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Best Hair Straightener For Thin Hair In India 2023

It is really difficult for most of us to find the best grooming tool which is suitable to our hair type especially if we are looking a best hair straightener for thin hair. Thin hair are more prone to damage if the right amount of heat with right tool is not used.

So after a detailed research and hard work we have picked some of the best hair straightener for thin hair in India. The price and value fluctuate as per the technologies and the quality of products.



Plate Material

Max Temp

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Alan Truman AT102  Hair Straightener 

Tourmaline Ceramic

110°C - 230°C

Torlen Professional TOR 040 Hair Straightener

Tourmaline Ceramic

110°C - 230°C

VEGA VHSH-16 Trendy Hair Straightener 


150°C - 230°C

Kemei KM-329 Hair Straightener


160°C - 220°C

Braun Satin Hair 3 - ST 310 - Hair Straightener


130°C - 200°C

Philips BHH880/10 Hair Straightening Brush


170°C & 200°C

Philips BHS673/00 Hair Straightener


11 settings upto 230°C

Thin hair refers to the density of your hair, which means how many hair strands do you have on your head. Thinning of hair may be due to lifestyle habits or hereditary or both.

“FYI thin and fine hair are different from each other. Here thin hair means fewer hair strands on head and the fine hair means the texture of single hair which is lightweight and more prone to damage”. Thin hair may or may not be fine.

Where thin and fine hair both can be easily damaged due to heat and they both needs to be protected while thermal-styling.

As far we know, every heat styling leads to some damage if used frequently, no matter what your hair type is. But yes thin hair are more prone to damage, at the same time thin hair requires less effort and non-complicated tool to work with.

If you have fine or thin hair, your hair can also thin over time, that is why damage protection should be your foremost concern. Straightening hair on low temperature and using heat protectant products will protect thin hair from heat damage. Therefore choosing a good quality hair straightener with low temperature adjustments is good for thin hair.

Another point of consideration is the material of the plates of hair straightener for thin hair. The best construction material is ceramic or tourmaline-ceramic.

We are pointing towards ceramic infused materials because they simply works the best on thin hair types. They gets evenly heated & do not causes any over heating or hot spots on the device, it secures your delicate cuticles & protects against heat damage.

Let us see how different plate-material impacts on different textures of hair –

Ceramic flat irons are one of the most popular hair straighteners in the market nowTourmaline is the new technology which on the other hand is more ionic in nature than ceramic
Ceramic generates far-infrared heat which is gentle to hair and its ionic property eliminates frizzReleases negative ions which counteracts with positive ions of dry, damaged hair & locks the natural moisture of hair
Known for its even and quick heat distribution without cold and hot spotsHeats up too quickly and evenly and maintains stability on high temperature
Works great on normal, thin, frizzy & damaged hair. Ceramic goes pretty much nicely on all types of hair.Recommended for very thick, curly & coarse hair. It works nicely on thin hair when used on low temperature.
Glide through the hair strands very smoothly, without plucking and tugging.Glides very smoothly through the strands leaving a shiny texture.
It also helps to reduce breakage and damage of hair.It eliminates static, frizz and provides extra shine to hair.
Ceramic is less expensive than tourmaline.Tourmaline is expensive than ceramic & titanium
Drawback: Ceramic coated plates gets chipped over time. At that point, the iron has to be replaced. But there are some hair straighteners with 100% ceramic material based plates, which is another good option.Drawback: Even though tourmaline helps to keep your hair straight longer than ceramic, it wears off and may not last longer as compared to ceramic or titanium tools.

Here you can check out the amazing tourmaline plated hair straighteners for thin hair –

Alan Truman AT102 Tourmaline Cermaic Professional Hair Straightener Review

Alan Truman AT102 tourmaline hair straightener image

Alan Truman is very particular about producing appliances which provides salon-like hair styling results at home, it is one of the best brand of hair straightener in India & the products are truly loved by Indians.

It works amazingly good on all types of Indian hair because of its 1 inch slim and 10 cm long, 4-direction floating plates and variant heat controlling system ranging between 110°C-230°C.

The floating plates are made up of tourmaline-ceramic coating which ensure to glide smoothly through strands leaving an extra shine.

Tourmaline fights against frizz and its ionic nature help to retain the natural moisture in hair and reduces excessive heat damage.

It has a metallic finish with silicon rubber coating for easy gripping while hair straightening, curling and waving.

The rounded curved body allows seamless hair styling, whereas the cut-away tip act as a cool-tip to hold it safely without burning fingers.

This multi-styler hair straightener reaches the desired temperature in fast 8-10 seconds and because of its quality components and temperature regulation mechanism, it cools down very quickly when the temperature level is switched down.

It has 3 m long flexible swivel cord allows tangle free hair curling. This product is quite durable and comes with 1 year of international warranty.

