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10 Best Hair Straighteners In India 2023 – Ultimate Guide

Best hair straighteners in India

Hey there, I am here to help you pick the top-rated best hair straighteners in India & the best hair straightener brands in India.

Straight Hair is something wished by every next woman, Some of us are blessed with naturally straight & shiny hair while others like me need a hair straightener to achieve so. It doesn’t mean that women with straight hair do not need a hair straightener, they might be using the same gadget to get ultra-smooth & silky hair.

An important thing we need to consider about heat styling is that the excessive use of heat leads to hair damage even if you’re using one of the best hair straighteners in India. Once the severe damage has occurred, it can be disguised using various styling techniques, but can’t be reversed.

So make sure to pick the best hair straighteners in India also known as flat irons that ensures minimum to zero hair damage and also adds the bounce, shine & texture to your hair.

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Our review on best hair straighteners in India will help you pick the best out of trending & top rated hair straighteners in the market. Below you’ll find our recommendations on flat irons based on several factors that include quality of the product, ease of use, durability, performance and other important features.

#1 Philips Hp8318/00 Kerashine Straightener Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Philips Hp8318 best hair straightener in India

Philips Hp8318/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener is no wonder an amazing product by a trusted & leading brand named Philips. It is one of the best brand of hair straightener in India.

The straightener has 47 x 75 mm extra wide straightening plates predominantly designed for Indian hair to take care of thick & long strands. The silk-pro care technology and advanced keratin infused ceramic coating plates smoothen out your hair & locks the moisture which means no frizziness & breakage.

The wider plates design helps to work on multiple strands in one go, which saves a lot of styling time. Where the ionic care technology neutralizes strands leaving it static free & provides salon-finished straight hair.

This hair straightener has a fast heat up time, being ready to use in 60 seconds. Philips Hp8318 hair straightener has a very attractive girly look that makes it so beautiful.

It has 2 professional temperature settings 210°C – 190°C with LED indicator and a 1.8 m heat safe swivel cord. The tool comes with a 2 year warranty.

The overall features & low price have made this product one of the top-rated & best selling hair straighteners in India.

Check out the product review video here –

#2 Torlen Professional TOR 040 Hair Straightener Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Torlen professional hair straightener image

Again Torlen Professional is a trusted brand & produce quality products. One of the Torlen’s best hair straighteners is TOR 040 Hair Straightener.

Infused Tourmaline Ceramic 25mm (1″) x 110 mm plates prevent burning or stripping moisture of hair. It combines reduced heat with a higher moisture level to make hair look shinier.

It has an awesome grip control while straightening hair because of the rubberized body. The device gets ready to use within 30 seconds which is really quick. This hair straightener is designed in a beautiful pink color.

Maximum temperature can be controlled upto 210-degrees for even thick, curly & wavy hair, you can achieve straight hair like professionals in minutes.

The 3 meter swivel cord helps to work flexibly on long & backside hair strands. Universal 110-240 voltage allows you to use this gadget anywhere around the world.

Check out the product review down here –

#3 Ikonic S3 Black Hair Straightener Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ikonic Professional is one of the leading manufacturers of salon products globally, so why not pick their best hair straightener in the list which is Ikonic S3 Black Hair Straightener.

It has advanced ceramic heat technology for versatile style & enhanced shine. 3/4′ slim plates are specifically designed for short to medium Indian hair & bangs. The fast heating up, slim design & varying temperature setting ranging from 130 to 230°C, makes it one of the best hair straighteners for short & medium hair.

The Ceramic plates of this flat iron emit gentle, far-infrared heat which is kinder to hair and eliminates frizz while adding shine & texture to your hair. Short hair lovers can rock this hair straightener. Elegant design & handy feature of Ikonic S3 Hair Straightener makes it a travel friendly product.

Check out the product review here –

#4 Torlen Professional TOR 042  Hair Straightener Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Torlen here made another excellent option for salon like smooth & silky hair. Tourmaline ceramic technology & ion field technology helps in locking hair’s natural moisture while minimizing friction and resulting in less heat exposure.

