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Best Hair Straightener For Curly Hair In India 2023

Every one needs a change at some point of life… When we talk about the hair style, it is absolutely fine if you want a best hair straightener for curly hair in India to transform them into silky straight locks. Well..!! do what you love to do.

But if your problem is to manage that frizzy curls & straightening down is only the option left, we need you to stop right here! because here is an easy & healthy maintenance guide & tools to enhance your beautiful natural curls check it out

Now that you have decided to transform your curls into shiny straight hair, we appreciate your decision<3

First thing that you need to figure out is your hair type, before picking up any hot tools. So,

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How to determine your curly hair type
Curly Hair Types

Hair Shape –

Whether you have wavy hair (type2 a, b, c), curly hair (type3 a, b, c) or kinky hair (type4 a, b, c). The “type” here refers to the shape of your hair rather the diameter, density & porosity of hair.

what is the shape of your hair depends on how the hair grows from the hair shaft

The shape of your hair depends on the pattern of hair follicle & the hair shaft (how the hair grows). You can compare your hair shape by looking into the picture of curly hair types. Where,

  • 2a Type = thin wavy
  • 2b Type = medium wavy
  • 2c Type = thick wavy
  • 3a Type – loose curls
  • 3b Type – medium curls
  • 3c Type – tight curls

  • 4a Type – soft kinky
  • 4b Type – coily
  • 4c Type – extremely coily

Hair Density –

To know your hair type, whether they are thin, normal (medium) or thick depends on density tests. One of the method to find hair density is –

Thin Medium Or Thick Hair Density
  • Let your hair hang down loose & see whether the scalp is visible without parting or touching your hair. If yes then you have thin hair,
  • If the scalp is visible with some effort, you have medium hair density,
  • And If it is hard to see the scalp, you have thick hair density.
  • Coarse hair can generally be determined as the very thick hair, sometimes with rough & damaged strands.

Hair Texture –

Here hair texture refers to the thickness of the individual hair and its diameter. Generally it is divided into three categories that is fine, medium and coarse(thick). To know the texture of your hair try this simple test –

Hair texture whether it is fine, coarse or normal depends on the diameter of your hair
  • Take out an individual hair and place it on the flat surface, now take a sewing thread and compare the thickness of your hair with the thread. If the hair is very light and very thin than thread, you have fine hair texture.
  • If the hair can be felt easily and is thicker like thread, it has coarse or thick texture.
  • Something in between the two will be the medium hair texture.

Hair Greasiness –

Hair greasiness depends on the amount of oil your scalp generates

It is not necessary that all the curly hair types are dry in nature, infact some curly hair deals with oiliness & frizziness at the same time. So to test the greasiness of your scalp you need to wash your hair clean & let it dry naturally before going to bed.

Now, in the morning take a tissue paper and do a patch test on the crown area, hair temples & behind the ears. The amount of oil blotted on tissue paper will decide the type of your hair as below –

  • Oily Hair – When the tissue is highly patched with oil, you have a oily hair & scalp
  • Normal Hair – When there is a very light patch of oil on tissue, you have normal hair & scalp
  • Dry Hair – When there is no evidence of oil on tissue paper, you have dry scalp & hair
  • Combination Hair – When there is an oil patch from specific areas of hair & scalp, you have combination hair type.

Now that you are better informed about your hair type, we are ready to explore some best hair straighteners for curly hair types. You can also go through our ‘Buyer’s Guide‘ for your suitable selection.