Torlen Professional TOR 040 Hair Straightener Review

Torlen professional tourmaline hair straightener image

Again Torlen Professional is a trusted brand & produce quality products. One of the Torlen’s best hair straighteners is TOR 040 Hair Straightener.

Infused Tourmaline Ceramic 25mm (1″) x 110mm plates prevent burning or stripping moisture of hair. It combines reduced heat with a higher moisture level to make hair look shinier.

It has an awesome grip control while straightening hair because of the rubberized body. The device gets ready to use within 30 seconds which is really quick. This hair straightener is designed in a beautiful pink color.

Minimum temperature of 110-degrees Celsius works great on thin and fine hair and it can be controlled upto 230-degrees for even thick, curly & wavy hair, you can easily achieve straight hair like professionals in minutes.

The 3 meter swivel cord helps to work flexibly on long & backside hair strands. Universal 110-240 voltage allows you to use this gadget anywhere around the world.

As it is said that titanium hair straightener is faster and ceramic hair straightener is safer to use. But which hair straightener will be more suitable for thin hair? is the topic of confusion to most of us.

When it comes to heat styling, we always want a safety over speed. Therefore we recommend ceramic over titanium hair straighteners. Lets us discuss what are their pros and cons –

Ceramic is known for its uniform heating and protective technologiesTitanium heats up really fast and reaches high temperatures very quickly
Emits far-infrared heat which is gentle to hair and its ionic property eliminates frizzIt has ionic charge property which makes the entire process of straightening fast and frizz free, fewer passes are enough to straighten hair strands completely.
Glides through the hair very smoothly without plucking hairHigh performance and quick heating properties straighten the most stubborn locks in fewer passes very easily
Leaves shine and retains natural moisture of hairLeaves shine and lock hair’s natural moisture
Causes less heat damage which is suitable for thin hairIts power and heat is not recommended for thin, fragile and fine hair
Performs better on all temperaturesPerforms better on very high temperatures
Ceramic coating is less durableIt is light weight and durable
Cheaper than titaniumExpensive than ceramic

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Luckily you have amazing heat styling options to add life and bounce to your thin hair. Let’s have a look –

#1 VEGA VHSH-16 Trendy Hair Straightener Review

VEGA VHSH-26 hair straightener image

If you are expecting a budget friendly beautiful hair straightener by a trusted brand, this may be a product for you. Vega VHSH-16 hair straightener is made of ceramic coated 25 mm floating plates.

As ceramic distributes heat evenly, so there is no chance of hot and cold spots. It also protects hair from excessive heat damage.

Where as floating plates prevents snagging and pulling of delicate manes and adjusts according to hair texture which in result minimizes thin hair breakage.

It comes with 5 adjustable heat settings that is from low 150ᴼ C to high 230ᴼ C with ON/OFF Switch and LED level indicator.

This hair straightener heats up in less than 60 seconds which is really fast and automatically shuts off after 60 minutes for safety.

It has an easy and convenient lock system for safe storage and 360° rotational 1.6 m swivel cord for seamless hair styling .

It is quite durable and comes with 2 years of manufacturer warranty. The overall quality and performance push this device to the list of best hair straightener for thin hair in India.


Beautiful pink finish, ceramic floating plates, 5 heat levels, universal voltage compatibility, low price and 2 years of warranty period.


Few users have complaint about the burning smell from the device.

Check out the product review video here –

#2 Kemei KM-329 Hair Straightener Review

Kemei Hair Straightener Image

This professional hair straightener by kemei is made with ceramic coated floating plates which heats up uniformly and reduce heat damage.

It has 4.2 cm wide plates that works nicely on long thin hair and glides smoothly on hair without pulling and tugging the strands, it gives shiny and silky straight hair.

This flat iron heats up so quickly in 30 seconds and reaches the desired heat level between 4 temperature settings that is from 160℃ to 220℃. The heat level can be conveniently seen with the help of LED display/indicator

It can be used on wet hair, but it is recommended not to use heat directly on wet hair especially on thin hair to avoid heat damage.

Kemei KM-329 hair straightener has 1.6 m flexible cord and it works on 220V of voltage and gets automatically shuts off for the sake of safety.


Very low cost, works well on thin hair from short to long, multi styler, elegant black finish and has temperature control settings.


This is not a high end product, not recommended for fine hair and curly hair people, there is no universal voltage compatibility.

Check out the product review video here –

#3 Braun Satin Hair 3 – ST 310 – Hair Straightener Review

The hair straightener with extra-wide 100% ceramic eloxal plates tends to provide fast and ultra-smooth styling. Many flat irons are just coated in a ceramic lacquer that wears off over time and can expose your hair to bare aluminium. Braun’s plates are 100% ceramic to the core and are indestructible.

Braun Satin-Hair 3 straightener minimizes zero to no hair damage because of its extra wide plates & temperature regulation.