The optimal temperature upto 230°C enables you change the style & shape of hair as per your requirement. The 1.70 inch plates works quite smoothly on curly & frizzy hair. Has a very soft touch material, elegant look & LED display.

The technology, heat setting, plate material, size, grip & other specs have turned this gadget into the best hair straightener to buy in India.

Check out the characteristics of this product in video –

#5 Remington S7300 Wet 2 Straight Hair Straightener Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Remington hair straighteners are generally worth buying for their features & designs. If you are seeking for a best hair straightener in the mid-range mart with a quality reputation, this may be a brand for you.

This hair straightener also known as hair styling hero is a multitasking tool, specifically designed for use on towel dried hair. As you apply the heated plates to the hair, gliding from root to tip in sections, the excess water vaporizes through specifically designed vents by cleverly drying and straightening as it goes.

Advanced Ceramic plates, infused with frizz resist micro conditioners provide your strands a sleek salon-finish. It’s one of the easy & fast styling tool which makes it the best Remington hair straightener in India.

Temperature can be controlled between 140°C – 230°C, it gets ready to use with a beep in 15 seconds. Longer length 110mm plates applies even pressure on the hair during styling. One of the additional feature is that it auto shuts off after 60 minutes.

Know some styling tips in the video below –

#6 Havells HS4121 Hair Straightener Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Havells best hair straighteners in India image

Havells is a reliable leading brand that brings in a range of personal grooming products for women. Out of all women styling essentials, hairdryer and hair straightener are the quality selling items.

Here I have selected the one which is categorized with elegant look, ceramic coated wide plate, LED display, adjustable temperature upto 230°C for variant styling , safety plates lock, auto shut-off feature & its low price. This hair straightener is travel-friendly and can be your personal hairstylist anywhere.

This flat iron is ideal to work on all types of hair without any hair damage. The quality & performance of Havells HS4121 Hair Straightener makes it one of the best hair straighteners in India or Indian market.

Check out the product review here –

#7 Ikonic Pro Titanium Shine Hair Straightener Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Ikonic pro titanium shine best hair straighteners in india

Ikonic Professional again offers a best quality hair straightener which leads to top by its performance. This titanium hair straightener has wider plates to work on big hair portions which makes the overall styling process fast.

Titanium plate heats up faster than others, this device heats up in 10 seconds isn’t it amazing. It is light weight & works better on thick, long & frizzy hair. It is infused with professional PTC and dual ceramic heaters for fast, damage free straightening.

You can style your hair in any of the required type, by adjusting temperature from 130 °C to 230°C. The LED display makes it easier to control the heat. It shuts off automatically in one hour, in case you forget switching it off.

Check out the product review here –

#8 Braun Satin Hair 3-ST 310 Hair Straightener Review 

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Braun Satin 3 best hair straightener in India

The hair straightener with extra-wide 100% ceramic eloxal plates tends to provide fast and ultra-smooth styling. Many flat irons are just coated in a ceramic lacquer that wears off over time and can expose your hair to bare aluminium. Braun’s plates are 100% ceramic to the core and are indestructible.

Braun Satin-Hair 3 straightener minimizes zero to no hair damage because of its extra wide plates & temperature regulation. It has 13 settings for maximum styling flexibility and healthy styling. Heat up time is less than 40 seconds.

Works perfectly on thick & medium to long hair, Nothing but a super convenient option to buy in a very mediocre price. The wide plates, multiple temperature control, cool tips, pure ceramic material, less heating up time & auto shut down features made this hair straightener one of the best hair straighteners in India.

check out the product review here –

#9 Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium 1-inch Hair Straightener Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
One of the best Babyliss nano titanium hair straightener in India

The Babyliss Pro beat the popular brands by its amazing hair styling appliances. This is one of the best brand for hair straighteners in India. One of its flat iron I am talking about is Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium 1-inch.

Ultra-smooth titanium coated ceramic plates conduct high heat and resist corrosion. The slim size of hair straightener works great on all types of hair & it looks simply gorgeous. The super light & portable design makes it a travel friendly device.

