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Best Hair Straightener Combo Pack In India 2023

Best hair straightener combo pack in India

Are You Looking for an effective hair straightener combo pack to modernize your hairstyle in 2021? Do you want these tools to be in your budget?

I know we always search for better products to make versatile hair styling easier and quicker while keeping them damage free and salon finished.

Therefore we have covered below some amazing and cost effective hair straightener combo packs. Each heat styling combo includes one hair straightener and other styling tools.

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Here is the brief review of best hair straightener combo pack in India along with comparison –

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Hair Straightener Combo Pack Comparison Table



Philips Curler & Kerashine Hair Straightener

Philips HP 8643 Hair Dryer and Hair Straightener

Havells HC4045 5 in 1 Hair Styler Kit

Syska CPF6800 Hair Dryer and Hair Straightener

Vega Miss Versatile Styling Set (VHSS-03)








Purchase Link

Hair Straightener






Plate Material

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Plate Size






Power Indicator












Heat Up Time

60 seconds

60 seconds

60 seconds

60 seconds

60 seconds

Handle lock






Swivel Cord (360°)






Hair Dryer


















Hair Curler






Barrel Size

16 mm


16 mm


19 mm


2 Year

2 Year

2 Year

2 Year

2 Year

Best Hair Straightener Combo Pack In India Reviews

Philips hair straightener combo pack

Pattern: Hair Straightener + Hair Dryer

Long hair requires an extra care to maintain its beauty, at the same time it requires associated tools to get the perfect look. Different hair styles on long hair looks elegant & classy. Straight or curly, they look beautiful either way. This convenient Philips hair straightener combo pack won’t take long to straighten or curl your locks.

a) Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener Review –

Ideal For:

  • Hair Length: Medium To Long
  • Hair Density: Medium To Thick
  • Hair Type: Normal, Frizzy, Coarse & Curly

Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener is no wonder an amazing product by a trusted & leading brand named Philips. It is one of the best brand of hair straightener in India.

The straightener has 47 x 75 mm extra wide straightening plates predominantly designed for Indian hair to take care of thick & long strands. The silk-pro care technology and advanced keratin infused ceramic coating plates smoothen out your hair & locks the moisture which means no frizziness & breakage.

The wider plates design helps to work on multiple strands in one go, which saves a lot of styling time. Where the ionic care technology neutralizes strands leaving it static free & provides salon-finished straight hair.

This hair straightener has a fast heat up time, being ready to use in 60 seconds. Philips HP8316 hair straightener has a very attractive girly look that makes it so beautiful.

It has 210°C professional temperature settings with LED indicator and a 1.8 m heat safe swivel cord. The flat iron comes with a 2 year warranty.

The overall features & low price have made this product one of the best selling hair straightener in India.

  • SilkPro Care technology for minimum heat exposure
  • Keratin infused ceramic plates for ultra-smooth gliding
  • Extra wide plates for thick & long hair
  • 210°C professional temperature
  • Heats up fast in 60 seconds
  • 1.8 m swivel cord
  • 2 years Philips India warranty from the date of purchase on combo pack
  • It doesn’t work that great on short hair
  • There is no temperature setting
  • Not recommended for fine hair because of high heat

b) Philips BHB862 Hair Curler (Black/White) Review –

Ideal For:

  • Hair Length: Medium
  • Hair Density: Medium To Thick
  • Hair Type: Normal & Coarse

The Philips BHB862 Hair Curler is a black & white color curling wand with the barrel diameter of 16 mm to create bouncy curls.

The curler stick is infused with protective ceramic coating for extra shine, easy styling & protects against heat damage. It also has a built-in clamp to hold the hair in place while styling.

This hair curler heats up to 200°C of professional temperature in 60 seconds with LED ready to use indicator.

The Philips hair curler requires a voltage of 110 – 220V & a power of 40W to provide bouncy curls to the straight hair.

It has cool tip & 1.8 m swivel cord for safe & tangle free hair curling. It is light weight & durable hair curler by Philips.

