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Best Hair Brush Straightener In India Under Rs 1500 – Reviews & Guide

I am sure, you are looking for a budget friendly best hair brush straightener in India under Rs 1000 or 1500 for home use, which has all the essential features and is of good quality, well.. you are at the right place…!!

Where the hot brush can be used for grooming and straightening women’s hair, we can also use it for men’s hair and beard too. The electric brushes are multi-functional, they straighten, detangle and massage your hair and scalp simultaneously.

Laying your hands on the best hair brush straightener in India which is suitable to your hair type, can sure be a crucial task. Therefore I got you sorted few best hair brush straighteners that are available in India under rupees 1500.

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Detailed Review Of Best Hair Brush Straightener In India Under Rs 1500

1 Rozia Hair Brush Straightener (HR767) Review

Rozia hair brush straightener image

Rozia is a leading personal care products company which produces best quality cost effective products and delighting services to its customers.

This electric brush straightener is made up of ceramic heating material and has two different heat settings that is 210°F-450°F / 80°C-230°C for different hair texture.

The heat can be conveniently operated on LED screen with two buttons to switch between heat levels. Along with that it has a power button to safely switch on the device.

The anti scalding teeth design allows warm scalp massage which increases the blood circulation and makes your root and scalp healthy.

It claims to reduce frizz, add volume and shine to your strands. 360° swivel cord makes the entire process of styling flexible and comfortable.

The product shuts off after 60 minutes in case if you forget to switch it off after using it.

Product Instruction:

  • Keep the hair clean, dry and neat before using the heated brush.
  • Insert the plug of your device into the proper electrical outlet.
  • Press the power button/switch for 3 seconds, the brush will be on.
  • Now press “+” or “-” buttons to set the temperature.
  • Use the brush from root to tip, constant repetition for several times will straight your hair completely.
  • Turn off after use, the machine will be automatically shut off after 1 hour.

2 Agaro HSB-4001 Hair Straightener Brush Review

Agaro best hair brush straightener in India

Agaro offers a high-end professional hairstyling appliances. One of its quality product I am talking about is HSB-4001 Hair Straightener Brush.

This heated brush beats the high end professional products, as it has ceramic infused tourmaline and triple bristle design.

The ionic technology releases negative ions that conditions hair while making them straight, shinier and static free. The temperature goes upto 210°C for perfect heat styling.

1.8 m 360-degrees swivel power cord prevents tangling and twisting of hair when straightening. The wide paddle shaped brush grabs most of the hair for fast styling.

It is quite durable and the brand also offers 2 years of warranty.

Product Instruction:

  • Can be used on dry hair only.
  • This brush is light weight, easy to use and can be used on all types of hair
  • Insert the plug of your device into the proper electrical outlet.
  • Press the power button, the LED light gets illuminated, now the brush will be heated in few seconds and gets ready to use.
  • Consider parting your hair into sections if your hair is really thick and frizzy.
  • Use the brush from root to tip, few passes will straight your hair completely.
  • You can also work close to the roots because of the anti scald bristle design.
  • This brush will add volume and texture to your dull hair.
  • Turn off the brush after use, the machine will be automatically shut off after 1 hour.

3 Syska HBS200i Hair Brush Straightener Review

Syska hot brush

Syska brings in advance and user friendly technology to give you salon like hair at home, quality control has been a priority for their products. One of the best hair straightener brush brands in India.

This heated brush has advanced 3D ceramic coated bristles with cool tips which distributes heat evenly without creating hot and cold spots and provides damage free styling.

Infused keratin treatment to maintain healthy hair while the ion effect makes your hair smooth and shinier.

Adjustable temperature setting between 80°C to 230°C. Heat levels can be easily operated on digital display with controlling “+” and “-” switches.

1.5 m 360-degree swivel cord make it flexible to move in any direction, you can work easily on the backside of head.

The Syska hair brush straightener will automatically switch off after 60 minutes if left idle. This is one of the best professional hair brush straightener under Rs 1500. The product comes with 2 years of warranty.

