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6 Best Comb For Hair In India – Most Popular In 2023

Best comb for hair in India

There are so many different types of combs and brushes available in the market. Using wrong comb might become the cause of hair fall and hair damage. But which type of comb is best for you? Don’t worry.. we are going to discuss some popular options which are considered as the best comb for hair in India for all hair types for men and women. I am sure you gonna find the one most suitable for your desired hairstyle. Apart from hair styling, these combs or brushes can be used for everyday hair grooming purposes as well.

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Different Types Of Combs/Brushes That Makes Your Styling Process Easier And Faster

I have defined here the most popularly used hair combs and brushes. To make your styling process easy, precise and fast you will require these best hair combs –

Paddle Brush Comb

Best Vega Brush For Hair In India

The paddle brush is considered as the all rounder brush, it is the most gentle option for hair, it is not going to pull and tuck your hair. The shape is best for detangling and smoothening out hair. If there are any knots and kinks, it removes it easily. It is also good at distributing any styling product evenly through out your hair. It is safe to use on damp hair as compare to other combs. Paddle brush glides nicely and smoothly through out your hair. It is a best foundation brush.

Round Brush Comb

Best round comb for hair in india

As the name says, this comb is round in shape and is great to create some volume and bounce in your hair. Use it with hair dryer or hair straightener to create that nice bouncy curl or wave in your hair. You might experience some pull and snag of hair at the beginning but as soon as you practice and know the technique of using, it will be your best friend.

Vented Brush Comb

Vented all purpose hair comb brush

If you are the person who is minimalist for styling products then this will be an option for you, it is the combination of paddled and round brush. It is smooth and gentle on your hair because of evenly distributed bristles all over the surface. The bristles are designed on semi round surface therefore you can use it as a volume brush as well. The vents help to dry hair smoothly and quickly when used with hair dryer.

Fine Tooth Comb

This comb is generally used for precise and tight hair styles. It can also be used after the whole styling or straightening is done and you want that final touch up to make your style look more slicker and shinier.

Best Comb For Hair In India For Hair Styling Reviews

VEGA Premium Collection Paddle Hair Brush Review

Best Vega Brush For Hair In India

This is the best paddle comb in India by the reputed brand Vega for perfect detangling, smoothening and volumizing hair. It is best suitable for medium to long hair. When used with hot tools, it adds an extra shine to your hair.

It has air cushioned base and ball tipped bristles that easily penetrate the hair, stimulate and massage the scalp, it also helps in reducing snags and tangles while styling your hair. Nothing but one of the best comb for hair in India to use everyday.

Specifications –

  • Sleek design and portable
  • Square shape to cover more hair
  • Ball tipped bristles to penetrate the hair
  • Stimulate and massage the scalp
  • Air cushion base
  • Pin hole to allow air to slowly escape from the cushion
  • Ergonomic designed for better and comfortable grip
  • Brush dimensions: 8 x 3 x 25 centimeters
  • Suitable for medium and long hair


  • Not good for short hair
  • It doesn’t create curl while heat styling

VEGA Cushioned Hair Brush Review

Cushioned Hair Brush

This brush works great for smoothening short to medium length hair. It creates sleek hair style and comes with ball tipped nylon bristles that easily penetrate the hair, stimulate and massage the scalp while reducing snags and tangles.

You can use it on any texture of hair without worrying about the breakage or hair fall. Nylon bristles prevents static and frizz and makes your hair smoother on every stroke. It makes your blow drying and straightening process much faster and smoother than before. Vega is considered as one of the best comb brands in India.

Specifications –

  • Well balanced and flexible nylon bristles
  • Cushion effect for stress free brushing
  • Nylon bristles with ball tips smoothly massages your scalp
  • Suitable for short to medium hair types
  • Hygenic and easy to clean
  • Brush dimensions: 3 x 7 x 24 centimeters
  • Affordable


  • Didn’t find any

Amazon Brand – Solimo Handmade Comb

Semi wide and fine teeth hair comb

This elegant black comb by Solimo is handmade from non-petroleum-based cellulose acetate derived from natural plants. It has smooth and strong round-shaped teeth for comfortable and safe combing.

This works best with all kinds of styling with heat or without heat. You can also use this best comb for hair in India on Indian hair for daily hair combing and styling, because it reduces hair fall, static and increases blood circulation that promotes new hair growth.

Specifications –

  • Handmade from natural plant
  • Stong, durable and lightweight
  • Round shapes teeth for safety
  • Gentle on scalp
  • Can be used on sensitive skin
  • Made for every day use
  • Adds volume and lustre to hair
  • Comb dimensions: 19 x 5 x 1 centimeters


  • Some people find it uncomfortable to use with hot tools.

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Multi Styling Best Combs For Hair By Vega –

VEGA Round Brush For Men & Women Review

Best round comb for hair in india

This is one of the best round hair comb available in India for blowouts and hair styles. It has nylon bristles that are flexible and ergonomic to penetrate hair easily.

The ball tips gently massages the scalp without pulling and snagging of hair. The round shape and comfortable grip makes your heat styling process easier and a lot more faster.

Because it is suitable to all types of hair, curls, waves and bangs can be easily done in minutes using this Vega round hair comb or brush.

Hair combing tips for men – If you’re growing hair longer, this brush will be good at serving the purpose. Because when hair grows long, the mechanism of it changes and you need to comb your hair atleast once a day to spread sebum (oil produced by hair scalp) from scalp to tips of your hair to maintain its health. Therefore round hair brush will do that efficiently than a traditional flat comb.

