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Best Hair Styling Tools In India (2023) For Versatile Hairstyle

Those who love styling their hair and experimenting different hair looks can surely try these best hair styling tools in India. Well, who doesn’t want to flaunt beautiful bouncy curls, beachy waves and sleek straight frizz free hair, I know we all does. To achieve this you will require the right tool and of course the good amount of practice.

All I can recommend is that – spend few bucks one time on these best styling tools and get rid of expensive trips to the salon for every single occasion.

In this post I have got you covered some amazing easy to use yet modern top hair styling tools in India which delivers the professional result in minutes. These tools are significantly designed for Indian hair.

Best Hair Styling Tools Available in India Review

1. Syska HSP1000i Professional Series Hair Straightener Review

Syska Hair Straightener

Unless you are blessed with super straight and shiny hair. This tool is an absolute staple to every woman’s dressing table. It helps in achieving smooth, soft, fights frizz hair and gives you a very sophisticated look. Once you have gotten your hands on this hair styling tool you can start experimenting with their versatility too.

It can even be used to curl and wave your hair like a pro. If you have thin hair you can alternate between inward and outward curls to add more volume.


  • This hair straightener comes with 12 temperature settings
  • Built with high resistant titanium plates
  • Active ion technology for instant shine
  • Heats up time in 120 sec up to 230°C
  • Automatically shuts-off in 1 hour for safety and protection
  • Handle of the hair straightener can be locked for storage
  • 1.8 m heat safe with 360° swivel cord
  • 3 years of product warranty

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2. Vega Super Pro 2400 Watts Professional Hair Dryer Review

The very first product that we have in the list is Vega Super Pro 2400 Watts Professional Hair Dryer. This hair dryer comes with 2 concentrator nozzle which is great for concentrated airflow for straighten look. And if you are someone who likes your hair crunched up and curly, use the diffuser attachment with this blow dryer to achieve your curly hair style. The powerful AC motor and faster air flow helps you to get gorgeously smooth, frizz free, trendy hair styles.


  • Quick dry with 2400W
  • 1 cool and 2 heat/speed settings
  • Cool shot button
  • 2 detachable nozzles
  • 1 diffuser
  • Cord guard with hanging loop for storage
  • Safety automatic overheat cutout
  • Travel pouch

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3. Syska HBS200i Hair Brush Straightener Review

The next product that we have chosen for you is the SYSKA HBS200i Hair Brush Straightener (Black). This brush is for those who are very busy and has limited time for hair styling. The brush is powerful and gets heated up in 90 seconds. It is infused with ceramic, ionic and keratin protect technology to protect hair from volatile heat damage. This hair brush straightener will automatically switch off after 60 minutes if left idle. You can also adjust the heat level between 80°C to 230°C.


  • 3D ceramic coated bristles with cool tip
  • Ionic conditioning
  • Easy temperature controlling buttons
  • Digital display with non slip grip
  • 90 seconds rapid heating
  • Light weight and easy to use
  • 1.5M 360° swivel cord
  • Over heat protection with 1 hour auto shutoff
  • 2 years warranty

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4. Babyliss C1100E Curl Secret Ionic Review

Curling your hair can be a mess if you don’t know how to twist your barrel correctly and can leave little crimps on your hair and can damage your precious locks permanently. So the solution to this lies in using a much easier to use and safer hair tool like this automatic curling iron.

This revolutionary auto curling technology creates a perfect curl every time. It will smoothly curl the hair and leave it down once it’s done. Hair is automatically drawn gently into the ceramic curl chamber where it is softly held and gently heated from all directions to form a curl.

Run your fingers through the curls if you want a softer effect, try a good quality hairspray for hold and you’re done. A good quality product gives the desired result or you will end up with tangled and damaged hair. This product is the best easy to use curling tool available in India.


  • Auto Curl technology
  • Professional heating system for fast curl formation
  • 2 heat settings of 210°C and 230°C for all hair types
  • 3 timer settings with audio bleep indicator for different curl effects
  • Automatic curl direction for natural looking curls
  • Ceramic curl chamber for smooth finish
  • Ionic frizz-control
  • Heat ready indicator
  • Auto shut off safety feature
  • 2.5m swivel cord
  • Heat protection mat
  • Storage pouch

5. Ikonic Curling Tong 28mm Review

The next styling tool that we have in the list is the Ikonic curling tong, It is quite simple to use and has temperature controlling convenient buttons and display screen. It barely takes a couple of seconds to turn your stands into shiny soft curls. The size of this barrel is perfect for standard size curls that are not too tight and not too loose. You can loosen up your curls with fingers or a hard bristled brush to give it a textured beachy wave look.

For tighter curls try to take small sections of hair and for loose curls or waves try to take bigger sections of hair. Use smaller barrel tongs for ringlets and thicker barrels for bouncy, voluminous loose curls and waves. This tool is one of the best hair styling tools in India.


