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Which Is The Best Hair Dryer in India Under 1000 Rupees

Best hair dryer in India under 1000 rupees

Back with another best hair dryer in India list but this time under Rs 1000 with all the essential features. Without making a hole in your pocket, you can pick the one for home and travel purpose.

These hair dryers are so convenient to use and carry, they will deliver the professional results in a matter of minutes. Not only they dries hair but also used to style different hairstyles with the help of hair dryer attachments.

Below is the list of best hair dryer in India under 1000 rupees from reliable brands, sorted after thorough research for each hair need. In preparing this list I have reviewed the products based on a number of factors including the features, brand reputation, ranking, value for money and user reviews. Have a look –

Comparison Table of Top Brand’s Best Hair Dryer in India Under 1000



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Philips HP8120/00 Hair Dryer

  • 1000W Power

  • 2 Heat/Speed

  • Cool Air Shot

Havells Hair Dryer

  • 1200W Power

  • 2 Heat/Speed

  • Cool Air Shot

Nova NHP 8220 Hair Dryer

  • 1800 W Power

  • 2 Heat, 2 Speed

  • Cool Air Shot

Agaro HD-1214  Hair Dryer

  • 1400W Power

  • 2 Heat/Speed

  • Cool Air Shot

Hesley Aria Hair Dryer

  • 2200W Power

  • 3 Heat, 2 Speed

  • Cool Air Shot

Vega Insta Glam Hair Dryer

  • 1000W Power

  • 2 Heat/Speed

  • No Cool Shot

Syska Hair Dryer HD1610

  • 1200W Power

  • 2 Heat/Speed

  •  Cool Air Shot

Chaoba Hair Dryer

  • 2000W Power

  • 3 Heat, 2 Speed

  •  Cool Air Shot

AmazonBasics Hair Dryer

  • 1800W Power

  • 2 Heat/Speed

  •  Cool Air Shot

Torima TC-2457 Hair Dryer

  • 1100W Power

  • 2 Heat/Speed

  •  Cool Air Shot

Panasonic EH-ND11 Hair Dryer

  • 1000W Power

  • 2 Heat/Speed

  •  No Cool Shot

How To Pick The Best Hair Dryer?

There are certain features that you should look for before picking your best hair dryer under 1000 rupees. There are four popular hair dryers available in the market these days – ceramic, ionic, tourmaline and titanium. These materials act differently on different types of hair.

You should also look for the attachments to style your hair such as – concentrator nozzle, diffuser and comb attachment. Another important function to consider is the speed and heat settings to get damage free hair drying in less time.

Read here in detail about the attachments, how to use them, speed settings and the complete buying guide to help you find the right tool for your hair type.

Best Hair Dryer In India Under 1000 Review

1. Philips HP8120/00 Hair Dryer Review

best philips hair dryer under 1000 rupees in India
  • This is a beautiful hair dryer by Philips which is one of the reliable brand of hair grooming appliances in India. This hair dryer has a powerful motor of 1200w that gives the satisfactory result at home.
  • Since the power of this hair dryer is quite optimum therefore you can use it without worrying about the heat damage.
  • There are 3 pre selected heat/speed settings for different hair needs. The cool air shot setting helps to seal in the hair style while protecting it from excessive heat damage.
  • Its thermo-protect technology provides additional protection to hair and scalp from over heating. The device automatically cuts off the heat when over heated to prevent excessive heat damage.
  • The dryer comes with a concentrator to focus the airflow on a particular section of hair, this makes the styling process smooth and frizzfree.
  • The ergonomic, compact and foldable handle design of this hair dryer makes it handy, easy to use and travel friendly as well.
  • The storage hook is located at the base of the handle and provides another storage option, particularly convenient for use in the home or when staying at a hotel.
  • The product is durable and comes with 2 years of warranty.
1200w power wattage, 1 cool shot and 2 heat/speed settings, 1.5 m cord length, narrow concentrator nozzle, foldable, easy to use, 2 year warranty.It may take time to dry and style long, curly and thick hair.

