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Best Wooden Comb For Hair In India 2023 – Anti Damage

Best wooden comb in india

If you are the person who is facing alot of hair problems these days like hairfall, frizziness and dry scalp or dandruff, this post is for you. Here we will talk all about best wooden comb for hair available in India.

But, is it worth buying? will it solve your hair related woes? Well yes, you can buy the good quality wooden comb for hair for all your hair related problems mentioned above. Before moving to the list of best wooden comb for hair in India, let’s know what things to look for when buying a wooden comb.

Buyer’s Guide –

Material – Your wooden comb should be made out of natural wood ingredients, which are safe to use on your precious hair and is eco friendly.

Rounded/polished Teeth – For damage free detangling, the ,. Sharpe wooden teeth comb might hurt your scalp and pull your hair.

Cost EfficientGood quality, affordable products by the trusted brand is considered to be the best purchase. Cross check the customers review and feedback of the wooden comb you are planning to purchase.

Best Wooden Comb In India Review

1. Bella Vita Organic Neem Wooden Comb

BEst wooden comb in india
  • This wooden comb by Bella Vita is eco-friendly, since it is handcrafted with 100% neem wood. Neem wooden comb is known for its theoropatic properties.
  • It massages your scalp and spreads natural oil (sebum) through out your strand to reduce dry, itchy scalp and dandruff.
  • It is best suitable to all types of hair.
  • This wooden comb promotes healthy scalp and hair growth.
  • It has rounded teeth for gentle penetration.

2. VEGA Natural Wooden Styling Comb Review

Vega wooden comb image
  • This is one of the quality wooden comb by the reputed brand Vega.
  • It nourishes hair by gently massaging on scalp.
  • Spreads sebum through out the strands and makes hair more shinier.
  • Helps in hair styling and detangling.
  • Handcrafted from natural wood.
  • It has round teeth that acts gentle on hair and scalp.
  • Good quality wooden combs reduces hair breakage.

3. Tyaga Handmade Neem Wood Anti-Dandruff Comb Review

wooden comb set
  • Tyaga ensures best quality wooden comb made out of genuine neem wood.
  • The regular use of this wooden comb will boost blood circulation and promote new hair growth and also nourish your locks by stimulating natural oil.
  • The Neem wood holds natural properties that may prevent skin infections and prevent your dandruff and itchy scalp.
  • It also reduces hairfall because of gentle application and anti static behavior.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean.
  • It is suitable for all hair types.

4. Nat Habit Kacchi Neem Wooden Comb Review

Kachi neem comb
  • This wooden comb is made of young (Kaccha) neem wood for maximized nutrient transfer to scalp during deep combing.
  • It has smooth teeth that activates hair follicles with increased blood circulation.
  • It is treated with herbed oils that help control infections on scalp and keep away dandruff & itchiness.
  • The wide tooth helps in detangling without snagging your hair.
  • It can be your everyday detangling and styling comb.

5. Rufiys Pure Neem Wooden Wide Tooth Comb Review

Wide tooth neem wood comb in india
  • Neem wood provides natural antibacterial effect and nourishes hair with every stroke.
  • It stimulates blood circulation resulting in new hair growth and helps reduce dandruff and scalp disorders.
  • It free from static charges and enriched with neem oil for frizz free detangling.
  • This wide neem comb is suitable for all hair textures. It is amongst the best wooden comb for hair available in India.

6. BARE ESSENTIALS Detangling Wooden Hair Brush Review

best Wooden brush in india
  • This best wooden brush available in India has rounded tip bristles which are gentle on scalp.
  • You can also use this brush on medium wet hair.
  • It is quite handy to take it anywhere in your purse.
  • It looks pretty, built in good quality and quite durable. It is smaller in size but serves the purpose nicely.
  • Note: small hole is not a missing bristle. All professional-quality rubber cushion brushes are produced with a hole in the cushion, so that air can circulate underneath and dry out the rubber, otherwise cushion would trap the moisture, and eventually ruin the brush.

7. Herbal Brews – Desi Neem Wooden Comb for Women & Men Review

  • Herbal Brews wooden hair comb for men & women is handcrafted from neem wood. With its medicinal properties this neem wooden comb is eco friendly and safe to use for all types of hair.
  • This anti-bacterial wooden comb has well balanced fine tooth quality. You can also add detailing to your hairstyle with this anti-static hair comb.
  • It reduces hairfall, removes dandruff and itchy scalp problems.
  • Combing with wooden comb nourishes hair and improves blood circulation in the head.