  • 16 mm (1.6 cm) barrel diameter for bouncy curls
  • Protective ceramic coated stick for even heat distribution
  • LED light indicator
  • Cool tip for ease of use
  • 360-degrees swivel cord
  • 110 – 220V universal voltage
  • Fast heat up time in 60 sec to reach 200°C of high heat 
  • 2 years warranty on combo set
  • Does not work on very long hair due to the standard barrel size

Philips hair straightener and dryer combo pack

Pattern: Hair Straightener + Hair Dryer

Mid-length hair can be transformed into several hair styles easily. They looks great as straight, wavy or curly. The Philips hair straightener and dryer combo pack can style your mid-length & even short hair beautifully while giving them a professional look.

a) Philips HP 8643 Hair Straightener Review –

Ideal For:

  • Hair Length: Short to Medium
  • Hair Density: Medium to Thick
  • Hair Type: Normal, Coarse & Curly

Beautiful pink color hair straightener, by a trusted brand Philips, has ceramic coated plates which allows even heat distribution without creating hot or cold spots. Ceramic material allows smooth gliding & gentle straightening with extra shine & protects your hair against excessive heat damage.

Philips HP8643 Miss Fresher’s Hair Straightener attains the maximum professional temperature of 210°C in just 60 seconds.

It can also be used to curl your hair because of its standard plate size. It has 1.6m swivel cord for tangle free heat styling & can be operated anywhere because of its universal 110-240V voltage compatibility.

It has convenient plates lock system for easy and safe storage.

  • Smooth ceramic plates
  • 1.6 meters 360-degrees swivel cord
  • Hinge lock for safe & easy storage
  • Heat up in 60 seconds to a maximum temperature of 210°C
  • Compatible with 110-240V universal voltage.
  • 2 years Philips India warranty on combo pack
  • It has no temperature setting
  • It is not recommended for fine hair because of high temperature.

b) Philips Hair Dryer (Miss Fresher’s Care) Review –

Ideal For:

Hair Type: Fine to Normal Hair

1000W hairdryer by Philips has gentle drying power & generates the optimum level of airflow. This tool is compatible with 220-240 voltage

It has a concentrator to focus the airflow on a desired section of hair for shiny & polished hairstyle.

This compact hair dryer comes with 2 pre-selected heat & speed combination settings for different styling.

The ergonomic design & light weight makes this hair dryer pretty handy & comfortable to work with and is quite durable with 2 years of warranty.

More: Check out some professional & powerful hair dryers for different hair styling.

  • 1000W power wattage
  • Narow concetrator attachment
  • Ergonomic design
  • 2 heat & speed settings
  • 1.6 m cord
  • 220-240 voltage
  • Rubberized hook for storage
  • Light weight
  • 2 years of warranty on combo pack

  • There isn’t a cool air shot functionality.
  • It is non-foldable
  • It doesn’t work that great on thick, coarse & curly hair
Havells Multi Styling Kit

Pattern: Hair Straightener, Crimper, Curler, Conical Curler and Brush Comb

Different hair style lovers can rock this 5 in 1 hair straightener combo pack. Here are plenty of options to play around with new hair styles, whether straight hair, curls, crimps or combination. You can experiment different looks on different occasions.

a) Havells HC4045 Hair Straightener Review –

Ideal For:

  • Hair Length: Short To Long
  • Hair Density: Fine To Thick
  • Hair Type: Normal, Damaged & Wavy

The 5 in 1 hair straightener combo pack is from Havells which is a reliable leading brand in India that brings in a range of personal grooming products for women. Out of all women styling essentials, hairdryer and hair straightener are the quality selling items.

Here I have selected the hair straightener kit which looks quite elegant. The plates are made up of ceramic coating which ensures to heat evenly & provides damage free heat styling.

It has optimal heat temperature of 190-Degree Celsius & get ready to use in 60 seconds. It has On/Off power button with LED light indicator for convenient operation.

