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Best Hair Straightener For Curling In India 2023

Try below listed hair straightener for curling and waving your hair to make it look glamorous like your favorite celebrity. These tools simply save you lots of visits to the salon. Follow this post and by the end you must have known how to curl your hair like a pro using hair straighteners.

Hair Straighteners are all in one tool for different hair styling. It is so easy to carry anywhere you travel, all you need is to slip it into your bag and you are good to go.

Do you know ‘undone curls’ make us look more younger and attractive, who doesn’t want that!!??. Curls look beautiful & classy with hair accessories like headbands, beanies, head wraps, scarfs and pretty much every thing.

Thin hair can be easily voluminized by turning them into curls or waves, but with proper technique. There are many kinds of curl and wave styles that you could achieve using flat hair straighteners. Some of them are –

Classic Curls, Ribbon Curls, Beachy Waves, Volumized Curls, Flat Wrap Curls, Soft Crimpy Hair Curls, Tight or Loose Curls & more.

Below are some of the top-rated best hair straighteners for curling hair –

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Philips BHS673/00 Mid End Hair Straightener

Alan Truman AT102  Professional Hair Straightener

Panasonic EH-HV10-W62B Hair Straightener

VEGA VHSH-20 Keratin Glow Hair Straightener

Remington S6300 Color Protect Straightener


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Plate Material

Ceramic Coating

Tourmaline - Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Plate Size

1.50 X 4.25 inches (Long)

1 X 3.35 inches (Standard)

1.25 x 3.93 inches (Standard)

1.50 x 3.34 inches (Standard)

1 X 4 inches (Long)

Plate Type

Keratin Infused

4-direction Floating Plates

Floating Plates

Floating Plates

Floating Plates



Tourmaline (ionic)

Color Protect


Color Protect


230°C Max (11 Settings)


210°C Max


150°C to 230°C

Heat Up Time

30 seconds (Fast)

10 seconds (Fast)

40 seconds (Fast)

60 seconds (Fast)

15 seconds (Fast)

Auto Shuts-Off

In 30 Mins

In 60 Mins



In 60 Mins

Cord Length

1.6 m

 3 m

1.7 m

1.8  m

1.8 m

Swivel Cord (360°)







2 Year

1 Year

2 Year

2 Year

1 Year

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1. Philips BHS673/00 Mid End Hair Straightener Review

There is no need to explain the quality & performance of hair styling products manufactured by the top leading brand that is Philips. This is one of the best brand for hair straighteners in India.

The technology used to form Philips BHS673/00 Mid End Straightener is splitspot, which helps to prevent split ends & repairs hair damage by improving the texture.

The ionic charges smoothens out your hair strands without damaging the cuticles and retain hair’s natural moisture.

Its 25 x 105 mm slim & long ceramic plates can curl almost every hair length, it glides so smoothly without plucking & snagging your hair when curling.

It has inbuilt UniTemp sensor for less heat exposure. Philips BHS673 heats up in quick 30 seconds and reaches to the desired level of heat.

It comes with 11 professional temperature settings (max 230°C), which provides an absolute control to work on different textures of hair.

It automatically shut-off after 30 minutes to keep your device and the surrounding safe when you forget to turn it off.

Keratin infused ceramic plates make your hair strands ultra smooth & shine like professionals. One of the best option especially for beginners to give a try.


  • 25×105 mm ceramic plates
  • Ionic & keratin infused technology
  • Works on all types of hair
  • Has a cool tip for safe gripping
  • 1.6 m swivel cord length
  • 30 sec heat-up time
  • Max temperature is 230°C (11 Settings)
  • Digital display
  • 110-240  V universal voltage
  • Auto shut-off after 30 minutes
  • Hanging loop & handle lock
  • 2 years of warranty period


  • None observed yet

2. SYSKA HS6810 Hair Straightener Review

The Syska Super Glam Hair Straightener has a 60 second heating up time and it goes up to 230-degrees celsius for professional curling and straightening.

The ceramic coated floating plates heats up uniformly, quickly & glides smoothly through your hair leaving it shiny and smooth. The slim size and curved shape is quite comfortable for curling hair.

This hair straightener is infused with an over-heat protection technology, which prevents the device from over heating, protects the hair from damage or in case you leave the device ON.

It has a push button to lock the pair together for safe storage. Also the 1.8 m long 360° rotational swivel cord is provided for seamless styling, it prevents from getting wire tangled while curling.