After hours of research, we have picked for you the best hair straighteners for curly hair locks. But before getting towards the detailed review, let us first compare all the straighteners so that you get a brief idea about the products –


Ikonic Pro Straight Hair Straightener

S5500 Ceramic Hair Straightener

Alan Truman Black Diamond Ceramic Straightener

BaByliss Paris ST395E i Pro Steam Hair Straightener

Ikonic Slim-Titanium Shine Hair Straightener







Standard For Hair Type

Straighten Curly & Coarse Hair

Straighten Short to Medium Curly Hair

Straighten All Types of Curly


Straighten Dry & Frizzy Curly Hair

Straighten All Types of Curly Hair


Purchase Link

Plate Material

Tourmaline - Ceramic Coating

Titanium - Ceramic Coating

Tourmaline - Ceramic Coating

Titanium - Ceramic Coating

Titanium - Ceramic Coating

Plate Size

1.50 X 4.25 inches (Long)

1 X 3.35 inches (Standard)

1.25 x 3.93 inches (Standard)

1.50 x 3.34 inches (Standard)

1 X 4 inches (Long)

Plate Type

Floating Plates

Floating Plates

Super Floating Plates

Rectractable Comb Plates

Floating Plates

Ionic Conditioning










No (Steam Func.)



150°C to 230°C

150°C to 210°C

110°C to 235°C

170°C to 230°C

130°C  to 230°C

Heat Up Time

10 seconds (Fast)

30 seconds (Fast)

11 seconds (Fast)

20 seconds (Fast)

10 seconds (Fast)

Auto Shuts-Off

In 60 Mins

In 60 Mins


In 60 Mins

In 60 Mins

Cord Length

3 m

  1.8 m (approx)

3 m

1.8  m

3 m

Swivel Cord (360°)







110-240V Universal voltage

120 V

110-240V Universal voltage


110-240V Universal voltage

Digital Display






Handle lock







1 Year

2 Year

1 Year

3 Year

1 Year

1. Ikonic Pro Straight Hair Straightener Review

Ikonic Pro Hair Straightener

Ikonic tools are precisely designed to serve all professional requirements & produces user friendly products. Here we have selected this device not because it has all the necessary features for curly hair straightening, but gives an amazing performance.

The tourmaline ceramic plates releases negative ions & infrared heat which is so gentle to hair & works against frizz & static.

It has professional PTC and dual Ceramic heaters for instantly fast heating and quick heat recovery.

The straightener has 1.5 x 4.25 in. long auto adjustable floating plates predominantly designed for curly hair to get smooth gliding without pulling & tugging of hair. The plates are infused with nano titanium technology which adds more shine and protect your hair from harmful heat damage.

The Ikonic Pro Hair Straightener comes with adjustable temperature settings ranging from 150 °C to 230 °C, which can be smartly recognized on LED display. The tool can be operated on dual universal 110-240v voltage.

A sleek design with beveled edges makes the process of straightening much smoother & faster especially near the roots. It has around 3 meter long 360-degrees swivel cord to work on different areas of head without getting tangled.

The flat iron automatically shuts off in one hour in case you forget switching it off, gives you an added safety & peace of mind with every use.

Pros : Packed with all the essential features required to straighten curly hair.

Cons : None.

2. Remington S5500 Digital Anti Static 1″ Ceramic Hair Straightener Review

Remington S5500 Hair Straightener

Remington hair straighteners are generally worth buying for their features & designs. If you are seeking for a best hair straightener in the mid-range mart with a quality reputation, this may be a brand for you.

It has titanium coated standard ceramic floating plates, infused with anti-static technology which reduces the amount of negatively charged particles during styling for 50% less static & flyaways. It provides more shine to your hair while conditioning & protecting them against heat damage.

I personally love this flat iron, it has beautiful purple finish. The body is so slim & light which makes it a travel friendly hair straightener.

Size of the plates is quite standard, 1 inch wide & 85mm (3.35 in.) long to work on short to medium length hair effectively from roots to tips. Curved edges glide so smoothly through the hair without plucking or snagging your precious strands.

This flat iron has 6 varying heat settings from 310°F (150°C) to 410°F (210°C) & a digital (LCD) display on top of the flat iron to help you pick an exact temperature level.

The titanium coating ceramic plates heats up so fast within 30 seconds & reaches to the temperature you have selected in no time. It automatically shuts off on its own for safety measures.