  • Tourmaline Ceramic 28 mm barrel with cool tip
  • Heat ready indicator system
  • Multiple temperature settings between 110°C to 210°C
  • Comfort grip rubber handle
  • Integrated safety stand and holding clamp
  • Beautiful black and golden finish
  • Universal voltage compatible (100V to 240V)
  • Extra long barrel for all types and length of hair
  • The curling tong automatically shut off after 60 minutes
  • 3 Meter lengthened swivel cord
  • 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty on the product

6. Alan Truman AT Hot Stick Extra Long Micro Curler (Chopstick Hair Curler) Review

Alan Truman Curling Tong

For nicely defined tight curls use this Alan Truman Hot Stick. It has tourmaline ceramic coated rectangular micro-stick curler, this extra long rod is suitable for hair of all lengths and types. Rectangular barrel allows you to create various types of curls.

You can create cork-screw curls, skinny curls, loose-curls, kinky curls, beach waves, normal curls and various curls that you desire. Negative ion technology helps you get rid of the frizz and gives you a defined style without unwanted static and frizz.


  • Tourmaline ceramic coating
  • 8-10 mm barrel length
  • 120°C to 230°C temperature range
  • Hi tech temperature stabilization
  • Analog temperature mechanism with LED indicator
  • Negative Ion technology
  • 8 seconds of quick heating up time
  • 3 meters 360° full swivel heavy-duty power cord
  • Extra Light for ease of use and manageability
  • 1 year warranty on the product

7. TechHark Professional Feel Neo Tress Pro Hair Crimper Review

TechHark Hair Crimper

For those with thin hair can rock their hair with crimper for full volume and retro style, it adds a little texture to your hair which gives it an extra dimension. This styling tool is so simple to use, all you have to do is, take a mall section of hair and place the crimper near the roots to get more lift and bounce.

Hold the plates closed by pressing it for 4-5 seconds at a time to crimp your hair, open the plates, place it just below the crimped hair and again crimp your hair by holding it for 4-5 seconds. Keep going down the length of the hair section for further crimping.


  • Tourmaline coated ceramic wider plates crimper
  • Provides smoother and shinier finish
  • It heats up fast in 30 seconds
  • Versatile 4 temperature settings from 180°C to 240°C for optimum styling.
  • Uniform heat technology
  • 2.5 meter long swivel cord
  • Easy to hold ergonomic design with cool tips

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8. Ikonic M3 Triple Tong Hair Curler (Hair Waver) Review

Ikonic Hair Waver

Have you ever tried hair waver for styling waves? As far I know we can achieve wavy hairstyles like beachy waves, mermaid waves and so with the help of flat iron, crimper and hair curler. But to make the process more easier and like a pro, you will require a hair waver.

This tool has three ceramic coated barrels that are wide enough to cover most of your hair at once and saves a lot of your time. The best part about this tool is that you don’t need to be a perfectionist because the waves look more natural when messy. For more defined look, straighten the ends of your strands using flat iron.


  • Ceramic coated barrels
  • 25 temperature setting up to 230°C for total styling control
  • LCD display for convenient heat operation
  • Automatic shut off
  • 3 m cord length
  • Heat up time is 50 seconds
  • Swivel cord for seamless styling experience
  • Universal voltage compatible
  • 1 Year Manufacturing Defect Warranty

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9. Alan Truman the Blow Brush Review

Alan Truman Blow Brush

The blow brush by Alan Truman is a combination of a blow dryer & a blow-drying brush. The oval barrel of the brush allows you to style, straighten, wave and blast dry you hair faster. The ball-tip bristles quills detangle and gain control on the section of the hair and the nylon bristles cause optimal tension for hair shaping and styling.

You can move between medium & high speeds with super ease & finish a head of hair in less than 50% of the time you would need with a blow dryer & a brush. This hot air brush is made to use on wet (towel dried hair) hair for damage free drying and styling.


  • Ionic tourmaline-ceramic barrel for frizz free, smooth and shiny hair
  • 2 layered bristles, ball tip and nylon
  • Consumes the power of 1100 watt
  • 3 heat plus speed settings (low, medium and high)
  • Unique oval shape barrel technology
  • Light weight and easy to handle
  • 6 months warranty

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10. Havells HC4045 5 in 1 Hair Styler (Multistyler) Review

Havells Multi styling tool

This 5 in 1 best hair styler tool includes hair straightener, crimper, curler, conical curler and brush comb. If you are the person who loves to travel a lot, can never go wrong with this styling tool. It is the best and compact tool to invest in.

All you need is to simply change the attachments and rock different hair styles even when travel, you don’t need to carry different tools for different purposes.

