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Are Wide Tooth Combs Good For Your Hair – Best Detangler Of 2023

Here are some best wide tooth combs in Idnia for all types of hair

Wide tooth comb is one of the important item to have in your grooming essentials. Wide tooth combs are usually used to detangle hair without tugging or pulling, which reduces hair fall and allows the roots to become strong. Combing your hair everyday with a wide tooth comb can help massage your scalp gently rather than scratched, because they are more gentle than the fine tooth comb

Because wide tooth combs have more space in between teeth, therefore it is easier to detangle hair without breakage. So if you’re interesting, Let us walk you through some of the best wide tooth combs available in India in 2023, which together with our buying guide will help you choose the best suitable tool as per your combing requirements.

What is a Wide Tooth Comb?

A comb that has large spacing between the teeth is known as wide tooth comb. Most people misunderstand wide tooth comb for the teeth itself being wide, but, that is not the actual wide-tooth comb. Although some wide tooth combs have bigger size teeth apart from large spacing. This type of wide tooth comb is suitable for any type of hair and can be used on both wet and dry hair.

Best Wide Tooth Combs For Hair Review

#1 Twirey Wide Teeth Hair Comb Review

Unique wide tooth comb with smooth detangling mechanism

This black comb is made from cellulose acetate which do not create static charge in hair due to its non-petroleum based material, which is derived from natural plants. It has smooth rounded teeth which do not hurt your scalp while combing and helps to reduce hair fall. Perfect for salon professionals, useful for grooming and styling hair and adding luster. This comb is suitable to almost all types of hair specifically for Long, Wavy, Messy, & Curly Hair

Pros –

  • Helps in detangling the hair
  • Made of non-petroleum based material
  • Prevents hair damage
  • Gentle on scalp
  • Ergonomic Design to hold easily
  • Fine Round Teeth helps in massaging the scalp


  • Combing teeth are too far apart

#2 Rufiys Wide Tooth Comb Review

Neem wood comb with medicinal properties

Neem Wood Comb Provides Natural Antibacterial effect with every stroke, helps reduce dandruff and scalp disorders. Rufiys Neem wooden comb is well crafted from a single, strong piece neem wood. These wide tooth combs are handcrafted so that the points are not too sharp. It gently massages the scalp as you comb your hair. To maintain healthy hair, neem wood combs are recommended by professionals. Natural form of neem is used to make this miraculous combs which is a solution to all hair problems.

Pros –

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Prevents static caused by plastic combs & brushes
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Enriched with neem oil thus contains medicinal propertie
  • Gives shine to your hair


Not observed so far

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#3 Upaskar Wood Works Curly Hair Detangling Comb Review

Wooden wide tooth comb for static free combing

This ultra wide detangle comb is made with old sheesham wood for handle, and new sal wood for teeth. Polished and parallel teeth ensures smooth detangling while rounded tips of sal wood provides refreshing scalp massage. It is also enriched with Jasmine oil to give pleasant scent and it increases life of comb as well. Ergonomic handle design ensures hassle free combing. It is perfect for curly and wavy hair routines.

Pros –

  • Organic product with no static charges
  • Enriched with jasmine oil
  • Wide and parallel teeth
  • Softer wood of Sal is selected for teeth to absorb your favourite hair oil and give your scalp a relaxing feel while combing
  • Hard and durable Sheesham wood in handle

Cons –

  • The size of the comb is little smaller

#4 Shopdream® Wide Tooth Comb Review

Beautiful floral print wide tooth comb

Designed with wide and rounded tooth design, which can glide smooth without pulling your hair or hurting your scalp. It will not hurt your hair in the process of combing and styling. Regularly and gently combing your hair with this comb can reduce hair loss, dandruff. This plastic comb has appropriate size for easy holding, can fit well in most people’s palms. The wide teeth hair comb with no handle is more convenient for traveling, which can be easily put into your bag. It is light weight and has anti static properties.

