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Facts About Hair Straighteners – You Probably Didn’t Know

Facts about hair straighteners

These are some fun facts about hair straighteners that you would like to read. This blog isn’t intended to hurt anybody, I respect all types of hair from very straight to kinky, short to long and fine to coarse.

Style your hair however you love it, all that matter is the confidence in yourself, no matter what type of hair your wear. The only thing you should remember is to take good care of your hair and nourish them.

One of the interesting facts about hair straighteners is that women have been using the hair straightening techniques for about 130 years ago.

Different tools were used those days to achieve sleek and straight hair look. Large rollers, steamers, hot combs and hot iron rods were the popular hair straighteners.

These methods were less damaging but hair dressers had to spend lot of time and efforts in straightening woman’s hair.

Various oils and powders were applied along with the heating effect to provide that long lasting straight look. Those secret ingredients are still unknown to me.

But thank goodness, hair straighteners have gotten much better gradually over the years. Now the straightening is as simple as that.

Straight hair vs curly hair

This statement may hurt someone’s feeling but the fact is – those born with kinky and curly hair, wants the silky straight hair and those with straight hair wants the wavy and curly hair look. This may be because of our self-esteem or the fashion trend that we want to follow.

Sometimes chasing the ‘thing we don’t have’ make us achieve the goal and also improves our personality, while on the contrary, this behavior might leave us unsatisfied always.

However contradictions could never stop us from styling. We often like to change our hairstyle and enhance the quality of appearance, which is why I prefer to style with hair straighteners and recommend the same.

Hair straightener is nothing but a great solution to all types of hair.

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Shiny straight hair are more attractive

Straight hair looks more glossy and beautiful because the flat surface reflect the light directly. Whereas the curls and waves have different angles, therefore the pattern causes the light to reflect through various angles and it appear less shinier than the straight hair.

It is not necessary that all the straight hair are shiny and beautiful, gloss in hair depends on how you treat them. If your hair is well moisturized and nourished, it will appear healthy and shiny.

hair straightener leads to hair fall

Do you know hair straightening is an unnatural process which surely leads to damage.

Though permanent hair straightening and smoothening is so popular these days, but frequently using thermal devices and harsh chemical relaxants can kill your hair follicles and cause permanent hair loss.

Temporary and permanent hair straightening weaken the texture of hair strands. Hence, the individual strands of your hair get more prone to breakage right from the middle.

hair straighteners kills the lice and nits

This is one of the most awkward facts about hair straighteners I have ever heard.

Yes, hair straightener can kill the lice due to its high heat, but this method is a failure for the lice that are living on scalp.

We cannot risk hair and scalp with high heat just for killing those tiny creatures. Because doing this will surely damage one’s hair and shaft.

fact about hair straighteners and keratin treatment in india

What we call permanent hair straightening is actually lasts for 6 months or couple of months more, until the new hair grows.

The permanent hair straightening treatment costs around 5-10 thousand per visit. The price also depends on the length of your hair and the type of keratin hair treatment you want.

There are lots of side-effects with chemical treatments, the most severe is permanent hair loss.

Though we can’t neglect the facts about hair straightening also known as the chemical hair straightening/smoothening, that it gives your hair a silky, smooth and bend-free finish, it helps tame frizz and flyaways.

But why salon?? if we can achieve the same result like a pro at home within a matter of minutes. Versatile hairstyle lovers can check out these amazing hair straighteners below –

how to straighten hair with a clothes iron

What if you lost your hair straightener in the hotel room or at your relative’s house while you were travelling and your new hair straightener is going to be shipped after 5-10 days and there rings your phone about the last moment party plan.

Need to look gorgeous right? Well, not a big deal, you can borrow it from your friend or neighbour. But if nothing works for you, try this emergency hair straightener also known as clothes iron.

Straightening hair with clothes iron can be risky because you don’t even know what temperature should you go with? There is a great risk of burning your scalp and chipping your hair.

However, if you know how to straighten hair with a clothes iron you can proceed, otherwise a big ‘NO’ from me.

Hair Straightener Facts

Yes you can use flat iron as a clothes iron, but make sure you know how to iron clothes with a hair straightener.