It has 50 different heat settings up to 450°F for desired hair styling. Though the price is a bit higher comparatively, but if we consider the performance & quality, this hair straightener worth every penny.

#10 Philips BHS673/00 Mid End Hair Straightener Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Best Philips Hair Straightener in India Image

There is no need to explain the quality & performance of hair styling products manufactured by the top leading brand that is philips. As I mentioned earlier this is one of the best brand for hair straightener in India.

The technology used to form Philips BHS673/00 Mid End Straightener is splitspot, which helps to prevent split ends & repairs hair damage by improving the texture. The ionic charges smoothens out your hair strands without damaging the cuticles and retain hair’s natural moisture

Philips BHS673 has inbuilt Uni-Temp sensor for less heat exposure. It heats up in quick 30 seconds and reaches to the desired level of heat. Comes with 11 professional temperature settings, which provides an absolute control to work on different textures of hair.

It work wonders on curly & stubborn frizzes. Also, it automatically shut-off after 30 minutes to keep your device and the surrounding safe when you forget to turn it off.

Keratin infused ceramic plates make your hair strands ultra smooth & shine like professionals. It locks the straightening for long time. One of the best option especially for beginners to give a try.

Check out the review here –

Buyer's guide to choose best hair straighteners in India

Hair straightener has become an essential equipment for hair styling these days. But to choose the correct hair straightener from tons of varieties available in the market is a crucial task. Some times we end up buying a wrong thing or nothing.

Only the best hair straighteners lasts for years & protects hair from unwanted damage. So take your time before investing in these tools.

If you like to know how to choose a hair straightener which is perfect for your hair type, generates very less hair damage & gives salon finished straight hair, take a look to these tips below.


Hair straighteners or Flat Irons have different size of plates like 1.25 Inch, 1.5 inch, 1.75 inch as well as 2 inch and even 2.5 inch models. The size helps to straight different types of hair. 

Small size straighteners helps to straighten very short hair & to treat the hair near the scalp. Where 0.5 inch to 0.75 inch are considered as small.

Size of the plates for the best hair straighteners in India
0.5 inch & 0.75 inch plate

1 inch plate is pretty standard size, it can be used on all types of hair & can be used for pretty much every styling. Slim size hair straighteners also helps to style curls & waves. Not recommended for very thick & long hair.

1 inch plate

Where large-sized hair straighteners, those larger than an inch, are used to straighten long and thick hair fast. Big bangs can easily be done using broader plates.

more than 1 inch
1.75 inch & 2 inch


A wide range of hair straighteners available in India allows you to set the temperature as per requirement. As different type of hair styling requires different temperature levels, therefore it is better to buy the straightener which has a varying heat controlling feature.

There are many low-cost flat hair straighteners having only an ON/OFF button, which isn’t enough, because they start to heat up from low temperature & reaches to the standard heat level. Where some flat iron goes up to very high temperature.

Hottest ironing might ruin your hair quality & damage it permanently. You can’t reduce or increase the heat as per your hair requirement.

You always need to work with different heat levels according to your hair texture & quality. So make sure to consider the one with varying heat settings feature.


Ceramic, tourmaline and titanium plates based flat hair straighteners are available in the market. Let us take a look at how these plates are different from each other –

1. Ceramic Plate – 

Ceramic flat irons are one of the most popular hair straighteners in the market now. The plates are coated with ceramic, it heats up evenly, quickly & have good staying power. These plates last because of the material used in it. 

Ceramic plates work great on normal, thin, frizzy & damaged hair. Though ceramic plates work pretty much nicely on all types of hair. It glide through the hair strands very smoothly, without plucking and tugging. It also helps to reduce breakage and damage of hair. Ceramic coated flat hair straighteners are cheaper in price.

The drawback of ceramic coated plates is that the material gets chipped over time (not very quickly but over years, when you are about to get bored of your flat hair straightener). At that point, the iron has to be replaced. But there are some hair straighteners with 100% ceramic material based plates, which is another good option.

