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5 Best Ikonic Hair Straightener in India 2023 – Price & Guide

Best Ikonic Hair Straightener In India

Though, everyone is not born with super silky straight hair, still with the growing technology, women with frizzy, curly, or wavy hair can also hit sleek and smooth strands in no time.

Yes we get that silky straight smooth hair with the help of hair straightener. But what about the heat damage on hair that we get in long run.

If you are trying to figure out which brand hair straightener is best in India to buy!? I recommend you to try Ikonic hair straightener in India. Because it is very gentle on hair and has advance technology to prevent heat damage.

All I can say about Ikonic hair straightener price in India is that – “If a best tool gets you one step closer to feeling great about your hair, then it’s worth every penny”.



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Ikonic glam HS

Appearance – Rock your straight locks with this beautiful Ikonic glam hair straightener. It has elegant black finish.

Material – Since the ceramic plates are coated with tourmaline for extra shine and smoothness in hair. If you are someone with frizzy and rough hair then this must be a best choice for you.

This hair straightener is designed with slip free material for comfort grip, the handle on the Ikonic glam hair straightener iron offers a tight press with less grip strain and stays cool even after repeated use.

Temperature – The straightener gets ready for flawless result in just 60 seconds. It has gotten multiple temperature settings upto 230°C that can be conveniently operated on a dial. There is an easy on/off power button along with LED power indicator.

Technology – It is infused with overheat protection system and has negative ion technology for static free hair styling. The straightener gets automatically shut off in 60 minutes for safety.

It has floating plates mechanism for no snag, no pull experience for hair. The plates moulds according to the texture of hair glides so smoothly throughout the straightening process.

Size – The size of the plate is 0.8 x 3.5 inches which works good on all types of hair from thin to thick and short to long. The length of the swivel cord is 108 inches for tangle free hair straightening.

Shape – The round edges and ergonomic design with cool tips helps in creating straighten, curls, waves and flicks.

Other features – Also universal voltage compatibility (110 – 240 V) has made this straightener a travel friendly tool. It comes with 1 year of manufacturer warranty.


This hair straightener is a bit heavy.


Best Ikonic Pro Hair Straightener

Appearance – This product will be an excellent pick of you because of its classy rich black finish and wider shiny plates.

Material – This straightener has titanium ceramic coated plates which adds an extra shine to your hair while removing frizz and static. It tames out very curly, kinky, frizzy and unruly hair easily and efficiently. The outer body of the tool is made up of slip free material for ultimate grip.

Temperature – The heat level ranges between 130°C to 230°C for different hair styling and hair types.
The temperature can be easily operated on LED display. It gets ready to use in quick 10 seconds.

Technology – Titanium plates emit gentle, far-infrared heat that is gentle to hair and eliminates frizz. Auto adjustable floating plates glides smoothly without plucking or pulling your hair. It is embedded with professional PTC and dual ceramic heaters for immediate heating and rapid recovery. An hour auto shut off feature makes the device and surrounding much safer.

Size – 1.5 x 4 inches wide titanium plates for all types of hair significantly thick, long and curly hair. You can grab more hair at a time to cut off the straightening time. It has an extra long, 9ft professional length cord and 360° tangle free swivel cord.

Shape – The straightener has bevelled edges which makes the straightening and styling easier. Ergonomic design for pain free wrist movements.

Other Features – You can use this device world wide because of the universal voltage and it comes with 1 year warranty which adds an extra peace of mind.


This Ikonic pro titanium shine hair straightener is not recommended for very short hair.


Best Ikonic S3 Hair Straightener In India

Appearance – Elegant black finish gives it a sophisticated look. You can create whatever style you want because of its slim body which goes great with all types of hair especially short hair.

Material – The plates are made up of ceramic material and has slip free body material for more grip and comfort.

Temperature – 130°C to 230°C range of temperature goes well with all types of hair texture from fine to coarse. It reaches to the highest heat level in 30 seconds.