Pros: “So Good” to try for beginners, travel friendly, budget friendly & works on different curly hair types. It has everything you need for safe, comfortable & satisfying hair straightening.

Cons: Doesn’t work that efficiently on very long hair. You need a voltage converter to use your device in India.

3. Alan Truman Black Diamond Ceramic Straightener (Black) Review

Alan Truman Hair Straightener For curly to straight hair

Alan Truman is very particular about producing appliances which provides salon-like hair styling results at home, it is one of the best brand of hair straightener in India & the products are truly loved by Indians.

The flat iron comes with oil infused black diamond tourmaline ceramic plates, the ionic & far infrared technology locks the natural moisture of hair making them smooth & supple.

Diamond dust infused ceramic plates evenly distributes the heat without creating any hot or cold spots hence ensures least possible damage to hair during every straightening session.

1.25 inches wide & 100mm long floating plates are super flexible with 6 direction cradle float technology, which ensures no pulling & tugging of hair, since it moulds as per the texture of hair and the way user holds the iron.

The straightener is featured with micro-chip regulated full-digital professional temperature controlling system ranging from 110°C to 235°C. It heats up so fast in 11 seconds to the desired temperature.

The round edged body with cool tips helps in gliding your gadget smoothly & safely throughout the locks. It works on twin universal voltage & has 3 meter long swivel cord to hassle free work on different hair sections.

Pros: An India based professional hair straightener for curly hair, loaded with pro technologies and works amazingly good on all types of curly hair. Allows absolute control during long and tedious styling and straightening sessions.

Cons: Nothing observed so far.

4. BaByliss Paris ST395E i Pro Hair Straightener for Men and Women Review

BaByliss Paris ST395E i Pro Best Hair Straightener For Curly Hair In India

The Babyliss Pro beat the popular brands by its amazing hair styling appliances. One of its flat iron I am talking about is BaByliss Paris ST395E I – Pro 230 STEAM, 230 Degree Temperature Controller hair straightener for Men and Women.

The ionic titanium coated ceramic plates works amazing on curly hair, it leaves an extra shine & smoothness to your hair because of the ionic technology.

One of the innovative way to straighten your hair and get beautiful results is using the steam hair straightener, where warm steam hydrate your hair & protects the shaft from over drying due to heat. It relaxes the hair cuticles & makes them 4x smoother.

The straightening plates (38mm x 85mm) has retractable comb which helps in untangling hair during straightening and it comes with 5 different heat settings upto 230-degrees which can be easily controllable over digital display.

It is embedded with i-temperature technology which make the plates ready to use in quick 20 seconds. The curved finish with cool tips helps to straighten hair safely without burning your fingers.

Pros: Babyliss Pro Hair Straightener is suitable for all hair types even the most difficult to smooth. It is steam based flat iron which works great on dry, frizzy & coarse hair.

Cons: Little pricey compared to others in the list, it does not support universal voltage.

5. Ikonic Slim-Titanium Shine Hair Straightener Review

Ikonic hair straightener to control frizz and to convert the curly hair into sleek straight hair

This hair straightener is so beautifully designed by Ikonic. The slim tool is widely used by the professionals to achieve sleek & shiny hair in no time that last longer.

The plates of this flat iron is infused with advanced titanium technology which emits gentle far infrared heat that is kinder to hair and eliminates frizz & static. It retains the natural moisture of hair because of its ionic behavior.

It has 1 inch wide & 4 inches long floating plates that adjust according to hair & hand movement. This slim hair straightener glides so smoothly in your hair without pulling & tugging because of its adjustable floating plates, beveled edges & slip-free grip .

It has LED display with varying temperature settings, which are suitable for all hair types, ranging from 130°C to 230°C. It heats up in quick 10 seconds & is primed with a one hour auto shut off function.

3m long 360° rotational swivel cable allows better access to the roots & flexible hair straightening. Whereas dual voltage functionality makes it a travel friendly hair straightener.

