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Best Hair Dryers In India 2023 for Styling

best hair dryers in India

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Why should you buy a best hair dryer?

Best hair dryers in India are no longer the drying tools but have become multi-stylers for men & women. Hair dryers are used to make hairstyles like curly, layered, straight, wavy & so.

It is also used to enhance your natural curls & naturally straight hair by adding shine, volume & lift to it.

Apart from drying your hair, hair dryers help to get rid of frizz & maintains the natural moisture of hair, it also adds luster & softness to your hair, all this is possible because of the technologies used in its construction.

Here we can help you pick the best hair dryers in India with important features & advance technologies that are suitable for Indian hair type. You can also check our “Buyer’s Guide” on how to choose the best hair dryers in India to make a fair decision.

Best Hair Dryers In India Comparison


WAHL 5439-024 Super Dry Professional Styling Hair Dryer

CARRERA 531 Professional Hair Dryer

Philips HP8232/00 Professional Thermo Protect Ionic Hair Dryer

Havells HD3151 1600W Cool Shot Hair Dryer

VEGA Pro Touch 1800-2000 Hair Dryer (VHDP-02)



Graphite Grey/Titanium




Standard For Hair Type

All Hair Types

All Hair Types

All Hair Types

Fine/Normal Hair

All Hair Types



₹ 2,279.00

₹ 3,990.00

₹ 2,901.00

₹ 999.00

₹ 1,800.00 

Purchase Link


2200 W

2400 W

2200 W

1600 W



1.2 Kg

576 g

671 g

567 g

894 g


3 (2 Nozzles & 1 Diffuser)

2 (1 Nozzle &  1 diffusor)

2 (1 Nozzle &  1 diffusor)

1 Nozzle

2 (Large & Medium Nozzles)

Detachable Outlet Grille/Filter












Technologies used






Auto Shuts-Off






Cool Shot






Number of temperature modes

5 (3 Heat & 2 Speed Settings)

5 (3 Heat & 2 Speed Settings)

6 (3 Heat & 3 Speed Settings)

2 Heat Settings

4 (2 Heat & 2 Speed Settings)


220 - 240 V AC

220 - 240 V DC

220 - 240 V DC

220 - 240V AC

110 - 240V AC

Cord Length


3m (approx)



2m (approx)

Storage hook













2 Year

1 Year

3 Year

2 Year

2 Year

Best Hair Dryers In India Reviews

#1 WAHL 5439-024 Super Dry Professional Styling Hair Dryer, Black Review

Best Wahl hair dryer in India

An amazing product by the leading brand Wahl is Wahl 5439-024 Super Dry Professional Styling Hair Dryer. The brand manufactures the most quiet motors than others. It also produces very reliable & budget friendly grooming products.

Wahl 5439-024 Hair Dryer is one of its best selling hair dryers, it is tourmaline based tool with a powerful motor of 2200 watt for ultra fast drying. Ionic technology is nothing but retains the natural moisture of hair & gives an extra shine to your hair.

It has 3 settings of heat, 2 for speed for optimum use & one cool shot button to lock the hair style & to prevent heat damage. It comes with one diffuser & 2 infusion (nozzle) attachments. The product is quite durable with 2 years of warranty.

The ergonomic design makes this hair dryer pretty handy & comfortable to work with but is not foldable. You can store it using easy & safe storage hook. It also has a removable filter grid at the back to guard the device from dust.

The damage-free heat styling technology & the mediocre price makes this device one of the best hair dryers in India.

Pros: Embedded with lots of features, it is nothing but a powerful professional hair dryer.

Cons: This hair dryer is non foldable & its a bit heavy.

#2 CARRERA 531 Professional Hair Dryer for Men & Women Review

Carrera no 531 best hair dryers in India with two attachments

CARRERA Hair Dryer 531 is a very light weight design by CARRERA as it has DC motor which is lighter than the AC motors & makes you control the power of 2400 watt easily with single hand.

This hair dryer has titanium-ceramic coated outlet grille which distributes heat evenly & makes the temperature steady. It releases negative ions into the hair shaft, making them look fuller and shinier.

It comes with two attachments one narrow styling nozzle for faster & targeted air flow, one diffuser for maximum volume when you style curls & waves.