The product comes with 2 years warranty (from the date of purchase) for complete peace of mind. The low price and high performance makes this device one of the best hair straightener under 1000 for curling hair.


  • Slim ceramic coated floating plates
  • Over-heat protection technology
  • Beautiful pink color glossy finish
  • Light weight & low price hair straightener
  • 1.8 m swivel cord length
  • 60 sec heat-up time
  • High temperature upto 230°C
  • Simple button for handle lock
  • 2 year of warranty period


  • There is no temperature settings available
  • It has no universal voltage compatibility (works in India)

3. Alan Truman AT102 Tourmaline Cermaic Professional Hair Straightener Review

Alan Truman is very particular about producing appliances which provides salon-like hair styling results at home, it is one of the best brand of hair straightener in India & the products are truly loved by Indians.

It works amazingly good on all types of Indian hair because of its 1 inch slim and 10 cm long, 4-direction floating plates and variant heat controlling system ranging between 110°C-230°C.

The floating plates are made up of tourmaline-ceramic coating which ensure to glide smoothly through strands leaving an extra shine.

Tourmaline fights against frizz and its ionic nature help to retain the natural moisture in hair and reduces excessive heat damage.

It has a metallic finish with silicon rubber coating for easy gripping while hair curling, straightening and waving.

The rounded curved body allows seamless hair curling and styling, whereas the cut-away tip act as a cool-tip to hold it safely without burning fingers.

This multi-styler hair straightener reaches the desired temperature in fast 8-10 seconds and because of its quality components and temperature regulation mechanism it cools down very quickly when the temperature level is switched down.

It has 3 m long flexible swivel cord allows tangle free hair curling. This product is quite durable and comes with 1 year of international warranty.


  • 25×100 mm tourmaline-ceramic plates
  • 4-direction floating plates
  • Micro chip regulated temperature control from 110°C-230°C
  • Elegant blue color metallic finish with silicon rubber coating.
  • Multi-styler and works on all types of hair
  • Has a cool cut-tip for safe gripping
  • 3 m swivel cord length
  • 8-10 seconds heat-up time
  • 110-240  V universal voltage
  • Auto shut-off after 60 minutes
  • Hanging loop & long lasting hinge
  • Cost-effective with 1 year warranty


  • There is no hinge lock

4. Panasonic EH-HV10-W62B Hair Straightener and Curler Review

This is one of the most stylish and compact hair straightener and curler by Panasonic. you can simply carry it anywhere and style anytime you want. It is  embedded with bright rhinestone for stylish appearance.

The 1″ slim floating plates are made up of photo ceramic coating that prevents hair color fading by 40% and also maintains the natural hair moisture and lesser the amount of damage to your hair.

The device takes only about 40 seconds to reach to the maximum temperature of 210 degrees and remains constant without generating hot and cold spots.

23.5 cm length hair straightener has a 1.7 m long 360° swivel cord for easy styling while you move or twist the device when curling.

It is compatible with most power sockets because of its universal voltage function. There comes a heat resistant storage cap to keep the tool and the surroundings safe. The plates can be locked with the help of the cap provided.

It is quite durable with a warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase.


  • 1 inch ceramic coated floating plates
  • Photo-ceramic color protect technology
  • Elegant white color finish
  • Works great on short to medium hair length
  • Low price and travel friendly hair straightener
  • 1.7 m swivel cord length
  • 40 sec heat-up time & LED indicator
  • Professional temperature upto 210°C
  • Worldwide voltage compatibility
  • Storage cap for handle lock
  • 2 year of warranty period


  • There is no different temperature settings
  • It doesn’t have an auto shut-off feature
  • Not recommended for long and thick hair type because of its extra compact size.

5. VEGA Keratin Glow Hair Straightener (VHSH-20) Review

Vega is a leading brand in beauty accessories and grooming products. One of its affordable and good quality tool is Vega VHSH-20 keratin glow hair straightener.

It has keratin infused ceramic coated floating plates to provide a healthy and nourished shine to your hair. Where ceramic coating allow even distribution of heat and protects hair from excessive heat damage.

The straightener has varying temperature settings from 170⁰C to 230⁰C which can be adjusted with the help of rotating regulator and LED light illuminates when the flat iron reach to the desired heat level.

It heats up very quickly and get ready to use in 60 seconds consuming the power of 35W and has 220-240V voltage compatibility.

