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Best Round Hair Brush In India That Hairstylists Use In 2023

best round hair brushes in India

A round hair brush is just a round hair brush right? No, there are different types of round hair brushes and they have a lot to do with different types and style of hair. To help you find the one that is right for your hair, we’ve created a list of the most popular best round hair brush in India and explained when you should use them on your hair according to your hair type.


Round hair brush which is smaller in size works great near the roots and small sections, used specifically for curly and unruly hair to smoothen out from root to tip. Small round hair brush is not for volume, it is great for sleeking and smoothening hair. Very short hair type can also buy small size round brushes for better results.

Medium round brush is great if you have normal to long hair. It goes with any type of hair with different texture and you can also use it to create volume in your hair. You can create curls and waves with medium size round brushes easily.

For very long and thick hair go for wider or large size round brush to get your blow drying or hair styling faster. Large round brush is great for straightening hair.


There are basically four types of round hair brushes that we have explained below, the natural bristle round brush (suitable for unruly, coarse, thick and frizzy hair), the ceramic round brush (suitable for blow drying), the regular round brush (for normal hair), and the mixed bristle round brush (for all types of hair style).


Check the reviews of your best round hair brush available in India before buying it. Different brands make different hair brushes that have different built up technologies. To get the best suitable to your hair and whether it is a genuine product, do check the user reviews out.

1 Vega Hot Curl Brush Large Review

Best ceramic round hair brush in India by Vega

This best round hair brush by Vega is suitable to all hair types that is from short to long hair type. The brush has nylon bristles and ceramic vented base.

Nylon bristles are flexible and penetrates the hair easily, whereas ceramic coated barrel allows even heat distribution and better heat retention. It cuts off your drying time and also adds shine to your hair.

The round shape and ergonomic design helps to style waves and curls easily while using blow dryer. Comfortable grip fits in your hand to maneuver your brush in all directions.

2 Roots Professional Round Hair Brush Review

Roots round hair brush in India

This round hair brush has vented ceramic barrel that distributes heat evenly while you blow dry your hair that results in damage free blow drying. Also the ceramic coated barrel emits negative ions which reduces frizz.

It is light in weight and has convenient rubber grip, the overall technologies and ergonomic design helps in reducing your styling or drying time.

It creates a lot of tension which helps in creating different hair styles and curls. You can use it with hair dryer for styling but not for normal combing.

3 BIONISS Round Hair Brush Review

This round hair brush is best to create bouncy and frizz free hairstyle everyday. It has antistatic ball tips to reduce snags and tangles.

You can use this round hair brush to smoothen out your hair and also add a little volume or waves. This brush can also be used with hair dryer.

It has beautiful finish and comfortable grip with non-slip handle to make your styling process much easier and faster.

4 Vega Hot Curl, Medium Size Ceramic Round Brush Review

Vega round ceramic hair brush

Ceramic ionic round hair brush is great for better heat retention and even thermal distribution while styling hair using blow dryer.

This round ceramic hair brush will add an extra shine and smoothness to your hair just like professionals.

Quality hair brush help your hairstyle last longer and gives you damage free results. This brush is ideal to create curls, waves and volume in a matter of minutes. Suitable for normal to long hair length with any hair textures.

5 GUBB Styler Range Round Hair Brush

Get healthy hairstyle with this best round hair brush available in India, it is perfect for adding curls, waves and volume to the hair. It’s also great for back brushing and easy detangling.

The bristles are flexible enough to detangle hair without any pain and hassle so that there is no hair loss. The nylon ball tips gently massage the scalp while improving blood circulation and overall hair health.

6 Scarlet Line Medium Round Hair Brush

This professional medium size stylish hair brush by Scarlet Line is for women and men, it has anti slip rubber grips on plastic handle for comfortable moment.

Also the ball tip on nylon bristles gives massaging effect to the scalp which promotes new hair growth and increase blood circulation.