Product Instruction:

  • Use the product on dry hair.
  • Set the temperature as per your hair type, it is recommended to use the device on lower heat settings as a beginner.
  • When the power is supplied to the brush it gets heated up in 90 seconds.
  • Use the brush from top to bottom of your strands and few passes will do the job.
  • Since the brush is light weight and wide enough to work on big sections of hair, therefore it is not required to partition hair into small sections.
  • It will not give the pin straight effect but straighten hair with some volume.
  • Switch off the device when not in use.

4 Wazdorf Hair Electric Comb Brush Review

wazdorf straightening brush image

The most affordable brush in the market which performs well on thin to normal hair texture. It might not work for the people with very thick and coarse hair.

Though it goes up to very high heat of 230°C but still there are users who found it difficult to straight very curly hair.

It is built with the ceramic heating material which helps in gliding easily without damaging your hair from excessive heat.

There is a temperature controlling function which cab be customized on digital display according to your hair type.

It heats up quickly and automatically shuts off after 60 minutes when not in use. The flexible 360° swivel cord makes the styling process quite easy and comfortable.

This tool is so handy and has easy to grip body material with beautiful black and pink finish. The size of the brush is wide enough to work on all types of hair density.

Product Instruction:

  • This simply straight hair brush can be used on dry hair only.
  • Apply any heat protectant before applying heat to the hair.
  • Set the appropriate temperature as per your hair type and wait till the device heat up to the desired temperature.
  • Use the brush from top to bottom of your hair, section your hair if necessary to get the sleek look.
  • Raise the heat if your hair is thick, curly and coarse.
  • Switch off the device after finishing your style.

5 Fast Hair Straightener Brush Review

Fast hair straightener brush image

This is another affordable deal that you can give a try. If you don’t want to invest in high end professional product and want those features in your budget then this straightener brush is for you.

This hair brush straightener has ceramic coated anti scalding bristles which won’t damage your scalp and gives you healthy massage effect.

The anion conditioning technology makes the hair softer and smoother without damaging hair.

You can operate this device on different heat levels, maximum upto 230°C, with the help of temperature controlling buttons and the digital screen.

This device heats up in a minute or so and automatically shuts off after 60 minutes. 360-degrees winding tail wire.

This 10 inch long straightener brush is perfect to carry anywhere you travel and 5 inch paddled brush works on all types of hair easily.

Product Instruction:

  • Wash your hair and dry out completely before using this heated brush to avoid burning and chipping of hair.
  • Though this brush is infused with anion technology but you still need to protect your hair using any good quality heat protectant product or argan oil.
  • Detangle your hair if you have crazy curls or stubborn locks. Detangling unruly hair before applying heat will protect your hair from over heating. The lesser heat required for straightening, much better for your hair.
  • Now that the pre grooming of hair is completed, switch on your device and set the temperature to the desired heat level and start straightening.
  • Section your hair if you have very long and thick hair, as it will make the process much smoother and silkier.
  • Switch off the device after completing the styling session.

6 Rozia HR765 Hair Straightening Brush Review

Rozia Straightener Brush

This model by Rozia is fully packed with all the essential features that a professional straightener brush must have.

This hot brush is embedded with PTC heating material which claims for even heat distribution through out the brush for safe and damage free straightening.

It has got 360-degrees rotating swivel cord for hassle free gliding and pain free movement of wrist all over the head.

The temperature level ranges between 180°F – 450°F / 80°C – 230°C for versatile hair styling and different hair types.

This brush is for those who want to invest in a quality product, loaded with features and technologies and is cost effective.

The product has one hour auto power-off function which adds an extra safety to your device.

Product Instruction:

  • Keep your hair clean and tangle free before using the electric brush.
  • Insert the plug into the suitable socket to keep good connection.
  • Set the desired temperature and wait until it turns hot to the set temperature.
  • Glide the brush as per your convenience to get the straightening effect.
  • Brush small amount of hair at a time to speed up the process and to get the salon finish
  • If you want long straight hair effect, you should use the hair spray and softener.

