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8 Best Hair Straightening Brush In India – cutdown styling time

Straight hair lovers….!? Thanks for joining. We always want salon finished straight hair without spending very high, well your wish has been answered by the list of best hair straightening brush in India covered below.

All that matters for healthy straight hair is the quality of hair straightening brush & the technique of styling . They says – “Never compromise with the quality of your beauty products”. Actually, this is an small investment for flawless hair 😉

Which is better straightening brush or flat iron?

Some of you might be looking for an answer to – Why do I use hair straightening brush over flat iron? Well they both are used to make your hair smooth and shiny. Both straighten hair and enhance one’s appearance.

But there are few reasons, why girls are switching towards brush. One is because hair straightener brush looks more trendy & work more faster.

Electric brush is very easy to handle, leaves zero to minimum damage, there is no burning, no chipping of hair & it seems to be the upgraded version of flat iron.

Only the best hair straightening brush can straighten hair by maintaining natural volume & texture with less damage.

However flat iron works the way more better on very very thick curly hair than hair straightening brush. Flat iron is also used in curling, waving & crimping of hair. Different styles can be achieved with flat iron which is not possible with straightening brush.

So it depends on you what styling tool you would like to prefer, the hair straightening brush or the flat iron.

Since hair straightening brush has made it quite easy to straighten hair gorgeously with very less efforts & minimum hair damage.

Therefore, it is possible to work perfectly with this device on all types of hair, from very coarse to very fine and very curly and frizzy hair.

All you need to take care before styling is the temperature settings.

Now which hair brush straightener is best to buy depends on some important characteristics, that you should consider before buying

1. Speed of Heating Up

Electric brush should get ready to use quickly in seconds. The heating up time of hair straightener brush depends on the technology and the material in which it is constructed.

2. Varying Temperature Setting

Atleast 2-3 settings must be there in your hair straightening brush. Because different hair textures requires different heat settings to get tamed. Thick hair requires higher heat levels and thin hair needs lower settings.

If you use high heat on thin and fine hair, it will surely damage your hair. And when you use low heat settings on thick and coarse hair, this will again damage your hair because of repetitive passes to straighten them.

3. Best Surface & Bristle Material

Ceramic hair straightening brush is recommended for all types of hair, ceramic is more effective and safer to use, ceramic protects against excessive heat damage and spreads even amount of heat through out the bristles to make sure all strands of hair are evenly treated.

4. Flexible Cord

360-Degrees rotational swivel cord is a very important feature to look for when picking any heating tool. Because you always need to work on different sections of hair without getting tangled into the cable. Swivel cord makes the process of heat styling much flexible and pain free.

5. Price Comparison

Compare few hair straightener brushes and try to get the best quality and budget Friendly tool which is suitable to your hair type like we have selected for you in this article.

6. Consumer Reviews

Review is the opportunity to the customers to rate and comment on the product that they have used and experienced. And these ratings help the buyers to choose and judge the product they are intending to purchase. So make sure to also check the reviews on the product you want to buy online.

7. Additional Functions –

You should also look for some additional functions that are associated with heating devices such as – shape of the brush, universal voltage compatibility, light weight, easy grip, LED light or digital display of temperature, heat resistant accessories, auto-shut down facility, warranty and so on.

Now that you know how to purchase your styler, let’s quickly walk you through some straightening brushes. I bet you would fall for atleast one brush from our list of top 8 best hair straightening brush in India. Let us first compare some best hot brushes in the table below –

1. Philips BHH880/10 Heated Hair Straightening Brush (Black)

Philips hair straightening brush review and specifications

When there comes about hair styling, the very first brand that strikes, is Philips & yep this brand worth to be the first in list. A very affordable yet good quality product by Philips is – Philips BHH880/10 Heated Hair Straightening Brush.

This hot brush is designed with keratin infused ceramic coating. This coated bristles when glide through your strands, it leaves shiny, smooth & straight hair.

The Silk Pro Care technology minimizes heat damage. Also the thermo-protect technology maintains constant temperature throughout the brush to prevent overheating.

There are two temperature settings (170°c for thin/medium hair & 200°c for thick hair) for desired styling. Triple bristle design & large paddle shaped brush gently detangles and straightens your hair in one go while protecting your scalp from heat.

It heats up quickly in 50 seconds with light indicator. The 1.8 M cord is quite flexible & safe to use. The quality & performance have made this electric brush one of the best hair straightening brush in India.

Check out the product review here –

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2. Revlon XL Hair Straightening Heated Styling Brush

Revlon brush which provides salon finish straight hair in minutes

Revlon brand falls under top 10 leading brands producing great personal care products, one of its gadget I am talking about is Revlon XL Hair Straightening Brush.

This brush is really long to work on wide hair sections from root to tip in one go, The ionic technology retains the hair natural moisture, provides beautiful shine and makes your hair pretty much fuller.