There is 1.5 inches wide floating plate which adjusts as per the hair texture and individual hair strands for quick and even styling.

This flat iron works perfectly on thin and thick from medium to long hair, Nothing but a super convenient option to buy in a very mediocre price.

It has 13 settings between 130℃ – 200℃ for maximum styling flexibility and healthy styling. Heat up time is less than 40 seconds.

A long 2 m flexible 360-degrees swivel cord makes the styling much easier along with a hanging loop and a hinge lock for safe storage.

The wide plates, multiple temperature control, cool tips, pure ceramic material, less heating up time, universal voltage & auto shut down features made this hair straightener one of the best hair straightener for thin hair in India.


Pure ceramic material, 13 heat levels, wide floating plates, quite durable and packed with all the essential features for damage free heat styling.


It is expensive

Check out the product review video here –

#4 Philips BHH880/10 Heated Hair Straightening Brush Review

When there comes about hair styling, the very first brand that strikes, is Philips. A very affordable yet good quality product by Philips is – Philips BHH880/10 Heated Hair Straightening Brush.

This hot brush is designed with keratin infused ceramic coating. This coated bristles when glide through your strands, it leaves shiny, smooth & straight hair.

Hair straightener brush adds more volume to thin hair as compare to flat irons. To achieve natural bounce and volume to thin hair this hot brush by Philips must be a convenient option.

The Silk Pro Care technology minimizes heat damage. And also the thermo-protect technology maintains constant temperature throughout the brush to prevent overheating.

There are two temperature settings (170°c for thin/medium hair & 200°c for thick hair) for desired styling. Triple bristle design & large paddle shaped brush gently detangles and straightens your hair in one go while protecting your scalp from heat.

It heats up quickly in 50 seconds with light indicator. The 1.8 M cord is quite flexible & safe to use.

The quality & performance have made this electric brush one of the best hair straightening brush for thin hair in India.


Affordable, great quality, works nicely on thin and fine hair.


It doesn’t work that great on very curly and coarse hair.

Check out the product review video here –

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Straighten hair doesn’t have to be boring, it can still have a lot of life, volume and shape. It doesn’t have to be extremely flat just because of using flat iron.

Let’s walk you through some easy ‘tips and tricks’ to ensure you have that lift and volume in your hair –

Start With Clean Hair –

Wash your hair with volumizing mild shampoo and conditioner or the one best suitable for your thin hair. Hair straightening works great on tidy hair and also it lasts longer till the next wash.

Towel Dry –

Get rid of dripping water by wrapping a cotton towel or cotton t-shirt around your head for couple of minutes and squeeze out the excess water.

Note: “Try to be gentle at this point. Fully damp hair is more prone to damage & it takes more than the required time for blow drying. The more the time a hair dryer takes, the more will be the heat exposure on hair.

Use Root Lifting Product –

You can use good quality root lifting product to add volume on top of your head that is near the roots. Apply it all over your roots on wet hair.

Protect Hair With Heat Protectant –

Thin hair get damaged easily so make sure to apply heat protective product, even if you have the best hair straightener for thin hair that won’t damage.

This will build an extra protective layer, detangles and nourish your hair. Spread a small amount of serum in your palms and apply evenly through damp hair from top to bottom. Focus more on tips as they are more delicate for heat.

Detangle With Wider Tooth Hair Brush –

Wider tooth hair brush are very helpful in detangling thin hair that reduces hair breakage. You can also use the comb that is made for thin hair detangling. Hair serum will make this process more smoother.

Blow Dry Your Hair –

Dry hair completely either with good quality blow dryer or naturally because hot ironing on damp hair will surely damage your hair. Blow drying upside down will make your hair more voluminous and bouncy. After drying out of hair, comb again to make sure there isn’t any tangles left.

Part Hair In Sections –

Part your hair in small sections and tie them up using hair clips. Start straightening by releasing the bottom sections first (those near your ears), later the front sections.

Select The Temperature –

Here you can get an idea of temperature settings according to different hair types. As a beginner, start with low temperature & gradually increase the heat accordingly.

  • Below 150°C  – Very Thin & Very Fine Hair
  • 150°C & 170°C – Thin, Fine, Damaged & Bleached Hair
  • 180°C & 190°C – Dyed or Colored hair
  • 200°C & 210°C – Normal or Slightly Curly & Wavy Hair
  • 230°C & Above– Thick, Curly & Coarse Hair

Trick Your Hair With Hair Straightener –

  • Place hair section between the styling plates.
  • Gently pull the straightener downwards and glide through your hair.
  • When you work on back sections of your hair, try not to straighten hair from the roots and make sure the natural bounce is still there near the roots to get an extra volume. You can just start ironing leaving 1-1.5 inch of hair near the root area.
  • Do not straight hair completely flat but few passes are enough for thin hair.
  • When straightening the front sections you can form a C shape or curve of hair while gliding the flat iron to create a bump on crown area .