7 Syska HBS100i Hair Straightener Brush Review

Syska Straightening Brush

This is one of the best hair brush straightener in India by Syska which provides salon like finish in minutes.

The anion technology tames out your rough and frizzy hair in few passes and makes them more shinier and silkier.

It has multiple temperature controlling feature, maximum upto 210°C, it takes 90 seconds to reach the desired temperature.

Because of the flexible swivel cord it is so easy to access the back side of hair. Also this product offers a 2 year warranty.

This device gets automatically switched off after 60 minutes for sake of safety or in case you forget to switch off your tool after using it, this feature gives an extra peace of mind.

The straightener brush is so handy and easy to maneuver on different sections of hair. Its standard size and design is perfect for travelling as well.

Product Instruction:

  • It is recommended to use the brush on dry hair of all length and texture.
  • Switch the power button for 2-3 seconds and the device will be ready to use in 90 seconds.
  • Set the temperature and wait until it turns hot.
  • Apply heat protectant spray or serum to prevent excessive heat damage.
  • Brush your hair like regular comb from roots to, few passes will straighten your strands.
  • It might not work on very thick, coarse and curly hair.
  • Try style setting spray to lock your style for long time.

Flat Iron VS Straightening Brush

They both works great on their own. Some people finds the brush more easier and some people likes flat iron the most. It depends on you what you are comfortable with. Lets compare both of them with different aspects –

  1. Straightening brushes are more faster than the flat iron.
  2. Straightening brush volumizes hair and the flat iron gives flat and sleek effect.
  3. Brushes are easy to use without worrying about the sectioning of hair, while flat iron works more effectively on small sections of hair, therefore you need to divide your hair into small sections to flat iron it more precisely.
  4. Straightening brush does pull your hair little bit so make sure you detangle your hair especially if you have very curly and kinky hair. Flat iron glides more smoothly than the brush. Pulling and snagging of hair also depends on the heating material and the plates your flat iron and brush is made up of.
  5. Brush doesn’t work that great near the roots as compared to flat iron. Very kinky and curly hair finds it difficult to sleek out the roots with electric brush.
  6. The ends get super straight and sleeker with flat iron than the brush.
  7. You can use the brush closer to the scalp, as it will not damage your hair and gives the massaging effect on scalp. But flat iron can damage or burn the scalp if the plates gets in contact with the skin.
  8. You need to be more careful while using the flat iron on high heat as compare to the brush.
  9. Flat irons can be used for other hair styles like curls, waves and crimps. But it is more tricky to style different hairstyles with hair straightening brush.

Safety Measures You Should Take While Using Hair Brush Straightener

There are some safety attentions in order to ensure the proper use of the hair brush straightener or any heating tool, please pay attention to the following security matters –

  1. Please do not let children under the age of 14 to use this product without adult aside.
  2. Never use the hot tool in bathroom or wet place like basin, bath tub and sink.
  3. Always check whether your electric device has damages before use, if it is damaged, please stop using it. Check the wire before plugging it into the socket, if the cable is damaged stop inserting it into socket
  4. Wait till the product cools down before storing it.
  5. Do not use the product if it drops from high place, if there is any collision damage, do not use it any more.
  6. Do not remold, disassemble, or repair this product without authorization .
  7. Never throw this product into fire or external heating.
  8. Do not dispose your waste electronic tools into regular garbage. Give it to the electronic recycler or to any recycling electronic shop.

Which hair brush straightener is best in India under Rs 1500?

The brush which has advance technology that ensures damage-free heat styling, which is cost effective and has all the essential features like a professional tool, is considered to be the best hair brush straightener in India. The above crafted list of top-rated hair brush straighteners are loaded with all the features and technologies that makes them worth buying.

Folding Up

Hope you enjoyed the blog and found the right tool for your hair type and budget. Straightening hair with best hair straightener brush listed above makes a lot of difference than using the regular straightening brush.


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