Technology – The ceramic plates emit gentle, far-infrared heat which is gentle to hair and eliminates frizz while adding shine & texture to your hair. Ionic nature locks the natural moisture in hair which smoothen out your hair at every stroke.

Size – 0.75 inches slim plates are specifically designed for short to medium Indian hair & bangs. slim plates works great near the roots and can be easily handled while creating curls. 3 meter swivel cord for seamless styling experience.

Shape – Slim shape of the straightener helps to achieve versatile style and the ergonomic grip free handle makes the styling process much comfortable. The curved edges of the iron prevents hair from pulling and plucking.

Other Features – If you are someone who is always on the go then this travel friendly hair straightener is for you. This product comes with one year warranty and shuts off automatically in 60 minutes when not in use.


It would take time to straighten very long and thick hair because of its slim plates.


Super Smooth Flat Iron

Appearance – This red color Ikonic super smooth iron looks so beautiful. It has red and black finish with ergonomic handle and a temperature dial inside makes it look simple yet modern.

Material – This straightener has tourmaline coated ceramic material plates for extra shine and smoothness.

Temperature – Variable temperature control from 110°C to 220°C goes with all types of hair texture from thin to thick and from wavy to curly. The heat can be adjusted using a convenient dial. It has easy power on and off button. The plates gets heated up in 50 seconds.

Technology – Negative ion technology reduces frizz and hair damage. It is safe to use on chemically treated hair. The floating plates guarantee perfect alignment during hair styling. It is infused with overheat protection technology. One hour auto shut off feature makes it more safer to use.

Size – 3.5 x 9 cm tourmaline ceramic plates are best for all types of hair that is from short to long. The size of straightener is 23 cm. We can’t ignore the 3m long 360 degrees swivel cord for tangle-free movement.

Shape – Curved edges prevent hair from plucking and the ergonomic shape makes the device more easy to handle.

Other Features – Can be used anywhere you travel because of its dual voltage compatibility (220 – 240V). It is a cost effective tool packed with all the essential features for healthy styling. 1 year warranty adds an extra durability to the device.


Not observed any.


Ikonic Hot Brush Straightener In India

Appearance – It is designed in beautiful rose gold and black color. The best thing about this hot brushes is that you can use it near the scalp which results in increasing blood circulation and provokes new hair growth.

Material – Static free bristles are made up of tourmaline ceramic which reduces frizz and makes hair shinier. The entire heated area of the brush is surrounded with the rubberized body that is to prevent from burning skin during usage.

Temperature – It heats up quickly in 50 seconds with 3 adjustable heat settings that is 160°C , 180°C and 210°C

Technology – It is designed smartly to protect your hair and scalp from damage. Unique static free bristles and ionic technology to reduce frizz and add volume, bounce and lusture to your manes.

Size – The brush is wide and long enough to work on thicker sections of hair at a time. It has 3 meter lengthened cord for comfortable straightening without worrying about tangling in wire.

Shape – The ergonomic shape and non-slip surface make it easier to grip, which provides better control to achieve better effects.

Other Features – It includes heat resistant travel pouch to protect the semi-heated brush from emitting heat to other stuff in your bag. The product comes with 1 year of manufacturer’s warranty.


Not recommended for very curly and coarse hair.

You should always take multiple factors into consideration while buying a hair straightener machine. Using a low quality straightener can cause lacklustre and brittle hair, which none of us wants.

Material of Construction

There are 3 most popular hair straighteners available in Indian market that is ceramic tourmaline and titanium. In brief they all are ionic in nature and makes hair shinier and smoother. Ceramic works great on all types of hair, especially thin, fine and damaged hair. Tourmaline works great on frizzy and curly hair, it adds shine and prevents static. Titanium works good on very high heat, if you have very frizzy, coarse and very curly hair then titanium works great on them.

Temperature Settings

If you don’t want to do further damage to your hair by using higher temperature straightener with no temperature control, use the one that has multiple temperature control. Use the straightener on lower settings for thin, fine and damaged hair, medium setting for normal hair and higher setting for thick, coarse and curly hair.