This brush adds shine and volume when used with heat styling tools.

7 Cumfy Dry Vent Brush Round Review

Cumfy round hair brush in India

This Cumfy Dry round hair brush is a quality round brush which is suitable to all hair types. The nylon bristles and ball tips provokes new hair growth and removes static from hair.

This light weight round brush is easy to hold and maneuver. It is quite affordable and durable as well.

8 Vega Round Hair Brush Review

This Vega brush with nylon bristles penetrate hair easily whereas the ball tips prevents snags and pulls.

It cuts your hair drying time and adds shine to your hair while making your hair style last longer. It is suitable for short to long hair length of any texture.

This brush is ideal to add curl, curve and volume to hair. It creates lot of tension for different hair styles.

9 Ankita Round Hair Brush Review

Best round hair brush by ankita

It is another quality yet affordable round brush by Ankita. This beautiful brush has nylon pins and ball tips to style hair without generating frizz.

This best round hair brush available in India can also be used with hair dryers and other hot tools. It is so lightweight that you can carry it in your purse anywhere you want.

  1. Natural Bristle Round Brush – It is made of natural or raw fibers. Because this brush is made from natural fibers it is little expensive comparatively. Also this round brush is durable and is more gentle on hair, since the natural fibers absorbs heat therefore it doesn’t over heat your hair when used with hot tools. It smoothen out your hair nicely and creates lot of tension for styling. Recommended for: thick, curly, frizzy and unruly hair.
  2. Ceramic Round Brush – This is one of the most popular round brushes used these days. The bristles are placed on ceramic vented barrel and because the bristles are not natural they create less tension to hair which results in fast and easy blow drying. The ceramic heats up while blow drying which makes the process a lot more quicker. They are great to create the volume on hair. Since the brush also gets heated up with hot tools therefore you need to be little careful while styling your hair to avoid heat damage. This thermal round brush helps to create waves and curls while blow drying. They are also called the round brush for blowouts. Recommended for: normal hair.
  3. Mixed Bristle Round Brush – If you want to minimalist your round brush collection, you can go for this. It has ceramic barrel with mixed bristles that are natural as well as nylon. This brush is used for both the purposes that is to get volumized blow drying and to polish hair at the same time. You might get the result somewhat in the middle of the above two brushes. It requires a technique to get the desired style by using the mixed round brush. Recommended for: all types of hair.
  4. Regular Round Hair Brush – Regular round brush or rolling comb originally has nylon bristles with ball tips to penetrate hair and massage scalp. This brush can be used on daily basis and with hot tools as well. Straightening, smoothening, curling, waving and volumizing. They are affordable and durable. Recommended for: all types of hair.

Which brush should you use ceramic round hair brush or natural bristle round brush?

Actually ceramic round hair brush provide really smooth blow drying, it cuts your blow drying time into half as compare to regular round hair brush. Ceramic round hair brush makes hair super smooth, sleek, straight and curly when used with hair straighteners and blow dryers. Ceramic brushes also creates tension to hair when used for styling purposes with proper technique.

If you have coarse, frizzy, unruly hair, go with natural bristle round brush, because it gives lot of tension to the hair. Round hair brush with natural bristles distribute product evenly and nicely through your strands especially the sebum (natural oil) from roots to tips. It makes hair smoother and can be used for different hair styling purposes.

What Are The Benefits of Using Best Round Hair Brushes In India

  • It detangles your hair with an ease
  • The round hair comb works amazing for adding curls, bounce, waves & volume to the straight hair
  • Proven best for back brushing & styling
  • It helps to straight frizzy curly hair for a smooth finish
  • Perfect for smoothening, blow-styling, straightening and volumizing hair

How To Maintain Your Round Hair Brush

  • Remove loose hair from the hairbrush with a comb
  • Wash your round hair comb in warm, soapy water
  • Rinse & leave to dry, away from direct heat & sunlight


Hope you got all the information regarding best round hair brush in India.


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