It has advanced 3x ceramic coating and duo detangling Bristles for smooth styling. 10 variant LCD high heat settings up to 430°F gives your hair a salon finish.

It comes with dual voltage system & the design is lightweight & easy to control. Nothing but an amazing hair straightening brush used by professionals, is worth buying.

Check out the review video here –

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You may also try –

3. Wahl India Argan Care Smart Brush

Wahl argan oil brush review

This smart brush by Wahl India is infused with Argon oil to provide damage free hair straightening by adding softness and smoothness to your hair. The ceramic bristles provide an extra safety and evenly distributed heat to your strands.

It has 7 different styling heat settings from 140°C to 200°C for each need which can be conveniently operated on digital display. It claims to work on wet and dry hair both, it ensures to prevent frizz, static and locks the style upto 48 hours.

This is one of the best cost effective electric brush designed for Indian hair. It automatically shutts off after 60 minutes for safety. The device takes 60 seconds to heat up and comes with 2 years of warranty for your peace of mind.

The Smart Brush is made travel friendly as it is featured with swivel cord and hanging loop which gives you an ease while storing the product or carrying it along with you. It has rubberized coating for easy and safe grip.

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4. GLAMFIELDS Hair Straightening Brush

Glamfields hair straightener brush is infused with double negative Ions and infrared technology which helps to seal the hair cuticles and holds in your hair’s natural moisture & makes the hair shiny, smooth & straight. It deep nourishes your hair and provokes the healthy growth.

This electric straightening brush heats up so quickly in 30 seconds because of its built in MCH hot chip technology, which means you save lot of energy & time. It shuts down automatically if remains ideal for 30 minutes.

The wide dense comb works perfectly, effectively & faster on curly, very fine & damaged hair. This hot brush provides a massaging effect that benefits the scalp and stimulates hair follicles.

It has 12 heat settings which is from 250˚F to 450˚F (120°C -230°C) to work on different hair types & hair styles. It is very convenient to use & carry because of its standard size. The 360-degree swiveling handle makes the tool very handy & comfortable to work on back-side hair.

It supports 120-240V voltage for traveling purpose. The classy black body finish makes the hair straightening brush look so elegant. The overall features makes the device one of the best hair straightening brush in India.

Check this hair brush video here –

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5. BaByliss HSB100E Ionic Hair Straightening Brush (Pink)

Babyliss electric brush for all types of hair

BaByliss is another trusted brand which creates top quality & high performance electrical personal care appliances. Where HSB100E Ionic electric brush is one of the best hair straightening brush in the market.

You can achieve beautiful straight hair with natural volume in no time. The three temperature settings 160°c / 180°c / 200°c with LED indicator helps to work amazingly on all types of Indian hair.

Unique bristle combination – 34 rigid plastic bristles helps in detangling your hair, 50 silicone coated bristles helps in positioning the hair closer to heating element & 42 ceramic coated bristles gives flawless shine & straightening. Ionic technology fights against frizz & lock the natural moisture of hair.

This hair straightening brush comes with 360-degrees swivel cord for convenient and comfortable use. The loud pink body makes it look trendy & girly where the price of this tool is quite mediocre. Overall features have made this brush No.1 choice for the professionals.

Check out the hair straightener brush review here –

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6. Remington Keratin Protect Heated Brush CB7400 (Gray)

Remington ceramic coated hair brush for hair straightening

Remington has produced a revolutionary electric brush that guarantees smooth & shiny straight hair in few minutes. Straight hair with natural volume can be achieved super fast with this 2-in-1 keratin protect sleek & smooth heated brush

It gets ready to work on in just 30 seconds & has 3 optimum temperature settings that is 150°c (low), 190°C (medium) and 230°C (high). An additional feature is its auto shut-off facility for safety measures.

This hair straightener brush is infused with anti static ionic technology to control frizz & maintain hair moisture. Ceramic coated bristles with cool tips make the process quite safe & easy.

The wider design & 2-in-1 heating technology distributes the heat evenly across the brush to make sure you get straight hair in single stroke.

It has 3 mtr. long cord & worldwide voltage to style anywhere you travel. Great performance & low budget has made this tool one of the top-rated best hair straightening brushes available in India.

Check the review of this brush here –

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7. Alan Truman Hot Brush Straightener (Black)

Alan Truman hot brush straightener

Alan Truman is popular in producing quality hair grooming appliances that works perfect for Indian hair. The one that we have picked has 76 tourmaline ceramic coated base and bristles.

The outer ring of bristles have heat resistant plastic material to ensure scald free styling. You can go near to the roots and straighten kinky and baby hair near the scalp as well.

Ionic nature of tourmaline keeps your hair moisturized and nourished, where ceramic helps in even distribution of heat and glides ultra smoothly through stubborn strands.

It is embedded with micro-chip controlled temperature settings ranging from 110°C to 230°C professional high heat to work precisely on all types of hair. The heal levels can be conveniently operated on digital LED display. It smartly locks the desired temperature during the process of straightening to avoid excessive heat damage.