2. Titanium Plate –

It heats up faster than others, is light weight & works better on thick hair. It has an ionic charge which makes the entire process of straightening fast, fewer passes are enough to straight hair strands completely.

Get titanium flat irons if you have thick, curly & coarse hair. Not recommended for the people with fine hair. Titanium plated flat hair straighteners are expensive than the ceramic irons.

3. Tourmaline-Ceramic Plate 

If you want more shine to your hair, tourmaline is the best. Tourmaline releases negative ions that counteract the positive ions of dry & damaged hair resulting in smooth & shiny hair. The tourmaline helps to lock hair’s natural moisture and works against frizz.

Tourmaline plated flat hair straighteners are expensive than ceramic & titanium flat irons. They are recommended for very thick, very curly & very coarse hair.

4. Kerashine infused ceramic or titanium plates

These plates are infused with keratin or different proteins. Titanium or Ceramic plates are infused with micro conditioners that help revitalize your hair. This technology makes your hair look glossy and shiny.

It also protects your hair while you style. Keratin allows the flat iron to smoothly glide through your hair leaving silky, glossy hair & less heat exposure.

5. Infrared hair straighteners (ceramic)

These flat irons emit gentle, far-infrared heat which is gentle to hair and eliminates frizz, also adding shine & texture to your hair. These types of flat irons uses UV rays to soft out your strands without causing damage to the hair cuticles.

6. Ionic Charge Infused Plates (ceramic, titanium, tourmaline)

The device releases negative ions that counteract the positive ions of dry & damaged hair resulting in smooth, shiny, static free & neutralized straight hair. Though these technologies are already embedded in best quality hair straighteners.


If you think that flat iron should be flat!! you think right obviously, here shape includes the edges of flat iron. Round edged thin size flat iron helps to curl your hair easily using the same device. Where as the sharp edged & wider size flat irons are less flexible for curling purpose, though they help to straight hair completely flat.

Round edge & thin size

Sharp edge & wide size


In today’s world we always lacking time, the fast heating up tools saves so much of our time & energy. Where heating up time depends on the technology used & the plate material of flat iron, there are some flat irons that are being ready to use even in 10 seconds which is simply awesome.


Leading Brands have their own reputation & they always manufacture good quality products, though the cost of their products are high. But the quality worth every penny. Best products gives the best performance like professionals.

There are tons of flat hair straighteners available in the market with very low price. But they last for few months & have to be replaced with the new one again. Once the hair quality is damaged by using these cheap flat hair straighteners, would never be reversed. It can only be disguised by hair treatments, but can’t be replaced, until you get new hair growth.

The best brand hair straighteners can give you damage free hair styling. They maintain the natural quality of your hair by retaining its natural moisture. They glides so smoothly to your hair without chipping & burning the strands.

Therefore, I always recommend best brand hair straighteners to be used. Never ever compromise with your beauty products. You can check here out some of the best hair straighteners in India (2022)


The value of hair styling appliances depends on its brand, advanced plate material, technology, temperature control settings, LED display, heat up time, performance etc.

The flat hair straighteners embedded with advance technology & features generally are expensive. Best quality professional hair straighteners starts from 3,000 INR onwards.


A very effective way to determine weather the product works efficiently or not, is to check reviews by its users. This can help the buyers to point out pros & cons of their selected item. It builds up the trust between the buyer & the product. So always try to check the reviews along with product’s specifications.


Check whether the swivel power cord is flexible or not. It should be 360 degree rotational cord. This will help you work on different parts of your head, especially the back side hair.

Also when you use flat iron as a curling iron, the cord should be 360-degree rotational, otherwise the wire gets tangled & you might end up burning your face or hand.


Make sure you know your hair straightener’s voltage setting. I recommend to buy the one which is compatible with universal voltage for worldwide use. Which should be 110-120V and 220-240V, they are ideal for travel, you can use them anywhere around the world.


Weight And Grip

Light weight flat hair straighteners are very comfortable to work with. It prevents painful wrist movement. Where as wider plates provides a good hair grip & straighten hair smoothly at one go. The outer body of straightener should also have slip free grip to avoid burning your skin.