The 360-degrees rotating swivel cord gives you a tangle free process of straightening where the length of the cable is 1.8 m.

All the attachments are featured with heat insulated cool tip to prevent burning of fingers or hand while heat styling.

This styling tool can be used world wide because of its universal voltage functionality, is quite durable & budget friendly.

This hair straightener is designed in a beautiful blue & black finish which looks quite attractive & classy.

The overall functionality & good performance has made this kit one of the best selling hair straightener combo packs in India.

b) Crimper

You can simply pull off one the most trending look that is hair crimping. You can style beautiful voluminous frizz-free crimps that stays long with this crimper attachment.

Deep waves or crinkles looks amazing on fine hair, because it makes them voluminous.

c) Curler

The ceramic curler attachment works great on any length & type of hair, where 16 mm barrel lets you curl your hair bouncy & beautiful.

d) Conical Curler

You can rock an amazing voluminous wave, beachy curl or bold tight/loose curl by using the Havells ceramic conical curling Iron and can add volume to your hair for a bouncy natural look.

e) Brush Comb

You can use the brush comb for a flawless hair styling, this comb is designed to make your hair voluminous & straight. It is suitable to all hair types and lengths.

  • Ceramic coated plates
  • 4 ceramic coated attachments – crimper, curler, conical curler, brush comb
  • 1.8 m swivel cord
  • Highest temperature upto 190°C in 60 seconds
  • ON/OFF power button
  • Cool insulated tip
  • Universal worldwide 100-240 voltage
  • Low price & good quality
  • 2 years warranty on combo
  • Doesn’t work nicely on coarse, very curly & unruly hair because of its low temperature
  • Some users do not find the straightening effect for long time

Check out the product review video here-

Syska Hair Dryer And Hair Straightener Combo Pack

Pattern: Hair Straightener + Hair Dryer

Short hair lovers can easily hairstyle their precious locks with this heat styler. Though short hair require less maintenance but still you have to style it everyday. This hair straightener & hair dryer combo pack can help you straighten, wave, curl or volumize your hair easily without damage. It also works effectively to straighten curly locks.

a) Syska HS6810 Hair Straightener Review –

Ideal For:

  • Hair Length: Short & Medium
  • Hair Density: Medium & Thick
  • Hair Type: Normal, Frizzy, Coarse and Curly

This is one of the most affordable with superior quality hair dryer and hair straightener combo pack by Syska.

The hair straightener is beautifully designed with a glossy pink finish & the curved slim body is perfect to work on all types of hair without snagging & pulling your hair.

The floating plates are coated with ceramic material which ensures to heat up and cool down quickly.

Infused PTC heaters distributes the heat uniformly on plates and glides very smoothly through your strands leaving them shiny & glossy.

This tool gets ready to use in 60 seconds & reaches to the professional 230°C temperature with LED power indicator.

The Syska flat iron also has an over heat protection functionality to prevent excessive heat damage to your hair.

It comes with 1.8 m 360° rotational swivel cable allows tangle free & safe hair straightening and the light weight compact design makes it a travel friendly hair straightener.

  • Ceramic coated floating plates
  • Professional 230°C temperature
  • 60 sec heat up time
  • Auto-off for over heat protection
  • LED power illuminator
  • 1.8 m swivel cord
  • Easy to use, slim body & light weight
  • Handle lock for safe storage
  • 2 years of warranty on combo
  • It has no temperature control settings
  • It doesn’t work efficiently on very long hair because of its shorter & slim plates.
  • It has no universal voltage compatibility

b) Syska HD1600 Hair Dryer Review –

Ideal For:

Hair Type: Fine & Normal

The Syska hair dryer uses 1000W for fast drying & has 2 speed settings for optimum use.

Its wave heating element heats up the device quickly & allows fast drying.

Over heat protection technology protects the hair from damage and makes your hair flawless while keeping the moisture of hair intact.

It works on 220-240 V & 50 Hz frequency.