Pros: Best hair straightener for curly hair in India, it is affordable, super light weight and packed with advance technologies that reduces hair damage from minimum to zero.

Cons: It doesn’t work that effectively on non-curly hair.

When it comes to hair styling, the suitable heat styler is not less important as the beauty products you use everyday.

But from tons of different varieties & brands of hair straighteners, it is very difficult to choose the correct device which goes perfect to your hair type.

So below are some must have features that you should look for before picking your best hair straightener for curly hair in India,

Hair Straightener Construction Material & Technologies –

Below we will be covering few technologies that are essential for curly hair taming, smoothening & straightening.

Ceramic Hair Straighteners (Pure/Coated) –

Ceramic flat irons are one of the most popular hair straighteners in the market now. The plates are coated or made with ceramic, it heats up evenly, quickly & have good staying power.

It glide through the hair strands very smoothly, without plucking and tugging the curly manes. It also helps to reduce breakage and damage of hair.

As we know a very common problem with curly hair is that they are mostly frizzy type of hair, they have less or no moisture in them, therefore are extremely dry in nature.

Ceramic hair straighteners works perfectly on all types of hair, also on fine to normal curly hair.

The drawback of coated plates is that the material gets chipped over time. At that point, the iron has to be replaced. But there are some hair straighteners with 100% ceramic material based plates, but they are a bit expensive.

Ionic Hair Straighteners (ceramic) –

The curved shape of curly hair stops the natural oils & nourishment to spread evenly through out the scalp & strands, which results in frizzy & unruly hair.

Where ionic conditioning is the technology that emits lots of negative ions that counteract the positive ions of dry, damaged hair & locks the natural moisture of your hair leaving them smooth, shiny, static free & neutralized.

So the ionic infused ceramic hair straighteners work great on frizzy, dry, curly & coarse hair. Also works on fine hair as long as you don’t turn the heat too high.

Infrared Hair Straighteners (ceramic) –

Ceramic flat irons emit gentle, far-infrared heat which is gentle to hair and eliminates frizz, it also adds shine & texture to your hair.

These types of flat irons uses UV rays to soft out your strands without causing damage to the hair cuticles.

Titanium-Ceramic Hair Straighteners –

It heats up faster than others, is light weight & works better on thick hair. It has an ionic charge which makes the entire process of straightening fast, fewer passes are enough to straight hair strands completely.

Get titanium flat irons if you have thick, curly & coarse hair. Not recommended for the people with fine hair. Titanium plated flat hair straighteners are expensive than the ceramic irons.

We are pointing to ceramic infused materials because they simply works the best on curly hair types. They gets evenly heated & do not causes any over heating or hot spots on the device, it secures your delicate cuticles & protects against heat damage.

Tourmaline-Ceramic Hair Straighteners–

If you want more shine to your hair, tourmaline is the best. Tourmaline releases negative ions that counteract the positive ions of dry & damaged hair resulting in smooth & shiny hair. The tourmaline helps to lock hair’s natural moisture and works against frizz.

Tourmaline plated flat hair straighteners are expensive than ceramic & titanium irons. They are recommended for very thick, very curly & very coarse hair (kinky hair).

Suitable Temperature Settings –

Digital display of temperature of hair straightener

Generally, curly hair requires lot of heat to penetrate it but at the same time overheating causes hair damage. Well 450°F/ 232°C is the recommended temperature to straighten curly hair. Once you get hair styled, reduce the heat to 370°F/ 187°C. With these settings there is a rare chance of burning or over heating of curly hair.

Fine hair people can reduce the temperature even lower than this. Here you can have a rough idea for heat settings recommendation for your hair type:

  1. Wavy Hair Type – 370°F/ 187°C to 400°F/ 204°C
  2. Curly Hair Type – 400°F/ 204°C to 450°F/ 232°C
  3. Kinky Hair Type – 450°F/ 232°C

A good quality & a good brand hair straightener with advanced technologies, heats up much faster than others & few passes are enough to straighten up even the most kinky hair without damaging your precious locks.