There are 3 heat settings & 2 speed settings along with one cool air blaster (cool shot button) for locking your hair style & for preventing heat damage.

The permanent ionization helps to dry & de-frizz your hair without creating static in it, which is possible by the constantly flowing of ions in the air stream .

Keratin & argan oil infused airflow nourishes & smoothens your hair. It provokes the healthier & nourished new hair growth.

CARRERA 531 is embedded with lots of features which makes it one of the cost effective & best hair dryers in India.

Pros: Very powerful yet lighter in weight, it makes very low noise. It is ideal for men & women.

Cons: It is non foldable & is pricey as compare to others.

#3 PHILIPS HP8232/00 Professional Thermo Protect Ionic Hair Dryer (White) Review

Philips HP8232/00 Professional Thermo Protect Ionic Hair Dryer Image

A very affordable yet good quality product by the leading brand Philips is – Philips HP8232/00 Thermo Protect Ionic Hair Dryer. Well Philips always ensure to style your hair with care.

Thermo-protect temperature supplies optimal temperature to protect hair while heat drying. Whereas infused ionic technology helps in conditioning your hair & retaining its natural moisture while drying. Charged negative ions eliminate static, de-frizz and smooth the hair cuticles to boost shine and glossiness.

The combination of 6 temperature & speed settings make you dry & style your hair at the same time very easily & quickly. Also you can finish your hair style with cool air blast to set & secure it from heat damage.

The 2200 W DC Motor generates powerful airflow to speedup your drying & styling process & gives your hair a salon-finish.

This professional hair dryer by Philips has a slim concentrator nozzle for shiny, polished look. And a volume diffuser to enhance or create volumized & bouncy natural curls or waves.

It has 1.8 m flexible cord, a safe storage hook & a removable outlet grille. Advance technologies & overall functionalities have made this hair dryer a best option to consider.

Pros: It is ionic & a perfect combination of style & technology.

Cons: It is non foldable.

#4 “HAVELLS HD3151 1600W Cool Shot Hair Dryer (Turquoise)” Review

Havells Classic Hair Dryer Image

This is a very beautiful turquoise color hair dryer by Havells, it has basic features & can be used by teenagers as well as beginners for hair drying & styling at home on daily basis.

It uses 1600 wattage for drying, where the AC motor works on 220 – 240 Voltage. Though it is powerful yet it is gentle on hair & leaves a smooth, shiny texture to your hair.

It has 2 temperature settings, hot & warm. And a cool shot function for locking & securing your hair style.

It comes with detachable concentrator nozzle for targetted airflow & is foldable. This is one of the compact hair dryers to use for travel purposes.

Because of its 1.6 m long flexible cord you can easily work on all sides of your head. Havells HD3151 Hair Dryer is one of the best hair dryers in India under 1000.

Pros: It is the best budget hair dryer & has effective fundamental features.

Cons: This hair dryer is not recommended for thick & rough hair. Some customers have complaint about the coil turning red/orange when used for a long time.

#5 VEGA HP8232/00 Professional Thermo Protect Ionic Hair Dryer(VHDP-02), Black Review

Philips HP8232/00 Professional Thermo Protect Ionic Hair Dryer(VHDP-02) Image

You can get professional hair style at home with VEGA Pro Touch 1800-2000 Hair Dryer. VEGA is the most reputed brand of beauty accessories and personal care appliances, it especially focuses on the quality of its products for quality conscious Indian consumers.

The ceramic coated tourmaline grille is suitable for almost every hair types. It maintains a constant temperature, where ionic conditioning keeps the hair soft & supple while protecting against heat damage.

The powerful 1800-2000 Watt AC Motor dries hair so faster & helps to de-frizz & smoothen your hair in no time.

The 2 heat & 2 speed settings helps to style efficiently by applying an optimal temperature on hair. It improves the texture of hair cuticles simultaneously. You can finish your hair style with cool air blaster to stay for long time.

Vega hair dryer comes with 2 detachable concentrator nozzles, large nozzle to work on thick & long hair, whereas medium nozzle for thin & medium/short length hair.

The ergonomic design is quite handy to use, especially when you straighten hair using blow dryer. This professional hair dryer is facilitated with automatic overheat cut out function which protects the device from overheating.

Pros: A powerful professional hair dryer in very mediocre price, which is why it is one of the best hair dryers in India to buy.