The hair dryer is so light weight to use & compact to carry anywhere conveniently.

It has in-built concentrator to focus the airflow on desired hair section for variant hair styling.

  • 1000W power wattage
  • Over heat protection technology
  • Hanging loop for easy storage
  • In-built concentrator
  • 2 speed settings
  • Works on 220-240 V
  • Lightweight & compact design
  • 2 years warranty on combo

  • There isn’t a cold shot air function available which is used to secure & lock the hair styling after blow drying
  • Universal voltage compatibility is missing
  • Non-foldable
Hair Straightener, Dryer and Curler Combo Pack

Pattern: Hair Straightener + Hair Dryer + Hair Curler

The Vega hair straightener combo pack is so good to try for beginners, this is a combo pack of hair dryer, straightener and curling iron. It works on different hair types and has everything you need for safe, comfortable & satisfying hair styling.

a) Vega VHSS-03 Hair Straightener Review –

Ideal For:

  • Hair Length: Short & Medium
  • Hair Density: Fine & Medium
  • Hair Type: Fine, Normal & Wavy

Vega hair straighteners are generally worth buying for their features & designs. If you are seeking for a best hair straightener combo pack in India in the mid-range mart with a quality reputation, this may be a brand for you.

It has ceramic coated standard plates to protect your hair from damage by evenly distributing heat. It provides shine & smoothness to your hair while preventing heat damage.

Size of the plates is quite standard, 25 mm (0.98 in.) wide & 90 mm (3.54 in.) long to work on short to medium length hair effectively from roots to tips. Curved edges glide so smoothly through the hair without plucking or snagging your precious strands.

It has beautiful black & golden finish. The body is so slim & light weight which makes it a travel friendly hair straightener as well.

This flat iron has an ON/OFF power switch with max temperature up to 200⁰C & a power indicator light illuminates when the device is switched on.

It has an easy lock system to close the plates together, which provides an easy and a convenient storage. Where 360° swivel cord allows a tangle free & safe hair straightening.

  • Ceramic coated plates
  • 200⁰C max temperature
  • Standard plates size of 25 mm x 90 mm
  • Handle lock, slim & light weight
  • Voltage of 220-240V compatibility
  • 2 years warranty on combo

  • This flat iron is not recommended for very coarse & curly hair because of its low temperature
  • It doesn’t have different heat settings
  • Universal voltage is missing

b) Vega VHSS-03 Hair Dryer Review –

Ideal For:

Hair Type: Fine To Normal

This is a very beautiful black color hair dryer by Vega, it has basic features & can be used by teenagers as well as beginners for hair drying & styling at home.

It uses 1000 wattage for drying, where the motor works on 220 – 240 Voltage. It is very gentle on hair & leaves a smooth, shiny texture to your hair.

The hair dryer has two speed/heat settings for fine & normal hair styling/drying

The ergonomic design makes this hair dryer pretty handy & comfortable to work with.

It is foldable to carry anywhere you travel. Also you can store it using easy & safe storage hook.

  • 1000 Watt hair dryer for quick drying
  • The ultra-light weight body
  • 2 speed / heat settings.
  •  It uses 220-240 Voltage, 50Hz frequency,1000-1200 Wattage
  • It is Foldable for safe storage
  • Hanging loop
  • 2 years warranty on combo

  • There is no cool shot functionality
  • Doesn’t work effectively on thick & coarse hair

c) Vega VHSS-03 Hair Curler Review –

This Vega hair curler is so flexible to create tight & soft curls or waves with its 19 mm diameter and 125 mm length barrel.

There is a clamp attached to the curler wand to hold your hair in place while styling.

It is featured with ceramic-coated chrome plates for smooth curling.

The curler comes with a maximum temperature of 200⁰C equipped with on/off switch and a power LED indicator.

It also comes with a stand to place your hot curler on the surface safely, during styling, without damaging the surface.

It works on 220-240 Voltage, 50/60 Hz & 25 Wattage.