Twisting and turning of the tool, when hair curling, is quite easy because of its curved shape body and long 1.8 m (360-degrees) swivel cord, which also prevents the plucking of hair and tangling of wire when hair styling.

The easy lock system help to close the hands together for easy and convenient storage. The slim size and compact design of this device makes it a travel friendly hair straightener.


  • Slim ceramic coated floating plates
  • Keratin infused technology
  • Different temperature control from 170-230°C with light indicator
  • Budget friendly
  • Curved shape and 1.8 m swivel cord length for tugging free hair curling and straightening
  • 60 seconds of heating up time
  • 220-240V voltage functionality
  • Easy handle lock system
  • 2 years of warranty period


  • There is no universal voltage compatibility
  • It doesn’t have an auto shut-off feature for safety

6. Remington S6300 Color Protect Straightener Review

This hair straightener by Remington is known to work perfectly on colored hair. As it reduces color fade and prolongs your beautiful hair color.

The micro conditioner infused 25 x 110 mm floating plates are coated with ceramic color protect coating, which glides so smoothly through your hair and adjust according to hair texture, by leaving an ultimate shine to it.

Variable temperature control feature that is from 150°C to 230°C gives the freedom to work on different hair textures and different hair styles.

It heats up in quick 15 seconds and the light illuminate when it acquires the desired temperature level.

It has a long 1.8 m wire with a swivel of 360-degrees which makes it easy to move around and to work on different sections of hair without getting tangled, especially when curling or waving hair using flat iron.

It shuts-off automatically after 60 minutes incase you forget to switch it off and also has a sliding switch to lock the plates together for safe storage. Where the worldwide voltage compatibility makes it ideal for travelling.


  • 25×110 mm ceramic floated plates
  • Ceramic color protect technology
  • 1.8 m swivel cord length
  • 15 sec heat-up time
  • Professional temperature from 150°C to 230°C
  • Light indicator
  • Worldwide voltage compatibility
  • Auto shut-off after 60 minutes
  • Sliding switch for handle lock
  • 1 year of warranty period


  • A bit expensive

7. Wahl Argan Care Straight & Curl WCHS6-1524 Hair Straightener Review

This hair straightener by Wahl India, straightens and curls hair while nourishing them. It has professional PTC heaters for instantly fast heating and quick heat recovery.

Its 1 inch (25mm) slim and long ceramic floating plates works efficiently on types of Indian hair, though the temperature range might not suit very fine and thin hair type.

The plates are infused with argan oil which acts as a moisturizer for hair, it removes frizz and make the hair shinier.

Wahl argan care hair straightener comes with an LED Display to show 3 thermal levels between 180-220°C.

It heats up in 20 seconds and shuts off after an hour. This tool has a beautiful heat resistant matt-finish with cool tips for safe styling.

The straightener is featured with lock button that locks the plates together for easy and safe storage while carrying it.


  • 1″ standard argan oil infused plates for frizz control
  • 3 temp settings
  • Floating plates to straighten and curl
  • Auto shut-off after 60 minutes
  • PTC heating for extra safety
  • 1.8 m swivel cord length
  • Fast 20 sec heat-up time
  • Professional temperature from 180°C to 220°C
  • LED Display
  • 220V voltage compatibility
  • Sliding switch for handle lock
  • 2 year of warranty period


  • Not recommended for very thin hair because of its temperature range
  • Universal voltage functionality is not there

8. Havells HS4152 Titanium Hair Straightener Review

Havells HS4152 Hair Straightener and Curler

Havells beat the most popular brands by its hair grooming appliances. One of its elegant golden color flat iron is Havells HS4152 titanium hair straightener for straightening and curling.

The ionic titanium coated ceramic plates works amazing on hair, it leaves an splendid shine & smoothness to your hair because of its ionic behavior.

The 25 x 120mm slim and long floating plates adjusts as per the hair texture and prevents hair pulling and breakage.

It comes with 6 adjustable heat settings from 155°C to 230°C to suit all hair types, which can be easily controllable over digital display.

The curved edges and thin plates are perfect to create bouncy curls and beachy waves conviniently.

It heats up in quick 30 seconds and auto shuts-off after 60 minutes to prevent any damage and save energy.