Plate Size And Plate Type –

A plate size of 1 inch, 1.25 inch & 1.50 is recommended to straighten curly hair strands. As we know that the curly hair do not grow much longer, so they do not require wider plates for straightening. Also you can reach near the roots very easily with standard size plates.

But if you have really very long & thick curly hair, the wider plates are recommended for such hair types. Because wider plates grabs more hair at a time & increases the process of ‘long hair straightening’ much faster.

Along with the plate size the thing that really matter is the plate type. Nowadays, advanced floating plates are grabbing much attention of the consumers, they are flexible & adjust to your hair without plucking, snagging or breaking your hair.

The manufacturers especially focuses on the shape & design of plates to allow maximum contact with hair & superb compression at the same time.

Some Additional Features To Look For –

You must also look for some additional features like: Dual Voltage Function, 360-Degrees Rotating Swivel Cord, Easy Grip, Light Weight, Product Warranty, Hinge/Handle Lock, LED Display, Auto Shut Off Functionality, Less Heat Up Time etc.

Flat Iron Additional Accessories To Look For –

For safe & easy hair straightening, straighteners come with additional accessories. You can also buy these attachments as per your requirement & budget. Sometimes they are included with your hair straightener for free. Let us see some flat iron accessories –

  • Heat Resistant Stand/Holders – There are different types of holders available for heating tools, which mounts to a wall, stands on a surface or attaches to the edge of a table. These holders holds the hot device safely.
  • Heat Resistant Pouch – Hair straighteners sometimes include a thermal resistant pouch for carrying your tool from one place to another. These pouches are heat friendly in case you place your tool inside the pouch without letting it cool down completely.
  • Heat Resistant Glove – Some of us burn our fingers during heat styling especially when straightening hair for the first time. We accidentally touches the hot plates or when the plastic handle of flat iron gets too hot, so by using these thermal resistant gloves will help you protect your hand & fingers from burning.
  • Heat Resistant Mats – These mats protects the surface from heat damage caused by hot styling irons.
  • Flat Iron Chasing Comb – These are very helpful for curly hair straightening, as the comb detangles every frizzy strand smoothly while flat ironing.
  • Hair Straightener Cleaning Kit – To get healthy straightening which is hygienic & damage free, you need to clean your hot tools from time to time. Sanitizing will make them more durable.
PropertiesImportant Features
TechnologiesIonic and Infrared Technology
Plate MaterialCeramic, Titanium-Ceramic, Tourmaline-Ceramic
Temperature Settings370°F/187°C to 450°F/232°C
Plate Size1 inch, 1.25 inch & 1.50 inch
Plate TypeFloating Plates

How to straighten curly hair with best hair straightener for curly hair in India

If you have ever suffered from heat damage, you must be aware of the loss. Well these quick tips & tricks will surely help you straighten your hair without creating any heat damage.


  1. First thing first, you need to purchase a good quality or best hair straightener for curly hair type.
  2. It is recommended to use flat iron chase comb instead the normal one to get tangle free straightening that results in smooth & healthy locks.
  3. Use a good quality heat protecting spray/lotion/serum/gel, because it fights against heat damage & also nourishes your hair at the same time.

Method: Consider below steps to get your hair straightening from how to wow –

Make Your Hair Clean – 

Your hair should be clean before you straighten it. Use a good shampoo & conditioner to clean your hair. Doing this will keep your hair straight for long time. Tidy hair will also protect your hair straightener plates from dirt particles.

Squeeze Out Exess Water –

Towel dry your hair for few minutes to ensure that the excess of water is removed out of your hair. Use cotton towel or a cotton t-shirt to get rid of frizz and damp hair breakage.

Protect Against Damage – 

Why use heat protectant when you have the hair straightener that claims minimum to zero hair damage? Well here is a conflict, we are protecting hair from excessive heat damage that occurs when accidentally heat is applied intensely to a particular hair section.