Size of Flat Iron Plates

Since the plates play an important role in styling different length of hair therefore I recommend to use the plate size less than 1 inch for short hair, 1 inch to 1.5 inch for medium to long length hair and more than 1.5 inches wider plates work efficiently on very long and thick hair. Tip: Standard width plate which is long enough can go with all types of hair from short to long.

Other Must Have Features

Your should also look for some specifications like good quality, advance technology, long swivel cord, universal voltage compatibility, light weight, budget friendly and warranty.

Ikonic Professional is one of the leading manufacturers of salon products globally. The company produces hair ironing machines that do not stress your tresses. Their hair straighteners are designed to be gentle on hair.

They have professional team who uses their expertise to generate a range of easy yet effective hair styling tools. From a beginner to a professional hairstylist, Ikonic tools cater to everyone’s hairstyling needs.

Ikonic brand focuses on creating hair straighteners to style every type of hair – thick, thin, curly, wavy, or damaged. They also have the range of travel-size hair straighteners for you. They offer a vast array of options, so that you can pick the one best suitable to your hairstyling challenges.

With the help of a best Ikonic hair straightener in India, straight and sleek hair can be achieved in a few simple steps. Here’s what you need to do before pressing your hair into iron –

  • First and foremost thing, wash your hair clean with a mild shampoo and conditioner to make your hair softer.
  • Next, towel dry your hair and use a good quality hair dryer to fully dry out your hair. You can skip blow drying with natural air drying of hair.
  • After towel drying, use a good quality heat protectant spray or serum to protect your hair from the heat damage cause by hair straightener. Avoid application of the product on the roots to prevent them from getting greasy. Comb your hair to distribute the serum evenly through out your hair.
  • Now that you have protected your hair start parting hair into small sections to straighten hair uniformly.
  • Set the required temperature of hair straightener.
  • Leave an inch from the roots and start ironing your hair by pressing a hair section between the straightening machine. Glide the flat irons slowly till the end of your hair.
  • Repeat the process for each section until you desired results.

If you have curly hair, you may need to repeat this process 2 to 3 times for each section of your hair. Once you have finished the process for all sections ensure that your hair is straightened evenly from all sides.

There is a wide range of versatile tools with regards to shapes, materials, and sizes at Ikonic. But which Ikonic hair straightener is best to pick can be difficult. Lets make it easier for you to buy the hair straightener that add glossy shine without damaging your delicate locks.

Fine and Thin Hair

This type of hair are more prone to damage and breakage. If you are someone with fine hair, you must avoid buying straightener that do not have a temperature scale. A flat iron with multiple heat settings will let you control the temperature.

Low temperature setting and ceramic plate is best for thin and fine hair, it adds shine and reduces frizz. Ceramic plates heats up slowly and spreads heat evenly through out your hair.

Thick and Coarse Hair

If you have thick and coarse hair, opt for a hair straightener that has higher heat levels. Lower heat requires multiple passes to straighten thick strands completely. Titanium and tourmaline takes less time to heat up and can maintain the heat consistently on high temperatures.

Tourmaline works great on frizzy thick hair while titanium goes well on very thick and coarse hair. Tourmaline is effective on lower temperature too, therefore you can also use tourmaline plated hair straighteners if you have thin and frizzy hair. Note: It is not recommended for fine hair texture.

Curly hair

Curly hair are more prone to frizz. It is one of the most difficult types of hair to straighten. The flat iron with wider plates provide better grip and cover bigger sections of hair.

Again straighteners with tourmaline and titanium plates work best on curly, coarse and frizzy hair. They both works great on high temperatures. Tourmaline is effective at a lower temperature as well. You can also use ceramic hair straighteners because of their even heat distributing and hydrating properties.

Hope you got the hair straightener you have dreamt of, from the list of 5 best Ikonic hair straightener in India. The above listed products are based on their best features and over the top performance. You can use these Ikonic hair straighteners for home and professional use. Please share your thoughts about this blog in the comment section below.


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