  • PTC Heater for uniform heating
  • The ceramic coated plates
  • 5 different styling attachments
  • Operating temperature of 190 ºC
  • Ready to use in 60 seconds
  • Protective heat-insulated tip 
  • Universal voltage functionality
  • Budget friendly
  • 2 years of warranty

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No-Heat Best Styling Tools In India Review

11. Ktein All in 1 Natural Hair Heat Protection Spray

Ktein heat protectant

Before you begin using any heat styling tool its important to spray the hair with a heat protectant product to prevent damage. You can even brush out your hair to make sure the product is evenly distributed across the length of your hair.

It has fermented argan oil that is more nourishing than organic argan oils which has been proved via clinical trails that increases hair tencile , decrease hair dryness and strengthens the hair. It is packed with soy protein and plant based keratin along with the benefits of plant based vitamin E and pro vitamin B5. If you are wondering which hair styling product is best then this is the option for you.


  • The product has multiple uses that offer multi benefits.
  • Pre styling protection spray.
  • Post Styling Spray.
  • As it has the benefits of oils it can be used as pre shampoo spray
  • Can also be used as post shampoo style spray
  • Best for daily light weighted hair spray for manageable and frizz free hair
  • Can be used as an overnight hair repair spray for dry and damaged hair
  • The ingredients are natural and effective that helps restores the hair health.

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12. Solimo Ceramic Barrel Hair Brush

Ceramic brush or comb

The key to a beautiful hairstyle lies in tangle-free smooth hair and especially if you are doing something as important as blow drying your hair into place. These ceramic brushes come in a variety of sizes to make the perfect partner for your blow dryer.

This ceramic barrel brush features a ceramic coated barrel that emits negative ions and ensures even heat distribution to avoid damage to the hair, guaranteeing a silky, shiny and frizz-free finish.

This is the standard size barrel brush that you can use to add volume, prevent frizz and even to add curls and bangs. If you have a sensitive scalp or hair that are more prone to breakage, this is your go to product to detangle and smoothen hair easily.


  • Ceramic coated barrel emits negative ions reducing frizz and static
  • Can be used with hair dryer for styling
  • Make it easier to create flips, bangs and perfect blowdrys
  • Lightweight and rubber-grip
  • Even heat distribution which reduces drying time
  • Vented barrel
  • Barrel and handle are fixed together without glue

13. Mr. Barber Professional Teaser Hair Brush

Hair Teaser

A dual purpose brush that can be used to evenly section your hair while styling and also to add volume by teasing at the roots without adding too much frizz or any tangles.

This super easy to use brush is so convenient to tease or back comb your hair. Use the back side of the comb to segregate the section of hair you wish to back comb. Start from one inch from the root, gently comb in the downward direction and once you are done smoothen away all the flyaways and settle your hair down.


  • Nylon bristles for gentle teasing, taming and backcombing
  • The fine tip helps for taming stray strands to achieve a flawless hair up-do
  • Ergonomic design, non-slip handle and light weight
  • Best for creating volume
  • The essential tool for polished and sleek up-do’s and back combing

What You Should Look Before Buying The Best Hair Styling Tools In India – Buyer’s Guide

Stable Heat & Frizz-Free Results

  • It is recommended to buy ceramic coated devices because it ensures consistent heat. There is no hot-spots and cold-spots which ensures least heat-induced dryness and damage.
  • You can go for tourmaline material if you have frizzy hair, as tourmaline gives your hair gloss and static free look every time you style.
  • Ceramic-tourmaline coated devices gives professional consistent heat and frizz-free styles.
  • Titanium is recommended for very coarse, thick and stubborn hair that requires an extra care and high heat for their taming.

Made For Hair Of All Lengths & Types

  • Short, long, medium long and very long hair requires different size of tools to get the fastest and professional results.
  • If you are the person who wears the same length of hair all the time, consider buying the tool which is small in size for short length hair and wider tools for long hair.
  • Otherwise it is recommended to purchase the average size tools that works on all types of hair with equal ease.

Wide Temperature Range For A Wide Variety Of Hairstyles

  • When it comes to temperature, one level doesn’t fit all. Different hair types and hairstyles need different amount of heat.
  • Try to buy the tool that has multiple temperature controlling feature and the mechanism that gives stability and consistency of heat throughout the styling session.
  • Lower heat settings are recommended for thin and fragile hair, where as the higher heat are recommended for thick and coarse hair. Medium heat levels are good for normal hair type.

Lightweight For Ease Of Use And Manageability

  • The best styling tools should have an excellent design and extra light weight to work with them stress free and comfortably, especially for long and thick hair which takes long time for styling.

Price, Branding And Review Of the Product

  • As we know best products are produced by the best brands and they are higher in cost as compare to other products in the market.
  • Though there are many tools in the market these days and are available at very low prices but the quality and performance doesn’t meet our expectation and satisfaction. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in best products that are cost effective and of good quality.
  • You should always consider the user reviews about the product to compare the performance before making a hole in your pocket.

Folding up –

Now that you know how to use each of these best hair styling tools, its time to start practicing till you become like a pro at achieving these hairstyles.


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