  • 25 x 110mm titanium coated ceramic floated plates
  • Ionic technology
  • 1.8 m swivel cord length
  • 30 sec heat-up time
  • Professional temperature from 155°C to 230°C
  • Light indicator and digital display
  • 220-240V voltage compatibility
  • Auto shut-off after 60 minutes
  • Easy handle lock
  • 2 years of product warranty


  • Cool tip for safe styling is not there
  • Universal voltage functionality is missing

Size Of Plates Required For Hair Curling

1 & 1.25 inch plate width is quite standard, which can be used for all types of hair & styling. Slim size hair straighteners help to style curls & waves very effectively.

Slim size plates are not recommended for very thick & very long hair. If the plates are long enough to cover most of the hair, it can be used on thick and long hair as well.

1 inch plate

Shape Of The Flat Iron For Curling Hair Without Plucking

Round/beveled edged thin size flat iron helps to curl hair easily. Where as the sharp edged & wider size flat irons are less flexible for curling purpose, though they help to straighten hair completely flat.

Round Edge & Thin Size

Construction Material For Smooth Curling

1. Ceramic Plate 

Ceramic flat irons are one of the most popular hair straighteners in the market now. The plates are coated with ceramic, it heats up evenly, quickly & have good staying power. These plates last because of the material used in it. 

Ceramic plates work great on normal, thin, frizzy & damaged hair. Though ceramic plates work pretty much nicely on all types of hair. It glide through the hair strands very smoothly, without plucking and tugging. It also helps to reduce breakage and damage of hair. Ceramic coated flat hair straighteners are cheaper in price.

2. Titanium Plate 

It heats up faster than others, is light weight & works better on thick hair. It has an ionic charge which makes the entire process of straightening fast, fewer passes are enough to straight hair strands completely.

Get titanium flat irons if you have thick & coarse hair. Not recommended for the people with fine hair. Titanium plated flat hair straighteners are expensive than the ceramic irons.

3. Tourmaline-Ceramic Plate 

If you want more shine to your hair, tourmaline is the best. Tourmaline releases negative ions that counteract the positive ions of dry & damaged hair resulting in smooth & shiny hair. The tourmaline helps to lock hair’s natural moisture and works against frizz.

Tourmaline plated flat hair straighteners are expensive than ceramic & titanium irons. They are recommended for very thick & very coarse hair.

4. Kerashine infused ceramic or titanium plates 

These plates are infused with keratin or different proteins. Titanium or Ceramic plates are infused with micro conditioners that help revitalize your hair. This technology makes your hair look glossy and shiny.

It also protects your hair while you style. Keratin allows the flat iron to smoothly glide through your hair leaving silky, glossy hair & less heat exposure.

5. Infrared hair straighteners (ceramic) –

These flat irons emit gentle, far-infrared heat which is gentle to hair and eliminates frizz, also adding shine & texture to your hair. These types of flat irons uses UV rays to soft out your strands without causing damage to the hair cuticles.

6. Ionic Charge Infused Plates (ceramic, titanium, tourmaline)

The device releases negative ions that counteract the positive ions of dry & damaged hair resulting in smooth, shiny, static free & neutralized straight hair. Though these technologies are already embedded in best quality hair straighteners.

Temperature Required For Hair Curling

Heat setting is one of the most essential feature of your device, as variant hair styling requires variant temperature levels to get the desired results.

But if you are considering the device which has only one temperature, you must know your hair type & the required temperature level to style your hair accordingly.

Let us have an idea of temperature range for different tools and hair types below –

Recommended Hair Curling Heat Settings –

  • 160°C & 170°C – Thin, Fine, Damaged & Bleached Hair
  • 180°C & 190°C – Dyed Or Colored hair
  • 200°C & 210°C – Normal, Slight Curly & Wavy Hair
  • 230°C & Above– Thick, Curly & Coarse Hair

Note: Always start with low temperature as a beginner and gradually increase the heat if required.

Cord Flexibility For Tangle Free Curling of Hair

Check whether the swivel power cord is flexible or not. It should be 360 degree rotational cord. This will help you work on different parts of your head, especially the back side hair.

Also when you use flat iron as a curling iron, the cord should be 360-degree rotational, otherwise the wire gets tangled & you might end up burning your face or hand.

Read More: Detailed ‘Buying Guide’ of flat hair straightener

Wash Your Hair –

Wash hair clean with nice shampoo & conditioner that suits your hair type before you are planning to curl hair, because Hair curling stays longer and acquires desired shape when it is styled on clean hair rather on too greasy hair. So make sure you’ve washed your hair in the past 24 hours.