Cons: Its a bit heavy as compared to others in the list.

How To Choose Best Hair Dryers In India – Buyer’s Guide

If you want to buy a hair dryer that gives you the desired hairstyle and does not damage the hair as well then you need to invest in a good brand hair dryer.

Compromising with low quality hair dryer will ruin your hair, yes that’s right because there are many cheap hair dryers available in the market which uses cheap metal coils and produces uneven heating, which results in dry scalp and brittle hair.

Below are some must-have features to look for when buying best hair dryers in India.

Different types of hair dryers available in Indian market are constructed with advanced technologies & material. These factors plays an important role in providing the quality to hair dryer for its best performance.

Here you can have a short description of hair dryers categorized according to the type of metals used in their production –

Ceramic Hair Dryer –

Ceramic hair dryers releases infrared heat that penetrates through your hair resulting in shiny, frizz free smooth hair.

The inside ceramic coating helps to distribute the heat evenly & quickly to dry without damaging them.

They work pretty much nicely on all types of hair. Ceramic hair dryer works great on normal, thin, frizzy & damaged hair

They are cheaper than other advance hair dryers like tourmaline & titanium but are expensive than the traditional hair dryers.

Ionic Hair Dryer –

Ionic hair dryers are either made of ceramic or the combination of ceramic, tourmaline & titanium.

Actually ionic conditioning is the technology that emits lots of negative ions that counteract the positive ions of dry, damaged hair & locks the natural moisture of your hair leaving them smooth, shiny, static free & neutralized.

Ionic hair dryers dries your hair so quickly but sometimes over dry your hair & becomes harsh to fine & thin hair. They are more expensive than the traditional & ceramic dryers.

Tourmaline Hair Dryer –

If you want more shine & frizz control, tourmaline hair dryer is the best. It releases both infrared heat & negative ions. So, it is often used in manufacturing infrared and ionic hair dryers.

However, tourmaline hair dryers are expensive than ceramic & ionic hair dryers, because of their effectiveness. The ionic conditioning helps to lock hair’s natural moisture and works great against frizz.

They are much faster than the ceramic & ionic hair dryers. They are generally recommended for very thick, very curly & very coarse hair. Not good for thin & fine hair.

Titanium Hair Dryer –

Titanium hair dryers heats up very faster, is light weight & works better on thick hair. It has an ionic charge which makes the entire process of drying fast, fewer strokes are enough to dry hair strands completely.

Get titanium hair dryers if you have thick, curly & coarse hair. Not recommended for the people with fine & short hair. They are expensive than the ceramic & ionic hair dryers.

Blow dryer attachments make the drying process much more easier & healthier. It allows the air to be blown on desired areas & gives you full control on styling while blow drying.

Check out some mostly used attachments by professionals

Concentrator Nozzle Image

Concentrator Nozzle

Modern hair dryer comes with wide & narrow nozzle attachments also know as concentrators to concentrate the hair on the required section of the hair, especially when hair dryer is used for straightening.

Wider nozzle covers wide area of the hair & dry faster. Whereas narrow nozzle covers the small area of the hair with an extra force & dry faster. Depending upon the hair texture & type these nozzles are been used by the stylers.

Make sure to keep the nozzle atleast half an inch away from your brush & hair to de-frizz with extra shine & smoothness, otherwise it will be a cause of hair burning & may damage your hair dryer too.

Diffuser Image

Diffuser – 

This attachment helps to diffuse the straight air flow into the rounded air flow. It is used on curly/wavy hair to enhance the curls/waves & to make it more bouncy & voluminous while blow drying. It reduces frizziness in your curls/waves.

How to choose the right diffuser for your curls or waves is a crucial task, because there are different diffusers available for different hair types. Check here out before getting the one suitable for you.


Comb Attachment – 

Comb attachments gives you a lot more control & you have better chance of getting closer to the roots plus it detangles your hair smoothly while drying, leaving them shiny & silky.

Always start combing with the ends & work slowly to get better & healthier results.

There are different sizes & types of comb attachments available in the market. You can choose a short comb for short hair and long comb for long hair.

Comb attachment is good for most hair types but precisely for thick, coarse, tight curly & unmanageable hair.