  • Ceramic coated chrome plates
  • 19 mm diameter & 125 mm length barrel & a clamp
  • The ultra-light weight body
  • 200-Degrees C temperature
  •  It uses 220-240 Voltage, 50/60 Hz frequency, 25 Wattage
  • A safety stand
  • 2 years warranty on combo

  • There is no temperature controlling function
  • Not recommended for very thick & unruly hair

Check out the product review video here-

Best Hair Straightener Combo Pack In India, Buying Advantages & Disadvantages

Lets us discuss some advantages of buying hair straightener combo pack over standard hair straightener –

  • Here, hair straightener combo pack means the combination of different styling products along with hair straightener. These are packed together to provide the user a convenient option for versatile hairstyles everyday at home comfort.
  • Generally these styling combos are available at some offer price online, in this way we get the best products in budget.
  • Use of the hair styling kit can save a lot of your time and money that you spend at salons for any occasion.
  • Different hair styles can make you look more attractive and younger than normal.

Let us discuss some dis-advantages of buying hair straightener combo pack –

  • The low price products might have low quality and that will damage your hair, so make sure to read the buyer’s guide to make a fair decision while buying a combo for your hair.
  • These hair styling combos are packed by the companies for the customers, therefore you can’t include your own chosen products in the combo set.
  • When you own a heat styling set, it will provoke you to style frequently, which can damage your hair’s natural texture. So try to maintain a routine, avoid hair straightening and styling when it is not necessary.

Things To Consider When Buying Best Hair Straightener Combo Pack In India – Buyer’s Guide

Before buying any hair styling product you must know your hair type to get the best tool as per the requirement of your hair.

Let us look for some must have features in a best hair straightener combo pack –

Hair Styling Kit

The very first thing to think about is the styling products you need in your combo. For instance, whether you want a flat iron and a curler; or a flat iron, crimper and a curler; or a flat iron and a hair dryer or so on.

Now that you know which combo pack you want to purchase, its time to look for some important features to be there in your selected multi-styler combo.

Ceramic, tourmaline and titanium based hair stylers are available in the market, but how do these materials work on your hair type, have a look –

Ceramic –

Ceramic based hot tools are the most popular one, it heats up evenly, quickly & have good staying power.

Ceramic tools work great on normal, thin, frizzy & damaged hair. Though ceramic work pretty much nicely on all types of hair.

It works on your hair strands so smoothly, without plucking and tugging. It also helps to reduce breakage and damage of hair.

Ceramic coated hair straightener combo packs are cheaper in price as compared to the titanium & tourmaline.

Titanium –

Where the titanium based thermal products heats up really faster, they are light in weight & works better on thick hair.

Titanium has an ionic charge which makes the entire process of styling fast, fewer strokes are enough to style hair strands completely.

Get titanium hair straightener combo pack if you have thick, curly & coarse hair. Not recommended for the people with fine hair. Titanium based products are expensive than the ceramic ones.

Tourmaline –

If you want more shine to your hair, tourmaline is the best. Tourmaline releases negative ions that counteract the positive ions of dry & damaged hair resulting in smooth & shiny hair.

The tourmaline helps to lock hair’s natural moisture and works against frizz.

Tourmaline based hair straightener combos are expensive than ceramic & titanium. These tools are recommended for very thick, very curly & very coarse hair.

Heat setting is one of the most essential feature of your device, as variant hair styling requires variant temperature levels to get the desired results.

But if you are considering the device which has only one temperature, you must know your hair type & the required temperature level to style your hair accordingly.

Let’s have an idea of temperature range for different tools and hair types below –

Recommended Hair Straightener/Flat Iron, Crimper, Curler & Brusher Settings:

  • 150°C & below – Extra Fine & Very Thin Hair
  • 160°C & 170°C – Thin, Fine, Damaged & Bleached Hair
  • 180°C & 190°C – Dyed or Colored hair
  • 200°C & 210°C – Normal or Slightly Curly & Wavy Hair
  • 230°C & Above– Thick, Curly & Coarse Hair

Recommended Hair Dryer Settings:

Hair Dryers come with three different levels of heat and speed settings, that is low, medium & high. There is also a cool shot function which releases the cool air blast for securing & locking the hair style.