Start with the clean plates, so that your hair, dust or any product residue left on the iron would not stuck to your cloth and leave any stain.

If the fabric is thin or delicate, set the flat iron to the lower settings. If the fabric is thick, set the iron to higher temperature.

Place your fabric between the plates of hair straightener and move the flat iron over the crease you want to smoothen out. Run the tool until the wrinkles have smoothed.

It is much easier to iron, if the cloth hangs on the hanger.

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Philips Bhs378/10 Advanced Kerashine Straightener Review

facts about Philips bhs378/10 hair straightener

This Philips hair straightener is a high end flat iron, designed especially for Indian hair. The ceramic plates are infused with keratin which glides ultra smoothly through hair strands.

FYI keratin is a protein which emits out of the plates during straightening and make your hair smoother and soft.

Its response time is really quick, it heats up in 30sec to the desired temperature level ranging from 160°C-230°C. Thermo-protect technology spreads out heat evenly across the plates and prevents overheating to protect your hair.

Its Ionic conditioning reduces frizz and retains the natural moisture of hair while leaving them soft and shiny. 28 x 100 mm long plates works effectively on all types of hair. It also comes with some additional features like –

  • Auto shuts-off in 60 mins
  • Easy handle lock for safe storage
  • Rotational swivel cord
  • Hanging Loop
  • LED light indicator
  • Universal voltage compatibility
  • Beautiful Pink Color
  • 2 years of warranty

Syska HS2020 Keratin-plus Ionic Hair Straightener Review

facts about syska hs2020 hair straightener

This hair straightener by Syska has 45mm wide ceramic coated plates for thick and long hair. The plates are infused with keratin plus and active ionic conditioning for ultra smooth and shiny hair.

It reaches to the selected heat level within 60 seconds. Versatile temperature settings range between 150°C-230°C. Heat levels can be easily recognized on digital temperature display.

PTC heaters distributes heat evenly on the plates and protects hair against heat damage by preventing hot and cold spots.

Some additional features include –

  • Auto shuts-off in 30 mins
  • Easy handle lock for safe storage
  • 1.8m 360-degrees rotating swivel cord
  • Hanging loop
  • Digital display
  • Light weight and travel friendly
  • 2 years of warranty

Vega VHSH-17 Diva Hair straightener Review

detailed review on vega vhsh17 hair straightener

This is a simple yet effective hair straightener by Vega. It has ceramic coated 90 mm x 25 mm floating plates. Ceramic allows even distribution of heat and protects hair against excessive heat damage.

For your information floating plates adjusts according to the hair texture and help in versatile hair styling. Floating plates prevent tugging and plucking of hair during straightening, hence there is no hair breakage.

Maximum styling temperature is 200⁰C. If your hair type requires this optimum temperature to get styled, this hair straightener is for you.

It also has some additional features like –

  • Heats up in 60 mins
  • Easy handle lock for safe storage
  • 1.8 m 360-degrees rotating swivel cord
  • Power indicator light
  • 220-240V voltage compatibility
  • 2 years of warranty

Remington S8540 Hair Straightener Keratin Protect Review

REMINGTON S8540 Hair Straightener Keratin Protect Review

The Remington S8540 hair straightener is infused with keratin and almond oil to nourish and hydrate your hair and adds extra shine to them.

The ceramic coating spreads out heat evenly to provoke healthy straightening and the floating plates align according to your hair style which prevents snagging of hair.

While its 25mm slim x 110mm longer plates allows to style all types of hair length. It comes with 9 different temperature settings that is from 150⁰C-230⁰C, you can simply pick the one suitable to your hair type.

It heats up quickly in 15 seconds and has a feature to lock the desired temperature level to prevent excessive heat damage.

Some of additional features include –

  • Beautiful rose gold finish
  • World wide voltage compatibility
  • Digital temperature display
  • 1.8 m swivel cord
  • Auto shut-off in 60 minutes
  • Temperature lock function
  • 5 years warranty

I hope you enjoyed the post on fun facts about hair straighteners. Do check our posts regarding different types of hair straighteners for different types of hair. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

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