2. Havells Hair Dryer Review

Best Havells Hair Dryer In India
  • It is a very light weight and compact hair dryer by Havells, it has a 1200 w motor for efficient drying.
  • The dryer works on 3 temperature/speed settings that is hot, warm & cold airflow. Once you are done with your hair styling you can use the cool shot button which provides cool air to secure your styling & improves shine at the same time.
  • This hair dryer is foldable so that you can carry it anywhere you travel.
  • There is a hanging loop with 1.8m 360 degree tangle free swivel cord for hassle free use and storage.
  • It comes with concentrator nozzle to target the airflow in a particular direction which prevents static and frizziness.
  • Overheat protection & honeycomb inlet ensures safe handling and do not allow hair tangling
Powerful yet light weight, travel friendly, 3 professional heat settings, concentrator nozzle, low price and 2 years of warranty.Couldn’t find any

3. Nova NHP 8220 Professional Hair Dryer Review

Nova Blow Dryer
  • You can achieve professional hair styling at home with Nova NHP 8220 hair dryer. This hair dryer features advanced Ehd technology which ensures that only the right amount of heat is distributed on your hair and preventing any damage to your hair.
  • It has powerful 1800W AC motor for fast hair drying and smooth finishing like professionals. The anti static negative ion technology releases negative ions in each stroke which reduces frizz, conditions hair and makes them more shinier.
  • The nova hair dryer includes 4 attachments, 2 detachable concentrator nozzles, large nozzle to work on thick & long hair, whereas medium nozzle for thin, medium/short length hair and 1 diffuser for controlled airflow over wider scalp area, especially for curly hair and 1 comb attachment to define naturally straight hair.
  • There are 2 heat, 2 speed and 1 cool air shot setting for variant hair types and hair styles. The flexible 1.8m long cord rotates on 360 degrees and has a convenient hanging loop for safe storage.
Powerful, light weight, dual voltage compatible, professional airflow settings, 4 attachments, affordable and has 1 year warranty.This product is a bit noisy.

4. Agaro HD-1214 Premium Hair Dryer Review

Best Brand Hair Dryer In India
  • This hair dryer by Agaro has inbuilt powerful 1400w motor for everyday styling.
  • It includes narrow concentrator for targeted drying.
  • There are two speed/heat settings with cool shot button. High speed for average to thick hair, low speed for delicate and thin hair and cold air for sealing the style and to prevent the damage caused due to excessive heat.
  • Has auto shut-off function for over heat protection.
  • It is designed with honey comb air inlet for better air flow.
  • It is lightweight and compact with foldable handle which makes it travel friendly hair dryer.
  • Also includes hanging loop & 2 meter long cord.
  • The product comes with 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty.
Powerful motor, narrow concentrator nozzle, 3 speed/heat settings with one cool shot, long flexible cable, overheat protection and foldable.There isn’t any manufacturer’s warranty with this product.

5. Hesley Aria Professional Hair Dryer Review

  • This professional hair dryer comes with about 2200 Watt power that provides salon like performance and can dry your hair in no time. This powerful motor of the hair dryer helps to close the cuticles, providing a frizz free hair.
  • Its narrow air concentrator nozzle is used for precision styling on straight and smooth hair. It also helps for optimal drying of the hair.
  • It includes diffuser attachment for enhancing the natural curls.
  • Features 2 speeds and 3 heat settings allow for design creativity when drying.
  • There is a cool shot knob present in the hair dryer that helps to set and keep the hair styling you have done.
  • The hair dryer comes with a hanging loop for easy and convenient storage. You can hang it near your dressing table or even in the bathroom.
  • Please note that the cool shot knob only reduces the flow of hot air from 47 degrees to 37 degrees to style the hair when used from a little distance , the cool shot knob does not give cold air.
  • The natural moisture of your hair is retained while delivering maximum shine and style.
  • Removable filter for easy cleaning and has tangle free 1.6 meters long cord for seam less styling.
Professional Hair dryer with 2200w powerful motor for fast and damage free heat styling, 2 speed and 3 heat settings, cool shot button, removable filter, detachable concentrator and a diffuser, long flexible wire and advance conditioning technology. One of the best hair dryer in India under 1000.There isn’t any manufacturer’s warranty with this product.

