the skin underneath your beard. Using beard wash will make your beard moisturized and not dry and brittle.

❌ Damp Hair Straightening

Never ever use any hot tool on damp hair unless that tool is technically approved to use on wet hair. Always try to air dry or blow dry beard before using straightening device.

❌ Heat Damage

Don’t get lazy to apply heat protectant before applying any kind of heat to your hair. heat shield will save your beard from damaging and burning.

❌ Flat Ironing

Avoid contacting hair and facial skin to the heating plates directly, try to use heat comb or heat brush or blow dryer instead of a flat iron to straighten beard hair. Heated combs and heated brushes are the easiest, fastest and safest tools for beard straightening.

❌ Over Grooming

Over using of chemicals and heat will ruin the natural texture of your hair and might damage your skin in long run. Try to be natural by nourishing your beard with beard nourishing oils, this will help your beard look more softer and polished.

How To Use Best Beard Hair Straightener In India Without Damaging Your Hair?

To tame out the wild beard using hot tools without damaging hair and skin requires a proper technique. Follow these easy steps to achieve salon grade heat styling –

  • Wash beard with specified beard shampoo and conditioner.
  • Apply beard nourishing oil to make it more healthier and frizzfree.
  • detangle and dry out beard completely. heat application on wet hair will damage your hair texture and sometimes burn your hair.
  • Now that you are using hair straightener next, apply heat protectant to protect your beard from excessive heat damage.
  • Switch on your straightener, set the temperature and start straightening/brushing from roots to tips.
  • If you have very long and thick beard then guide your straightener using round brush or regular comb.

Are heated beard combs good?

Electric beard comb makes the grooming easier and faster but at the same time heat damages hair. Therefore it is not recommended to use heating tools very often, as it will ruin the natural elasticity and texture of your hair. As for heated beard combs, they are quite convenient for those who are busy and have no time for salon to get their beard done.

Folding Up

There are several beard straighteners in the market these days, gone those days when men were suppose to use women’s hair straightener for grooming their beard. But which beard straightener is best? and do beard straighteners really work? are some questions that strikes the mind before buying it as a beginner. Therefore I have crafted for you the list of best beard hair straightener In India that works great on different types of beard. Some of our top picks are –


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