Pros –

  • Round gentle teeth
  • Lightweight and anti-static
  • Comb for curly, wet and dry hair
  • Reduce hair loss and dandruff
  • Travel friendly

Cons –

  • Doesn’t work that great on fine and straight hair types

#5 Vega Tortoise Shell Pattern Conical Teeth Comb Review

Vega tortoise shall pattern

Vega handcrafted wide tooth combs are made from cellulose acetate which do not create static charge in hair due to its non-petroleum based material, which is derived from natural plants. It has smooth rounded teeth which do not hurt your scalp while combing and helps to reduce hair fall. It is gentle on the scalp and ideal for sensitive skin and helps to create styles while adding lustre

Pros –

  • Tortoise shell pattern
  • Conical teeth design
  • Small sized shampoo comb
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Smooth rounded teeth
  • Beautiful brown colour

Cons –

  • Small in size

#6 Omey Wide Tooth Hair Pro Comb Review

Fishtail wide tooth comb design

This wide toothed comb is made with a special thermoplastic resin for superior smooth effect. Fine round teeth helps in massaging the scalp. Wide teeth works well with all kinds of hair styling. It is great for salon grade hairdressing, its anti-static and heat resistant properties makes it one of the most durable and flexible comb.

Pros –

  • Professional stylist comb
  • Wide tooth fantail comb for smooth detangling and styling
  • Anti static properties
  • Perfect for home and salon use
  • Suitable for men, women and children hair

Cons –

  • Teeth are little sharp

#7 Nat Habit Kacchi Neem Comb Review

Neem wooden comb, pre-soaked and treated with herbs and oils

This neem wooden comb is pre-soaked & treated with neem oil, coconut oil, castor oil, sesame oil, neem leaves, bhringraj, amla, curry leaves and other herbs & oils. 17 Herbs used to soak & treat the comb. Made of young (Kaccha) neem wood for maximised nutrient transfer to scalp during deep combing. It activates hair follicles with increased blood circulation. With deep combing before sleep, the neem comb releases stress, anxiety and fatigue. It is amongst the best wide tooth combs in India

Pros –

  • Drives hair growth & thickness
  • Controls hair loss & thinning
  • Keeps away brittleness, cuticle damage & hair breakage
  • Controls dandruff & itchy scalp
  • Controls hair aging & greying
  • Induces good sleep with deep combing
  • Relieves anxiety, fatigue & stress

Cons –

  • Ends are not very soft for the root

#8 Amazon Brand – Solimo Handmade Extra-Wide-Tooth Comb Review

This comb is made from non-petroleum-based cellulose acetate, which is derived from natural plants. This material allows you to use the comb without any hassle of static. This plant-based product ensures gentle combing, making it ideal for people with a sensitive scalp. The comb offers strong, smooth-rounded teeth, making it safe and comfortable to use. Solimo handmade black comb are helpful in daily grooming and styling. They also help add volume and lustre, allowing you to flaunt your gorgeous hair everyday

Pros –

  • Made from natural plants
  • Smooth and strong round-shaped teeth for comfortable combing
  • Reduce hair fall
  • Static-free
  • Gentle on scalp and ideal for sensitive skin
  • Useful for hair grooming and styling
  • Adds lustre and volume

Cons –

  • The bristles are very hard

#9 XO Curls Detangling Hair Comb Review

Wide tooth comb with wavy bristles for those who have curly and wavy hair.

XO Curls  detangler hair brush can be used on wet hair along with conditioner for easy, pain free detangling or on dry hair for styling. This comb for women is perfect for everyday use to remove hair knots and gentle detangling. It has wide teeth, specially designed keeping curly & wavy hair in mind and has a texture for a non-slip grip. The smooth edges for a pain free experience along with convenient hook for hanging the shower.