The energy used by a hair dryer in blasting cool, warm or hot air towards wet hair is calculated in watts. The heat production & drying time will depend on the wattage of your model.

It is calculated as – “The more the wattage, the high will be the heat & lesser will be the time”. A hair dryer on high heat uses around 1500 watts depending upon the power of the product. Standard hair dryers ranges from 800 to 1800 watts.

EMF stands for ElectroMagnetic Field. The device with low EMF generates less radiation as compared to high EMF hair dryers. These radiations are harmful to our health so try to consider buying a low EMF hair dryer.

Do not worry!! we have included the hair dryers here for you, which are fully fledged with new technologies n generates harmless amount of EMF radiation

Light weight hair dryers are very comfortable to work with, it also prevents painful wrist movement. If you are a travel person, the hair dryers with smaller in size, foldable design, and light in weight is highly recommended for you.

There are low-cost hair dryers come with only low & high heat setting which isn’t enough for different hair types & hair styling, as it makes the hair over dry or under dry. So buy the device with atleast 3 settings (low-medium-high).

Whereas the modern hair dryers are embedded with different heat settings, which is really an important feature for those with fine hair & when the purpose of buying a hair dryer is not only drying but styling.

You always need to work with different heat levels as per your hair texture & quality. So make sure to consider the one with varying heat settings feature.

Note: “Try to start with low heat first to avoid damaging your hair due to excessive heat”.

Once you are done with your hair styling you can use the cool shot button which provides cool air to secure your styling & improves shine at the same time.

  • LED light & Display – This feature is not very essential to consider but some people including me like to have a digital display to watch the temperature level & a light that indicates the power is on.
  • Brand & Price – Leading Brands always manufacture good quality products to maintain their reputation, though the price of their products are high but the quality worth every penny. Best products gives the best performance like professionals.
  • Universal Voltage – Make sure to buy the one which is compatible with universal voltage for worldwide use. There are two voltage options, 110-120V and 220-240V, they are ideal for travel, you can use them anywhere around the world.
  • Durability – Do check the warranty period of your hair dryer before purchasing. Some of good brand’s have more than 24 months warranty, whereas all brands gives the warranty of 12 months atleast. How long would it last also depends on the maintenance of your device.
  • Auto Shut Off Mode – Hair dryers that automatically shuts off when the excess heat is generated, gives you an added safety from damage & peace of mind with every use.
  • Reviews – A very effective way to determine weather the product works correctly or not, is to check its reviews by users. This help the buyers to point out pros & cons of their selected item. It builds up the trust between buyer & the product. So always try to check the reviews along with product’s specifications.
  • Flexible Long Cord – Look for the long & flexible cord of your dryer to work comfortably on different sections of your hair.
  • No Noise Hair Dryer – There are hair dryers used by the professionals that are quiet & are quite expensive. So if noise is your major concern, you can invest in these tools.

How To Use Best Hair Dryers In India Without Damaging Indian Hair

How to use best hair dryers in India properly without damaging your hair

We know the fact that even a branded & good quality hair dryer causes some damage to hair when it is not used correctly.

Well you can reduce the amount of heat damage by using the tool with proper technique & precautions.

Below are some easy steps to protect your hair & scalp against excessive heat damage. These simple tips will also provide you a more control on your hair style through out the day.

Before using any hair dryer you should towel dry your hair for few minutes so that the excess water gets out of your hair, also you can let your hair dry naturally for few minutes.

Note: “Don’t rush the towel drying process, try to gently wrap the cotton towel or t-shirt around your head for few minutes & then squeeze out the extra water from hair gently”.

Fully damp hair is prone to damage & it takes more than the required time for blow drying. The more the time a hair dryer takes, the more will be the heat exposure on hair.

This is a very important step before any kind of heat styling whether flat ironing, curling or blow drying. All you need to do is apply a good heat protectant hair product (cream/gel/spray/serum) all over your hair after towel drying, to guard your cuticles from heat damage.

You can also use the 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 products available in the market which helps you ‘detangle, heat protection & style hold’ at the same time while nourishing your hair. Some cost effective yet amazing hair sprays collection you can check here out.

Now that your hair is protected with serum, you are ready for cool air drying. Use your blow dryer on cool setting & keep the dryer atleast 6 inches away from hair. This can help you dry your hair mostly (50-60%) before heat styling/drying without damaging it.