Some standard hair dryers comes with only two heat/speed levels that is low-medium or low-high, it depends on the power wattage of the device.

  • Cool-to-low heat & low-to-medium speed settings would go perfect for fine & fragile hair.
  • Where medium-to-high heat & low-to-medium speed settings are recommended for normal, rough & thick hair.
  • Curly hair can be managed using medium heat & low-to-medium speed settings.
  • High heat is generally recommended for extra tough & resistant hair.

Another thing that you should consider is the shape and size of the products. Hair styling kit comes in various shapes and sizes, you may find the one with standard size and the other with large or small in size(in the combo).

So make sure you see the detailed review of the product to find what hair type is it recommended for? The shape and size of the tools plays an important role in styling.

Leading Brands have their own reputation & they always manufacture good quality products, though the cost of their products are high. But the quality worth every penny. Best products gives the best performance like professionals.

There are tons of hair straightener combo pack available in the market with very low price. But they last for few months & have to be replaced with the new one again.

Once the hair quality is damaged by using these cheap devices would never be reversed. It can only be disguised by hair treatments, but can’t be replaced, until you get new hair growth.

The best brand hair straightener combos can give you damage free heat styling. They maintain the natural quality of your hair by retaining its natural moisture. They works so smoothly on your hair without chipping & burning the strands.

Therefore, I always recommend best brand hair straighteners to be used. Never ever compromise with your beauty products. You can also check here, some of the best hair straighteners available in India (2021)

The value of hair styling appliances depends on its brand, advanced material, technology, temperature control settings, LED display, heat up time, performance etc.

Here the list include some of the top brand hair straightener combo packs like Philips, Vega, Havells etc.

Some of them are under 2000 INR while some are over 2000 INR. You can simply consider the one most suitable for you.

A very effective way to determine weather the product works efficiently or not, is to check reviews by its users. This can help the buyers to point out pros & cons of their selected item. It builds up the trust between the buyer & the product. So always try to check the reviews along with product’s specifications.

Check whether the swivel power cord is flexible or not. It should be 360 degree rotational cord. This will help you work tangle free on different parts of your head, especially the back side hair.

Make sure you know your hair straightener’s voltage setting. I recommend to buy the one which is compatible with universal voltage for worldwide use. Which should be 110-120V and 220-240V, they are ideal for travel, you can use them anywhere around the world.

You must also look for some additional features like: Easy Grip, Light Weight, Product Warranty, LED Indicator/Display, Auto Shut Off Functionality, Less Heating Up Time, Additional Accessories etc.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions By Hair Straightener Combo Pack Customers

1) Is it worth buying a hair straightener combo pack online?

Yes. Because they are affordable to buy online and are associated with best brands. Good quality products provides better performance & less damage. All you need to do is – compare the specifications & reviews of related products.

2) How to choose a best hair straightener Combo Pack?

You should consider few factors that are suitable to your hair type, like –
Look for the essential products in the combo set
Product’s construction material
Suitable shape & size of tools
Embedded technologies for damage free styling
Suitable temperature level
Reputed brand
Warranty of product
Compare related devices between price & value

3) How often should you straighten hair?

It is recommended to heat style your hair once a week. Following proper steps of damage free straightening, you can achieve a healthy hair straightening. However it would be much easier if you schedule your heat styling routine as per your hair requirements. If you know what is your hair type, hair pattern & how damaged your hair is, you can easily set your routine & style accordingly, this will maintain your hair health.

Folding Up:

I hope you’re better informed about best hair straightener combo packs in India. We have covered few important aspects on this topic as – Comparison Table, Reviews, Pros & Cons, Advantages & Disadvantages, Buyer’s Guide, FAQs and How To Use.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links that readers could use and benefit from, we get commission through it.

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