Pros –

  • Specially designed for curls and waves
  • Wavy teeth to glide through curls and prevent breakage
  • Teeth of differing lengths to untangle till the scalp
  • Textured for non slip grip even with conditioner or water
  • Hook for hanging in shower


  • The material is not that sturdy

#10 Wooden Curly Hair Wide Tooth Comb Review

Wooden comb

This neem wooden comb is well crafted from a single, strong piece of neem wood. It gently massages the scalp as you comb your hair. To maintain healthy hair, neem wood combs are recommended. Scalp problems like dandruff and fungal infections can be treated with a comb made of a medicinal bark like Neem. This wooden wide tooth comb has medicinal properties that help to control hair loss and promote hair growth. nothing but one of the best wide tooth combs in India for home and professional use.

Pros –

  • Neem wood is a natural purifier
  • It eliminates infection & toxins
  • Has ayurvedic disinfecting properties
  • It is loaded with anti oxidants
  • Treats hair problems when used regularly


  • Tooth of this comb is sharp as compare to plastic combs

Buyer’s Guide – How To Choose Best Wide Tooth Comb In India?

Though there is no rocket science behind choosing wide tooth combs, but still there are few important aspects to look for before buying your best piece, in case you don’t know –

1. Comb Teeth Spacing

Teeth spacing of a wide comb should be neither too small nor too big. Your wide tooth comb should be comfortable to use and easy to glide for pain free detangling. The lesser gap would pull your hair and the bigger gap would leave the hair undone.

2. Ergonomic Design

Comfortable grip and ease of maneuver is very important when it comes to combing. Long, thick and curly hair combing might be tiring if comfortable comb is not used, especially when you are combing your own hair. Therefore ergonomic design and slip free body is one of the important feature you should consider before getting your best wide tooth comb.

3. Durability

Look for the sturdy material whether it is made of plastic or wooden. The comb should last longer because once you get comfortable with your product, you don’t want to switch or replace it with the new one again. Good brands usually produces good quality products, so go for some reputed brand. To make it more easier for you we have already shortlisted best wide tooth combs with good quality and better performance.

Are Wide Tooth Combs Good For Hair? – Benefits

Combing your hair correctly with a right comb ensures hair hygiene and prevents hair damage. Combing hair twice a day is as important as oiling, shampooing and conditioning your hair. Hair combing regularly your hair also prevents the formation of kinks and knots while giving them a neat and manageable experience. It is therefore very important to select your comb smartly.

We recommend to use wide tooth combs for detangling hair. When it comes to haircare routine, right comb, styling tool and hair product is very important. Using a non suitable comb can result in hairfall and frizzyness.

Here we have shown some benefits of using wide tooth combs for your precious locks.

1. Detangles Hair Easily

Stress free and pull free combing is only possible with wide tooth combs. The space between the teeth of wide comb allows to easily detangle knots in your hair. It is specifically recommended for long and curly hair.

2. Reduces Hair Fall

You might have experience a lot of hair fall while removing stubborn knots and kinks, using normal comb. However, wide tooth combs helps detangle hair more efficiently without losing a lot of hair. One of the important thing to remember while combing hair is to use your comb on dry hair, because wet hair are more prone to breakage. Also, you can apply a hair serum or hair oil to make the process of detangling more easier.

3. Prevents Hair Damage

Wide tooth comb creates less tension as compared to a normal fine tooth comb. Therefore it is gentle on on hair and prevents hair damage and hair breakage. Because of wider space between the teeth of the comb, it is easier to glide the comb through the strands and detangles hair without much pain. This property makes the wide-tooth comb more gentle on the hair and prevents breakage.

4. Treats Scalp Nicely

Wide tooth combs gives your scalp a soothing massaging effect and increases blood circulation. It is more gentle on scalp than normal comb. If wider tooth combs used on daily basis, It can promote new hair growth and can reduce other scalp problems like dandruff, itchy scalp and frizziness. It spreads natural sebum through your hair, resulting in nourished and healthy hair.

Folding Up

Hair combing is an important step in your hair care routine. Healthy and nourished hair is a sign of good combing by using a right comb. Now that you know the advantages of using a wide tooth comb regularly, make sure to add one to your hair combs collection.

Happy Combing <3

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