End Touch Ups –

This step is optional, to set your hair style or to last straight hair longer, apply the hair setting spray to fix your style. It is recommended to use all in one hair spray which has heat protection, hair nourishment & hair setting formula together.

Several health conditions causes thinning of hair, it may because of hereditary or any medical condition. You can consult trichologist if you are worried and nothing worked well for you. Otherwise consider these things to avoid hair thinning –

Hair Thinning Solutions
  • Eat healthy food enriched with essential proteins and minerals to enhance hair growth. Like, carrots, prunes, green peas, oats, shrimps, walnuts, eggs etc. are rich source of vitamins, proteins, irons and other nutrients that reduces hair thinning. Simply, what you do for inside your body, would reflect outside.
  • Always use good quality hair appliances and hair care products to protect hair from damage.
  • Treat damp hair nicely. Do not rush the process of hair drying.
  • You can apply nourishing serums to tame out stubborn tangles easily.
  • Use wider tooth comb each time you brush your hair.
  • Never back comb or tease hair to create volume in thin hair, as this will make your hair more frizzy and more prone to breakage in long term.
  • Keep scalp healthy by massaging with essential oils. Rosemary, lavender are some effective oils.
  • Keep your body well hydrated as it helps in hair regrowth.

You should always look for some must have features before getting any grooming tool, such as –

Good Quality Hair Straightener Brand

Leading Brands have their own reputation & they always manufacture good quality products, though the cost of their products are high but the quality worth every penny. Best products gives the best performance like professionals.

The best brand hair straighteners can give you damage free hair styling. They maintain the natural quality of your hair by retaining its natural moisture. They glides very smoothly to your hair without chipping & burning the strands.

Constructed With Ceramic Material

As we have discussed above that ceramic plates are more safer than other materials, for thin and fine hair. Therefore try to use the device constructed or coated with ceramic material.

You may also opt for ceramic-tourmaline plated hair straightener, if you have thin hair which is not fine in texture.

Low Temperature Adjustments

Thin hair requires low temperature range to protect from excessive heat damage. You can choose the flat iron which has temperature controlling feature.

You should never risk your hair with the straighteners that has only On and Off button, unless it is embedded with smart sensors to detect your hair texture and work accordingly.

Plate Size

Hair straighteners or Flat Irons have different size of plates like 1.25 Inch, 1.5 inch and 1.75 inch as well as 2 inch and even 2.5 inch models. The size helps to straight different types of hair. 

  • Small size straighteners helps to straighten very short hair & to treat the hair near the scalp. Where 0.5 inch to 0.75 inch are considered as small.
  • 1 inch plate is pretty standard size, it can be used on all types of hair & can be used for pretty much every styling. Slim size hair straighteners also help to style curls & waves. It is not recommended for very thick & long hair.
  • Large-sized hair straighteners (those larger than an inch) are used to straighten long and thick hair fast. Big bangs can easily be done using broader plates.

Read More : Additional features to look for before buying hair straighteners

Fine Hair: Keratin treatment is not recommended for fine hair, unless you are doing it at home with natural ingredients, because you should avoid chemical application on fine hair to secure it from damage.

Thin Hair: When we talk about thin hair, you can go for keratin hair straightener if your thin hair are healthy and have no hairfall. Make sure that your thin hair are not fine in texture.

Now for healthy thin hair, we recommend the below keratin hair straightener by Philips

Philips BHS673/00 Mid End Hair Straightener

Philips Kerashine Hair Straightener

There is no need to explain the quality & performance of hair styling products manufactured by the top leading brand that is philips. As I mentioned earlier this is one of the best brand for hair straightener in India.

The technology used to form Philips BHS673/00 Mid End Straightener is splitspot, which helps to prevent split ends & repairs hair damage by improving the texture. The ionic charges smoothens out your hair strands without damaging the cuticles and retain hair’s natural moisture

Philips BHS673 has inbuilt Uni-Temp sensor for less heat exposure. It heats up in quick 30 seconds and reaches to the desired level of heat. It comes with 11 professional temperature settings, which provides an absolute control to work on different textures of hair from thin to thick.

Automatically shut-off after 30 minutes to keep your device and the surrounding safe when you forget to turn it off.

Keratin infused ceramic plates make your hair strands ultra smooth & shine like professionals. It locks the straightening for long time. One of the best Philips hair straightener for thin hair especially for beginners to give a try.

We always recommend to find out the cause of hair thinning. If you have very thin hair or facing extreme hairfall, you should consult a doctor for essential nutrients to encourage hair-growth, before using any of the above thermal tools.

Hope you’re better informed about choosing the best hair straightener for thin hair in India.


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