Quick Tip: Washing hair right before curling might not hold curls for many people because of dry and slippery hair texture after washing. Therefore you can wash your hair one day before you plan to style curls, so that all the natural oils releases on your hair and scalp making it look much shinier and smoother.

Squeeze Out Excess Water –

Squeeze out the dripping water and wrap your hair in cotton towel or cotton cloth for few minutes to get rid of excess water.

Protect Your Hair From Heat Damage –

Though you have the best hair straightener that creates minimum to zero hair damage but you still need to protect your locks by applying heat protectant serum, spray, cream or gel (whatever you prefer).

Doing this will give you an extra protective layer & will nourish your hair at the same time. Spread a small amount of serum in your palms and apply evenly through damp hair from top to bottom. Focus more on tips as they are more delicate for heat.

If you’ve thick hair, try to divide your hair into two or four parts, apply the serum to your hair. If you’re using hair spray, spray it directly on your hair or spray it on hands & follow as above.

Brush To Detangle –

Combing your hair after applying the serum is the best way to distribute the serum evenly through out your hair. Make sure you brush your hair thoroughly using regular hair comb/brush.

Dry Your Hair Thourougly –

Before using hair straightener, your hair must be thoroughly dried, either with the help of good quality blow dryer or naturally. Because hair curling on damp hair will surely damage your hair permanently.

Even if you have magical hair straightener that works on wet hair, its better to dry your hair completely before curling, make sure there is no moisture left. After drying out, comb again to detangle any left hair tangles.

Divide Your Hair In Sections –

Sectioning hair depends on the thickness. You can part your hair into two or divide it in four sections, tie each section up on your head using clips.

Release the back sections (those near the neck and ears) one by one to work on, it is better to work with 1 to 2 inch sections at a time. Pin the sections up that you can’t curl at that time.

Once the back layers are completed with curling, you can move to another layers of your head and lastly the front area.

Start Curling Your Hair –

Set the suitable temperature on your device and wait till it gets heated up to the selected temperature. One of the method to curl your hair can be seen in the following video check it out –

Finish Off With Some Touch Ups –

Now when you’re satisfied with your styling/curling, leave the curls as it is or when your hair cools down move your fingers through your curls to make it loose and voluminous.

You can also apply the style setting spray to fix your style for long time (till the next wash). You can also use the 3-in-1 hair spray which has heat protection, hair nourishment & hair setting formula together.

Pros of using hair straightener for curling hair –

  • Hair straighteners can also be used to create beautiful curls along with straightening.
  • You don’t need to buy separate curlers, rollers or multi-stylers for different hair styles.
  • Curls done by hair straightener lasts longer because your hair gets heated up evenly and from both sides..
  • Flat hair straighteners are great tools to create perfect ‘undone curls and waves’.

Cons of using hair straightener for curling hair –

  • Flat irons can’t produce perfectly rounded ringlets.
  • The technique for hair curling with hair straightener is little tricky. Perfect look can be achieved after little effort and practice.
  • If you are using wider hair straightener for curling, you will end up with waves and not curls.
  • As a beginner, there is a high chance of getting uneven curls and bumpy hair.
1) Is it better to straighten your hair before curling?

For anyone with frizzy hair can tame out the strands by straightening it 40-50%, fully heat straightened hair can never be curled that effectively. The best way to control the frizz before curling is to blow dry your hair by using a good quality hair dryer with comb or concentrator nozzle attachment. This will reduce the amount of heat and can partly straighten your hair before curling.

2) What size flat iron is best for curling?

1 & 1.25 inch plate width is pretty standard size, it can be used on all types of hair & can be used for pretty much every styling. Slim size hair straighteners helps to style curls & waves very effectively.

4) How often should you curl your hair?

It is recommended to heat style your hair once a week. Following proper steps of damage free curling, you can achieve a healthy hair curling. Even if you have the best hair straightener which creates zero damage, still your hair is prone to damage due to heat. Use heat protectants before heat styling and apply other nourishment therapies to maintain your hair health.

It is really difficult for most of us to find the best hair straightener especially if we are looking a hair straighter for curling hair. You might ruin your hair texture if the right tool which is suitable to your hair type is not used.

Therefore after a detailed research and hard work we have picked some of the best hair straighteners listed above for hair curling. The price and value fluctuate as per the technologies and the quality of the products.

Thanks for reading, your feedback would be highly appreciated <3

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