Note: “You may also detangle your hair gently using wider tooth comb before cool air drying to get more control on hair”.

Comb your hair smooth using wider tooth comb. Combing before heat drying will help you get rid of frizz & knots easily, it will save lot of your drying time. Where wider tooth prevents wet hair breakage.

Use cooler settings to dry your hair. But when the purpose of using blow dryer is hair straightening or curling, use low-to-medium temperature & low-to-medium air stream. If it takes long, change the speed setting to medium/high rather than the temperature (it will help to reduce damage).

Just remember, you can loose control on the shape of your hair style because of higher airflow, so better try these recommended settings below to get the best results –

  • Cool-to-low heat & low-to-medium speed settings would go perfect for fine & fragile hair.
  • Where medium-to-high heat & low-to-medium speed settings are recommended for normal, rough & thick hair.
  • Curly hair can be managed using medium heat & low-to-medium speed settings.
  • High heat is generally recommended for extra tough & resistant hair.

Some professionals uses the opposite settings of heat & speed to get good control on hair style while minimizing the heat damage. It means when you set the temperature (heat) at low, set the airstream (speed) at high. And if you are setting the heat at high, set the speed to lower (gentle) settings.

Since using the high wattage dryer is faster as compare to low wattage hair dryers, thus take lesser time to dry your hair. Different settings in professional hair dryers are very much helpful to get the desired hair style in lesser time without damaging your hair.

Follow these steps to blow dry & style efficiently –

  • Do not point your dryer directly on the roots, it will damage your scalp easily.
  • Point your dryer towards the tips of your hair, this will dry your hair more faster while retaining the natural oil & moisture on your scalp.
  • Do not spot a single area of your hair for too long, this is the quickest way to damage hair cuticles. Try to move your hair dryer constantly through the hair strands or all over your hair.
  • Avoid getting hair dryer too close to the hair. As too much heat application can cause damage.
  • Use a good quality paddle brush (for short hair), a curler brush or whatever hair dryer attachment/accessory you wish to use, to get your aimed hair style while hair drying. Comb or brush helps to get rid of frizz faster.
  • Do not rush the process, be gentle & patient. Few minutes investment would definitely turn your frizz into smoothness.

Finally, when you are about to complete your drying & styling just drop down the heat to cooler setting & finish it off with cool air stream. This will not only lock your hair style but also secure your hair cuticles from heat damage.

You can apply a little bit of hair setting spray or gel at the end to keep all your efforts in place through out the day or till the next wash.

How to Use a Blow Dryer For Styling – Quick Guide To Hair Dryer Attachments

How To Style With Best Hair Dryers In India

Now that we know how to use hair dryer with minimum possible heat damage, its time for us to know how to style our hair using the same hair dryer with different accessories. Here we have discussed the use of the most widely used attachments as – Concentrator Nozzle, Diffuser & Comb Attachment.

Lets have a look –

Here are some tips of drying hair with the concentrator nozzle. As far we know the concentrator nozzle is used to concentrate airstream on particular area of hair. This really helps to get volumized straight hair while drying it smoothly & frizz free.

Follow these professional rules to get satisfied drying along with straightening –

Concentrator nozzle usage
  1. Wash, Towel dry, apply heat protectant & detangle your hair gently with wide comb.
  2. Blow dry 50-60 % using cool air flow.
  3. Detangle your hair gently with hair brush.
  4. Hold a round hair brush in your one hand & a hair dryer (set suitable temperature & speed) with nozzle attachment in the other.
  5. Take a small section of your hair.
  6. Brush your hair from inside to create some tension.
  7. Place your hair between the brush & nozzle. Keep the nozzle away from your hair & brush, to avoid over heating.
  8. Slide brush & hair dryer together down, towards the tip of your hair.
  9. Turn/roll the brush inwards towards the tip of your hair to create end curl.
  10. Finish your hair style with cool air stream. Let your hair set with cool shot air & you are ready to rock your straight hair through out the day.
  11. Apply hairstyle setting product/lotion to last your straight hair longer.

A diffuser is designed to spread the air over a wide area through many little holes. Hair dryer diffuser is generally used to create or enhance the curly & wavy hair while blow drying.