Specifications –

  • Well balanced and flexible bristles
  • Nylon bristles – Flexible and penetrate hair easily
  • Ball tips gently massages your scalp
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Ergonomic design and comfortable handle grip
  • Affordable and good quality product
  • Comb dimensions: 3 x 21.5 centimeters


  • You might require little practice to do curls and waves using round brush with heat styling tools.

GUBB Elite Range Vented Hair Brush Review

Vented all purpose hair comb brush

This is nothing but the most versatile and best comb for hair in India. It is ideal for detangling, styling, blow drying, brushing & scalp massage.. You can invest in this best hair comb for daily grooming of wet and delicate hair strands without breakage.

It has vented space for the air to reach your hair and dry them quickly. Soft and flexible nylon bristles allows pain-free detangling while ball tips deliver a massage effect and improve circulation.

The curved surface of the vented comb fits the head contour for comfortable detangling. It also features a retractable pin at the end for cleaning stuck hair strands and ease in hair sectioning while styling.

Specifications –

  • Flexible nylon bristles with vented space
  • Great for blow drying and detangling
  • Ball tipped bristles to massage the scalp and improve circulation
  • Rubber handle grip for comfortable styling
  • Bottom hole for easy storage
  • Retractable pin at the bottom to clean the brush or section hair
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Comb dimensions: 7 x 4 x 24.5 centimeters


  • You cannot use this vented hair comb for straightening.

Herstyler V Shaped Easy Comb – Flat Iron Chasing Comb Review

Flat iron chasing comb

You can use this comb with any flat iron to get that shinier and sleeker straight hair. It makes your straightening process a lot more easier and faster.

Comb chase method works wonders in straightening hair in a single pass. Well you can do chasing with fine tooth comb as well but for comfortable and fast chasing you need to invest in this V shaped easy comb.

Specifications –

  • Great for use with any flat iron
  • Heat resistant body
  • Prevents static and controls frizz
  • Superior strength with flexibility


  • A bit of expensive comparatively

How To Use Your Best Comb For Hair Efficiently For Different Styling

Blow Drying – Towel dry your hair, pair it with blow dryer and start combing your hair gently from the roots, down the hair shaft. Direct the airflow of hair dryer at the shaft of hair for damage free blow drying.

Detangling – For easy detangling, start brushing the lower six inches of your hair shaft, and then proceed upwards for pain free detangling.

Volumizing – For volumizing, gently lift your hair at the roots and sweep down. The higher you lift your hair away from the scalp the more volume it will create.

Straightening – Follow your comb with the flat iron to get the sleeker and shinier hair style.

Buyer’s Guide To Choose Best Comb For Hair In India To Use With/Without Heat Styling Tools

Hair Type

There are some combs designed to use on different hair types. Therefore, if you have medium to long (normal or thick) hair, use paddle brush comb for detangling and smoothening your manes. For short hair use the traditional flat comb or the round brush.

Also with dry and frizzy hair, use the wooden comb or natural fiber bristled comb or brush to distribute sebum (natural oil) from scalp to the entire hair length.

Thin hair or damage prone hair or curly hair can use the wider tooth comb for easy combing and smoothening.

Style Requirement

For Detangling and smoothening, use the paddle brush comb. For blow drying purpose use the vented brush comb, for hair curling and volumizing use the round hair brush, and for straightening purpose use the chasing comb as reviewed above.

Comb Material

There are metallic, wooden and plastic combs and brushes available in the market these days. The wooden body is recommended for safe and comfortable hair combing.

Bristle or Teeth Type

Nylon bristles are usually stiffer than boar bristles. Use a nylon bristle brush to comb thin, thick and normal hair and for detangling hair. Boar bristles are generally softer than nylon bristles. They are used on fine, very thin or damaged hair.

Wooden teeth combs are all rounder and great for spreading natural oils through out the dry hair while making them healthy and shinier.

If you have sensitive scalp use the smooth, round shape teeth comb or ball tipped bristle brush for pain-free combing as compare to sharp teeth combs or brushes.

Easy To Hold

Look for the ergonomic design and slip free grip of handle, because it makes the comb more easier and comfortable to use and maneuver.

Brand & Quality

Products from best brands are of good quality and lasts longer. Therefore we have crafted for you the list of best comb for hair in India for each need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which comb is best for hair growth?

The comb with ball tipped flexible bristles are proven best scalp massager for increased blood circulation and hence promotes new hair growth. It also distribute the sebum or natural oils from your scalp through the rest of your hair for nourishment.

2. Which type of comb is best for hair fall?

Wide tooth comb or the detangler can help in reducing hair fall. Paddle or cushioned brushes and natural fiber brushes or combs are also great for preventing hair fall.

3. Which comb is good for volume?

Round brushes are considered good for creating volume while using blow dryers and heat stylers.

4. Which comb is best for hair wooden or plastic?

Wooden combs are better than the regular plastic ones. They prevent static and penetrates through hair strands.

5. What type of comb should you use on regular basis?

Paddle comb is considered as the best comb for hair detangling and smoothening on regular basis.


The above list of best comb for hair available in India are perfect for grooming, blow drying, heat styling, detangling and volumising. These combs are curated to gently glide through your hair and penetrate each strand to look its finest.

Style your hair everyday with these combs and brushes, the above list includes paddle, cushion, flat, round, compact and curl hair brushes designed to groom, shape and smoothen all hair types, lengths and textures.

“Hope you found the one best suitable to your need”

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