8. Keya Seth Aromatherapy, Neem Wooden Comb Review

  • This best wooden comb for hair available in India is made of high qulity neem wood, which is 100% handcrafted.
  • It has wide tooth and easy grip to maneuver all over the head properly.
  • The polished rounded bristles gently massages scalp without hurting unlike other sharp plastic bristles brushes or combs.
  • It also emits a mild natural aroma that helps calm the mind and soothe stress.
  • As we know wooden combs doesvnot conduct static electricity therefore prevents frizz.
  • It adds shine to hair by distributing natural oil from root to tips.

9. The Legend Organic Pure Neem Wood Comb Review

The Legend comb for men and women is constructed using pure neem wood and does not contain any chemicals. This neem wood comb may help you in getting rid of split ends, dandruff, etc.

Each of the teeth in this comb is devised to be blunt to stay soft on your scalp. The teeth are perfectly studded and will not shake or break away from the comb.

A comb should always be easy to grasp and easier to work through the hair. Therefore, it is designed to offer you a perfect grip while you are busy creating a new hairstyle.

Neem wood massages your scalp and improves blood circulation. Better circulation results in stronger and shinier hair. Wooden comb can’t create static electricity, hence no damage.

10. Aairaa Neem Best Wooden Comb For Hair Growth Review

Best wooden comb for hair growth in india
  • These combs are handcrafted so that the points are not too sharp and you can get an excellent stimulating effect as the comb teeth glide over your scalp.
  • Gently press against the scalp and comb as usual. It is a good practice to comb more often, as this not only stimulates the scalp cells but also keeps it disinfected.
  • This comb sustains hair health, reduces hair fall and removes dandruff.
  • Made up of 100% herbal neem wood.

What Are Some Advantages And Reasons Of Using Best Wooden Comb

  • Wood is a bad conductor of electricity, therefore, wooden combs prevents damage from static electricity.
  • The natural wooden fibers work great to condition your hair. As you comb the natural oil from scalp coat your hair shaft all the way down to the ends. This prevents hair breakage and reduces split ends.
  • Wide tooth wooden combs don’t tend to pull or break the hair.
  • No matter how thick or skinny your hair are or if you have dandruff or not this, comb works well for all hair and scalp types
  • Helps hair growth as well as may help reduce dandruff and may help keep infestation and infections away.
  • Hair comb made from neem wood is known for its theoropatic properties and are renewable. Wooden fibers work great to condition your hair, stimulates overall scalp and hair health.

Is Wooden Comb Good For Hair?

Plastic Comb VS Wooden Comb

Plastic comb has positive electric charge and your hair has negative charge. When the plastic comb penetrates hair it gets attracted by the comb hence creates frizz and hairfall. The condition gets even worsen when the plastic comb is used on long hair.

When it comes to best quality wooden hair comb, it is anti-static, penetrates hair easily without creating frizz. It detangles hair so smoothly without breaking and damaging them. It is quite gentle on hair and scalp than plastic comb. Wood, specifically neem wood cause no oil build up on the comb unlike ordinary plastic combs. Wooden comb is also known as the best comb for hair growth.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions By Best Wooden Comb In India Customers

1. How To Use The Wooden Comb Efficiently?

Make sure when you comb, the teeth touch the scalp. Deep combing twice a day is healthy. Detangle hair before sleep and shampoo to avoid unwanted hairfall. Neem wooden combs have slightly pointy ends for best follicular activation. And it takes few uses to get accustomed to your new comb.

2. How Do You Clean Or Take Care Of A Wooden Hair Comb?

– Soak your comb in any pure hair oil once a month.
– Do not expose the comb to water.
– Always wipe with a tissue or cloth.
– Keep away from direct heat and sunlight.
– It is advisable to change your neem wood comb every 6 months to 1 year.

Folding Up

The above list has top 10 best wooden comb for hair in India. Let’s recall some of the wooden comb benefits for hair –

  1. Natural & Eco-Friendly
  2. Stimulates Hair Growth
  3. Promotes New Hair
  4. Removes Frizziness
  5. Scalp Nourishing
  6. Anti Dandruff

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