LED light And Display

This feature is not very essential to consider but some people including me like to have a digital display to watch the temperature level & a light that indicates the power is on.

digital display of temperature image

Safety Lock

Flat Hair Straighteners have secure hinge lock for your convenience, so that you can travel & store your straightener safely.

Auto Shut Off Mode

Straighteners that automatically shuts off after 30 minutes or an hour, gives you an added safety & peace of mind with every use. So you can buy a flat hair straightener that also has auto shut off feature.


Do check the warranty period of your flat hair straightener before purchasing. Some of good brand hair straighteners have more than 24 months warranty, whereas all brands gives the warranty of 12 months atleast. How long would it last also depends on the quality and maintenance of your device.


These hair straighteners are chargeable, based on batteries. Though they are a bit expensive but is a good option to style anytime & anywhere you want.

Interchangeable Plates

You can buy a hair straightener that has interchangeable plates feature, it means you can convert the plates into wavy iron or crimping iron. Different hair style lovers can invest in these tools as they are expensive than usual flat irons.

Built In Brush Or Comb

There are straighteners with built in comb or brush which helps to smooth out stubborn curls while styling. Some straighteners have a detachable comb which allows the user to attach or detach the brush or comb as required.


For safe & easy hair straightening, straighteners come with additional accessories. You can also buy these attachments as per your requirement & budget. Sometimes they are included with your hair straightener for free. Let us see some flat iron accessories –

Heat Resistant Stand/Holders –

There are different types of holders available for heating tools, which mounts to a wall, stands on a surface or attaches to the edge of a table. These holders holds the hot device safely.

Heat Resistant Pouch –

Hair straighteners sometimes include a thermal resistant pouch for carrying your tool from one place to another. These pouches are heat friendly in case you place your tool inside the pouch without letting it cool down completely.

Heat Resistant Glove –

Some of us burn our fingers during heat styling especially when straightening hair for the first time. We accidentally touches the hot plates or when the plastic handle of flat iron gets too hot, therefore by using these thermal resistant gloves will help you protect your hand & fingers from burning.

Heat Resistant Mats – 

These mats protects the surface from heat damage caused by hot styling irons.

Flat Iron Chasing Comb –

Because the chasing comb detangles every frizzy strand smoothly while flat ironing, therefore it’s very helpful for curly hair straightening,

Hair Straightener Cleaning Kit –

For healthy, hygienic & damage free straightening, you need to clean your hot tools from time to time. Sanitizing will make them more durable.

Clean Your Hair –

Make sure you have washed your hair with a mild shampoo & conditioner before you’re planning to straighten your hair. Because straightening works perfectly on clean hair rather on greasy hair.

Protect Your Hair –

Though you have the best hair straightener that creates zero hair damage, you still need to protect your strands by applying heat protectant serum, spray, cream or gel.

Doing this will give you an extra protective layer & will nourish your hair.
Spread a small amount of serum in your palms and apply evenly through damp hair from top to bottom. Focus more on tips as they are more delicate for heat.

If your hair is thick, try to divide your hair into two or four parts. Apply the serum to your hair. If you are using hair spray, spray it directly on hair or spray it on hands & follow as above.

Detangle Your Hair –

Combing your hair after applying the serum is the best way to distribute the serum evenly through out your hair. Make sure you detangle your hair perfectly using regular hair comb.

Dry Out Your Hair –

Before using hair straightener, your hair must be thoroughly dried, either with the help of good quality blow dryer or naturally. Because flat ironing on damp hair will surely damage your hair permanently, unless you have the hair straightener with a technology to work on damp hair. After drying out of hair, comb again to detangle any left hair tangles.

Section Your Hair –

Sectioning hair depends on the thickness. You can part your hair into two or divide it in four sections, tie each section up on your head using clips, now release the back section one by one to work on & the front sections later.

Set The Temperature –

I can roughly describe the temperature settings according to different hair types. If you are a beginner, start with low temperature & gradually increase the heat accordingly.