6. Vega Insta Glam Hair Dryer Review

Vega Hair Dryer
  • Vega Insta Glam 1000W Hair Dryer is exactly what you need for your everyday hair drying and styling.
  • The hair dryer comes with 2 heat setting – low heat setting for perfect gentle drying and high heat setting for fast drying.
  • This hair dryer comes with a detachable concentrator nozzle. Which helps to concentrate air flow on a particular section of hair for targeted drying and precision styling.
  • It comes with foldable handle for easy storage and safe carrying.
  • It comes with a non-slip grip handle which gives you the perfect control when you are using the hair dryer.
  • The hair dryer comes with a cord guard which protects the cord and makes the dryer long lasting. The hanging loop helps to hang the dryer and provides easy storage when it is not in use.
  • Infused with safety automatic overheat cut out function which protects the tool from overheating.
  • This appliance can be used in most of the countries because of its 110-240V voltage compatibility.
1000w power, w heat/speed setting, foldable and lightweight, travel friendly, long cord with hanging loop, auto power cut off functionality, beautiful color, and a detachable concentrator nozzle. This product comes with 2 years of warranty.It is not recommended for salon-grade styling purposes because of its less powerful motor, but it can be used for drying all types of hair.

7. Syska Hair Dryer HD1610 Review

Top Syska dryer under 1000 in India
  • This hair dryer is by a reliable brand Syska with a 1200W motor which gently dries hair and can be used on a regular basis.
  • The hair dryer comes with 2 pre-selected heat/speed setting with cool airflow for different hair and style need.
  • This compact and light weight Hair Dryer comes with a foldable design which makes it easy to carry and store.
  • The Syska hair dryer is infused with over heat protection which protects your hair from excessive heat damage.
  • Heat concentrator nozzle distributes hot air evenly to a specific section for fast hair drying without leaving them frizzy. Also the big wind inlet which reduces air swirl for quiet and efficient drying.
  • 2 years warranty for complete peace of mind & crafted in Korea with the latest technology and expertise.
Powerful motor, 2 speed/heat setting, cold air flow, heat protection and heat balance technology, Concentrator nozzle, foldable, long cord and 2 years warranty.Some users have found a burning smell when operated on high speed.

8. Chaoba Professional Hair Dryer Review

Chaoba dryer
  • This multipurpose hair dryer is suitable for man n woman both. A very affordable and good quality dryer by the brand Chaoba. Thermo protect ionic technology ensures to style your hair with care.
  • The combination of 3 heat & 2 speed settings make you dry & style all types of hair. Also you can finish your hair style with cool air blast to set & secure it from heat damage.
  • The 2000 W Motor generates powerful airflow to speedup your drying, styling process & gives your hair a salon-finish.
  • This professional hair dryer has two concentrator nozzles for targeted air flow to get shiny and polished hair.
  • It has extra long flexible cord, a safe storage hook & a removable outlet grille. The high-quality insulation of the cord prevents the risk of shocks and injuries.
  • Advance technologies & overall functionalities have made this hair dryer a best option to consider.
  • Note: Don’t use Heat Mode for more than 3-5 mins at one go, let the hair dryer cool down and you can restart.
  • Precautions: If the appliance overheats, unplug the appliance and clean the detachable Back filter. Let the dryer cool down for a few minutes, before you switch the appliance on again. Please don’t use the product in High/Heavy/Low Voltage or when there is Voltage Fluctuations
2000 watt powerful motor, 3 heat and 2 speed settings, Cool shot function, 2 narrow concentrators, long safe cable, hanging loop for storage, durable.It is non foldable.

9. AmazonBasics Professional Hair Dryer Review

  • AmazonBasics hair dryers are made with premium quality materials for enhanced durability, has a powerful 1800 Watt motor for professional finish.
  • High power and focused drying through the detachable concentrator produces greater velocity for better results in lesser time for a hassle-free hair drying experience.
  • Has the Cool shot function to set your style in place for long-lasting results.
  • There are two heat settings for drying (low, high); the motor speed is regulated to cater to these settings optimally.
  • Comes with a foldable handle for easy storage and hook for hanging.
  • Ideal for regular use and easy to maintain.
  • 1 Year warranty against manufacturing defects.
1800 watt powerful motor, two heat settings, Cool shot function, narrow concentrator, foldable, long safe cable, hanging loop for storage, durable with 1 year warranty.Not observed any.