This hot brush heats up super quickly in 8 seconds and cool down with same recovery rate. This mechanism makes the device safe and saves lot of precious time. It automatically shuts down after one hour, in case you forget to switch it off.

Its compact and ergonomic design makes it quite flexible and travel friendly tool that can be operated on dual voltage. 2m long swivel cord provides flexible pain-free movement of hand and device to work on different sections of hair.

This hair brush is highly packed with advanced features and technologies. It is a budget friendly hair straightening brush which is quite durable and comes with one year of warranty.

Check product review video here –

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8. AGARO Heated Hair Straightening Comb (Black)

Agaro hair straightening brush avilable in India

This is a hair brush straightener by Agaro. It ensures to straighten hair in just one pass and it truly does. This is a ring based comb which cuts your straightening time by half.

This hot brush is infused with moroccan essential oil-coating, which locks hair’s natural moisture, reduces frizz, increases hair shine and protects hair color. The 3D heating teeth of Agaro comb let you style with less heat for less breakage, frizz, and flyaway.

It comes with 5 different heat setting that is from 130-210 degree celsius to work perfectly on all types of hair from thin to thick and fine to coarse.

It warms up in 60 seconds and has 30 minutes of auto shut-off facility for safety. Also its anti-scald property allow to work near the roots very safely.

Because of swivel cord hair styling gets much easier and flexible so try not to avoid this feature when looking for a best hair straightening brush.

Its elegant finish makes it quite attractive and professional. Universal voltage (100-240V) compatibility makes this brush a travel friendly tool.

Check out the product testing video here –

how to use hot brush

We all want to style straight, smooth & shiny hair on regular basis, in a matter of minutes.

But what about the hair damage caused by hair straightener when used often. Well it is possible to cut down the amount of damage with hair brush straightener.

It is precisely designed to work on regular basis without generating any hair & scalp damage, but what really matter is the quality of your hair brush straightener & the technique of styling.

Plan Straightening With Neat Hair

To achieve successful hair straightening results try to work with neat and tidy hair Wash hair with mild shampoo & conditioner or the one you are comfortable with, because straightening works perfectly on clean hair rather greasy hair.

Prevent Hair From Heat Damage

In spite of using the best hair straightening brush which generates minimum to zero heat damage, you still need to apply hair protectant serum, spray, cream or gel to protect hair. It will provide an extra protective layer & will nourish your hair.

Take a small amount of product on your palm and spread it through out your hair. Spray few pumps all over your hair if it is in hair spray form.

Comb Your Hair

Hair combing with detangling teaser or regular comb, after applying the serum, is the best way to spread the heat protectant product/serum through out your hair strands evenly. At the same time serum helps to unknot hair with less breakage.

Blow Dry Or Air Dry Your Hair

Air dry or blow dry your hair before using hair straightening brush is must. Hot brushing on damp hair will surely damage your hair permanently, so dry your hair thoroughly before using straightener. After drying out of hair, comb again to detangle any left tangle.

Part Your Hair –

Sectioning hair depends on the thickness. you can part your hair into two or divide it in four section & tie each section up using clips. Now release the back section one by one to work on & then the front sections later.

Set Suitable heat

Here is the approx temperature settings according to different hair types. You can start with lower heat settings as a beginner and cautiously increase as per your hair texture and style requirement.

  • 150°C & Below – Extra thin and fine hair
  • 160°C & 170°C – Thin, Fine, Damaged & Bleached Hair
  • 180°C & 190°C – Dyed or Colored hair
  • 200°C & 210°C – Normal or Slightly Curly & Wavy Hair
  • 230°C & Above– Thick, Curly & Coarse Hair

Hot Brush Your Hair –

Take the first section of hair in one hand, then hold the straightening brush underneath your hair & move slowly in a pulling motion outwords, make sure your hair gets deep into the inner area of the brush & the bristles are poking outwards. This help you achieve the natural volume in hair & smoothens out your strands efficiently.

Final Touch Ups

If you’re satisfied with your styling/straightening, apply the hair setting spray to fix your style. You can also use the multi-function hair sprays, which works as a heat protector, style setter and hair nourisher at the same time.

You may notice that in couple of days your straightening is still there untill you wash your hair, but requires a touch up. So what you can do is, set the brush to lowest temperature & start brushing again your hair. This will help you get healthy straight hair for long.

Because –

  • Hair Brush straightener is extremely easy to use.
  • It straightens hair by maintaining hair’s natural volume.
  • Wider shape & even heat distribution helps to straighten hair in one go.
  • Fewer passes of hair brush takes very less time to complete hair straightening.
  • Lower temperature usually heats up the brush, so there is very less chance of burning & damage.
  • Hot brush straightener is less complex than using a flat iron.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the blog on Top 5 Best Hair Straightening Brush In India 2022 Review. Feedback is highly appreciated.


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