Make sure you have spread the product evenly through out your hair. It coats the hair and act as an extra layer of protection from heat.

Unknot Your Hair – 

Detangling of hair after applying the serum is the best way to easily unknot and spread the serum evenly through out the hair. You can use a regular hair comb, tangle teaser or any preferable hair brush.

Dry Out Your Hair – 

You should dry your hair thoroughly, either with the help of blow dryer or naturally, before using hair straightener. Because application of heat on damp hair will surely damage them permanently. After drying out of hair, comb again to remove any left tangles.

Try to air dry your hair & not blow dry. Because the heat of blow dryer followed with the heat of flat iron might ruin your natural hair texture. If you run out of time, dry out using cool air stream of blow dryer. A good quality hair dryer (embedded with advanced technologies) will reduce a lot of hair damage as compare to regular hair dryers.

Divide Your Hair Into Sections – 

You can section your hair into two or divide it into four, it depends on the thickness of hair, tie each section up on your head using clips. Now release the back section of hair one by one to work on & the front sections later.

Try to divide each section into small sections during straightening, because curly hair requires more compression & small sections makes the process of curly hair straightening a lot more easier especially near the roots.

Select Appropriate Temperature – 

Heat level between 370°F/ 187°C and 450°F/ 232°C is generally used to straighten wavy to kinky curly hair. Once you get hair styled, reduce the amount of heat. You can adjust the heat as per your hair texture.

Use Hair Straightener Along With Chase Comb – 

Place your hair between the styling plates of flat iron & a chasing comb followed by the flat iron. Gently pull the comb & straightener downwards and glide through your hair. Few passes would straight the hair completely. Where simultaneous combing will speed up the process, controls the frizz & prevents snagging of hair.

Finish By Re-Touching – 

When you’re done with your heat styling, let the hair completely cool down. Now you can apply a good quality style setting spray to fix your style. You can also use a muliti-function hair spray that has heat protection property, hair nourishment ingredients & style setting formula all together.

1) How often should you straighten curly hair?

It is recommended to heat style your hair once a week. Following proper steps of damage free straightening, you can achieve a healthy hair straightening. However it would be much easier if you schedule your heat styling routine as per your hair requirements. If you know what is your hair type, hair pattern & how damaged your hair is, you can easily set your routine & style accordingly, this will maintain your hair health.

2) Do hair straighteners damage your natural curls?

Yes, heat styling can damage your natural hair texture even if you use it once in a week. Always make sure you know how to control high temperatures on curly manes. Over heating might ruin your curly hair pattern permanently, resulting in frizz, tangles, and an unpredictable texture.

Tips: Try to use your heating tool with proper precautions & always follow damage free heat styling steps. Use the flat iron which has moisture retaining & anti frizz property. Never rest your heating device for too long on your hair. Reduce the amount of heat when you feel its getting too hot on your hair.

3) Does expensive hair straightener worth buying?

Yes, because they are associated with best brands. The best quality provides great performance & less damage. These hair straighteners are durable & packed with additional features. They are embedded with best technologies which gives your hair a professional finish. It doesn’t mean you can invest a lot as a beginner, but always compare the price & specifications before buying any styling gadgets.

4) Is Steam Hair Straightener better?

Yes it is recommended for those having very dry hair & are prone to damage. As warm steam hydrate your hair & protects the shaft from over drying due to heat. It relaxes the hair cuticles & makes them smoother. You have to use steam hair straightener with some precautions, because you are straightening & steaming at the same time. So do not keep the steam styler for too long on your hair otherwise you can damage your hair.

Folding Up –

Hope, now you know what is your hair type & which hair straightener to buy accordingly. You can share your thoughts on Best Hair Straightener For Curly Hair In India in the comment section. The feedback would be highly appreciated <3

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links that readers could use and benefit from, we get commission through it.

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