Here you can have an idea of heat setting;

  • 150°C & Below – Extra thin and fine hair
  • 160°C & 170°C – Thin, Fine, Damaged & Bleached Hair
  • 180°C & 190°C – Dyed or Colored hair
  • 200°C & 210°C – Normal or Slightly Curly & Wavy Hair
  • 230°C & Above– Thick, Curly & Coarse Hair

Use Hair Straightener –

Place your hair between the styling plates. Gently pull the straightener downwards and glide through your hair. Few passes would straight the hair completely.

You might also feel that the smoke comes out of your hair during straightening. It is because of the product or serum you have applied on your hair. It evaporates/emits out when the heat is applied on it.

Note: “Stop straightening right there if you feel the smell of burning”.

Final Touch Ups –

Now when you are satisfied with your styling/straightening, apply the hair setting spray to fix your style. You can also use the 3-in-1 hair spray which has heat protection, hair nourishment & hair setting formula together.

1) Do hair straighteners damage hair when used regularly?

Well, it is important to use a good quality hair straightener, the right technique of straightening & the heat protectant product which helps to minimize the hair damage. Whereas long term use might make your hair dry, frizzy & dull.

2) What are the side effects of using hair straightener?

If the hair straightener is not used by taking care of certain precautions, these side effects might be noticed by the user –
>Hair Fall
>Itching in Scalp
>Split Ends

3) What should I know before purchasing a hair straightener?

You should consider few factors about flat iron like : The size of the plates, temperature control settings, heat up time, shape of the device, the material of the plates used, the brand, warranty & durability of straightener, LED indicator, universal voltage support, its weight & grip flexibility, price etc.

4) What is the temperature settings for different hair types?

150°C & Below – Extra thin and fine hair
160°C & 170°C – Thin, Fine, Damaged & Bleached Hair
180°C & 190°C – Dyed or Colored hair
200°C & 210°C – Normal or Slightly Curly & Wavy Hair
230°C & Above– Thick, Curly & Coarse Hair

5) Which type of flat iron will suit me best Tourmaline, Titanium or Ceramic?

Choosing the correct flat iron from tons of varieties available in the market is a crucial task, sometimes we end up investing huge for a non suitable flat iron. So better to analyse which type of plate material would suit your hair type.

>Ceramic plates – normal, thin, frizzy & damaged hair
>Titanium flat irons – thick, curly & coarse hair.
> Tourmaline plated flat hair straighteners – very thick, very curly & very coarse hair.
Though some brands uses the combination of titanium-ceramic & tourmaline ceramic for better performance.

6) How long does straightening last after flat iron?

If you’re following the correct technique of styling, applying a pre and post setting products and using a good quality hair straightener, the straightening would last until the first hair wash or 4-5 days.
It also depends on your hair texture, if your hair is very curly & wavy, a day or two is enough to turn it back to normal, where as moderate curly or wavy hair can stay straight longer.

7) What is kerashine hair straighteners?

Kerashine hair straighteners are infused with keratin or different proteins. Titanium or Ceramic plates are infused with micro conditioners that help revitalize your hair. This technology makes your hair look glossy and shiny. It also protects your hair while you style. Keratin allows the flat iron to smoothly glide through your hair leaving silky, glossy hair & less heat exposure

8) Does flat iron with interchangeable plates a good option to buy?

If you’re a person who loves to play different hair styles & want to invest nice in hair straighteners then go for it. There are flat irons available in the market with interchangeable plates to convert them into crimping irons or wave irons.

9) What additional features can be considered before buying best hair straighteners in India?

Cordless Feature, Convertible Plates, Auto Shuts-Off feature, Built in Comb or Brush etc. are some additional features that you can look for.

10) Which size of flat iron plate is suitable for my hair type?

>Very short hair – 0.5 inch to 0.75 inch
>Medium length hair – 1 inches to 1.5 inches
>Long & thick hair – 1.75 inches to 2.0 inches

Final Words

Thanks for reading, your feedback on top 10 best hair straighteners in India 2022 blog, would be highly appreciated.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links that readers could use and benefit from, we get commission through it.

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