Here are some professional tips to dry curly & wavy hair –

How to use diffuser image
  1. Wash your hair with mild shampoo followed with mild conditioner.
  2. Before drying you need to detangle your dripping wet hair very gently with wide tooth comb. You can also detangle while conditioning your hair in the shower.
  3. Wrap your dripping wet hair in a ‘cotton’ towel or t-shirt & squeeze out the excess water.
  4. Apply heat protectant/styling product all over your hair.
  5. Attach the diffuser to your hair dryer and set the suitable temperature & speed (medium heat & speed works perfect for curls).
  6. Gently place the tips of your hair on the diffuser and then lift up your curls to dry to the scalp, its like cupping your hair with diffuser. You can tilt your head little to ease your styling process.
  7. To get the volume around your face, move the diffuser from side to the top of your scalp slowly 2-3 times.
  8. To get the volume on crown you need to move the blow dryer with diffuser in circular motion over the top of your head (The crown area) for few seconds.
  9. Do not hold the dryer for too long, as it will damage your scalp & cuticles from over heating. Few seconds (10 sec) & move back your dryer, repeat the steps to get 80% dryed hair (let the 20% to air dry itself).
  10. Push your curls up gently using fingers to set & give it a nice bouncy shape. It is also know as the crunch task, you can just crunch your hair with hands to shape & texturize your curls. This is the stage when you can apply styling lotion on your palms & then crunch the curls to achieve a professional look like you’ve just come from salon.
  11. Avoid combing & touching to your hair, as it will ruin your styled curls.

Check out some tips & tricks of hair diffusing –

Comb attachments are used to detangle hair while blow drying, at the same time it adds an extra volume to your hair from roots to tips without making it look frizzy. You can also lengthen your curls with wider comb attachment too. It depends on you how you style your hair.

Comb attachments are generally recommended for very curly & frizzy hair that are not easy to manage.

Let us have a look on how to blow dry straight with a comb attachment –

How to use comb attachment image
  1. Wash & condition your hair & squeeze out extra water.
  2. apply heat protectant & run your fingers gently to the strands to make sure they all are falling in one direction.
  3. Section your hair in 2 or 4 to ease the process.
  4. Set the temperature on your dryer, medium heat & speed is recommended for the beginners.
  5. Now gently run the comb hair dryer on hair section while holding your hair with one end & dryer on the other. If your dryer has an ergonomic design then hold it near the comb rather the handle.
  6. You can start comb hair drying first on the tips & then the roots. As this will help you get rid of frizzy roots.
  7. Finish it off with cool air shot to secure & set your styling.

Frequently Asked Questions By Hair Dryer Consumers (FAQs)

1) Can daily use of hair dryer cause hair damage?

Yes, hair dryer can cause damage to your hair if not used with proper technique & precautions. Too much of heat styling would surely ruin your hair texture & might damage your scalp too. So try to avoid using it every single day. Combination of natural air drying & blow drying causes less damage comparatively.

2) Do expensive hair dryers make a difference?

Yes, because they are associated with best brands. The best quality provides great performance & less damage. These hair dryers are durable & packed with additional features. They are embedded with best technologies which gives your hair a professional finish. It doesn’t mean you can invest a lot as a beginner, but always compare the price & specifications before buying any styling gadgets.

3) What is better AC or DC Hair Dryer?

Well AC motors are designed for faster hair drying & gives professional like results, It is long lasting, powerful, quiet & expensive as compare to DC motors. Where DC motors are less durable, light weight(which is a good thing about it), cheaper than AC motors, are less powerful & can give you a salon finished hair.

4) What precautions should I take when using a hair dryer?

You should avoid exposing your hair to high temperatures,
Keep a good distance between your hair & the device,
Make sure to use heat protectant products each time you use heat stylers,
Always go for a good quality branded hair dryer,
Try to use hair dryers occasionally.

5) Can I find a quality and affordable best hair dryers in India?

Well Yes. All you need to do is, compare the features & price of best brands hair dryers & you can surely get the one suitable to your hair type & budget.

Final Words

I hope now you know how to pick a suitable hair dryer from the list of ‘best hair dryers in India’ & how to use it with minimum possible hair damage. Every heat styling causes some damage to hair but of course we can’t stop styling. Therefore a proper care & technique can reduce the amount of damage & helps you achieve healthy styling.

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