10. Torima TC-2457 Hair Dryer Review

Best of Torima
  • This is a foldable design for compact storage and travel.
  • It is infused with 1100 Watt high powerful motor yet light weight.
  • The Thermo Protect setting provides the optimal drying temperature while giving additional protection.
  • Featured with multiple heat/speed settings that is hot, constant and cold setting.
  • There is a narrow concentrator nozzle for targeted and static free drying.
  • This hair dryer is suitable for all hair types from short to long and thin to thick. Can be used conveniently by men and women both.
  • The dryer is also a dual voltage device. Therefore when travelling abroad with your hair dryer, all you need to take is a lightweight plug adapter and you are on your way to the perfect blow dried look.
  • The cord length is 1.8 m, enabling you to dry your hair wherever you want, even if you aren’t that close to a plug socket. And has the convenient hang-up loop which is ideal for storing the dryer safely when not in use.
  • The product comes with one year of manufacturer’s warranty.
Thermo-protect technology, 1100watt power consumption, compact and foldable, lightweight, dual voltage compatible, long flexible cord with hanging loop, 2 speed/heat setting and one cool shot setting, convenient heat operation button/switch, elegant finish and suitable for almost all hair types.It takes time to dry very thick and long hair.

11. Panasonic EH-ND11-A62B  Hair Dryer Review

Panasonic Dryer
  • With its compact, convenient, portable size this hair dryer fits anywhere. It is portable enough to be carried easily in your travelling bags.
  • This hair dryer offers 2 speed/heat settings to select the amount of speed required for different hairstyles. The speed of the air can be easily varied with just the simple push of the button.
  • The hair dryer consumes 1000 Watt power which provides powerful yet gentle air to dry the hair.
  • It is equipped with a 1.8 m long tangle free cord. The cord enables easy utilization without pulling it out of the power socket when you yank it. It increases the range of the device so that you can use the dryer comfortably.
  • This hair dryer is light in weight and has an ergonomic design that is very easy to hold and operate. It has a hanging loop at the base so that it can be hung by a hook near the closet, wardrobe or in bathroom.
  • It has got 2 years of standard manufacturer warranty by Panasonic.
1000watt power consumption, compact, lightweight, long tangle free cable with hanging loop, 2 speed/heat setting, convenient heat operation button on handle, ergonomic design and suitable for almost all hair types, durable and includes 2 year warranty.There is no cool shot function and is non foldable.

Which Is The Best Hair Dryer In India?

It is a challenge to find the best tool that is worthy of your hard earned money. The best dryer is the one which has all the required features for damage free heat drying such as – powerful motor yet gentle on hair, heat protection technology, varying heat and speed settings for different hair types, cool shot function to lock the style while preventing frizz, different attachments like concentrator, diffuser and comb attachment for versatile hair styles, auto power cut off function, long cord, travel friendly and dual voltage compatible, affordable and durable hair dryers are considered as the best tools to buy.

Why These Hair Dryers Are Low Cost?

Though these hair dryers are from best brands but still they lack some of the professional features that a high end tools are built in. The low cost hair dryer has basic features and less powerful motor as compared to the expensive hair dryer. Low cost hair dryers do not have some of the advanced features which are essential for salon-grade styling. Cheap hair dryers are best for home use and drying purposes, their heating material, body material and technologies are quite basic as compared to expensive and professional hair dryers.

How To Use Blow Dryer Attachments?

Concentrator Nozzle Video –

Diffuser Attachment Video –

Comb Attachment Video –

What Precautions You Should Take While Using Hair Dryer?

  • Do not use this appliance near water. When the appliance is used in a bathroom, unplug it after use since the proximity of water presents a risk, even when the appliance is switched off.
  • Do not use this appliance near bathtubs, showers, basins or other vessels containing water.
  • Always unplug the appliance after use and let it cool down for a few minutes.
  • If you are using multiple hair dryers or such appliances in the same home make sure that they are used in different plugs.
  • Before you switch the appliance on again, check the grilles to make sure they are not blocked by fluff, hair, etc.
  • With the same powerful airflow, you will get the best results in a caring way.

Wrapping Up

Hope you enjoyed the list of best hair dryer in India under 1000 and found the right tool in your budget. Lets make it more easier for you by selecting the top picks from the list – Havells Hair Dryer, Nova NHP 8220 Professional Hair Dryer, Agaro HD-1214 Premium Hair Dryer, Syska Hair Dryer HD1610, Philips HP8120/00 Hair Dryer.

The overall products selected in this post are based on the quality, performance and durability. Note: This post on “top hair dryer in India under 1000 rupees” contains affiliate links and we might get commission through it.


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