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What Is Hair Straightening & Its Method? -Temporary and Permanent

What is hair straightening and its methods

What Is Hair Straightening?

The flattening & straightening of hair using some hair styling technique to make hair look smooth, sleek & straight is known as Hair Straightening. It is accomplished using a hair iron, hot comb, chemical relaxers, roller set or blow dryer styling. In addition, some shampoos, conditioners, and hair gels can help to make hair temporarily straight.

This process is generally called as ‘rebonding’ of hair. Hair straightening can damage your hair if done often, it can result in split ends. However heat protectant sprays/serums & a good quality hair straightener or flat iron can help in minimizing the damage.

Do you know hair straightening technique has been used since 1890s & got more popular during 1950s. Though the technology has been improved & become a way more convenient. Let’s see few techs to straighten hair temporarily & permanently in 2020.

What Are Some Popular Methods of Hair Straightening?

Temporary Method (No Chemical Treatment)

Temporary hair straightening can be achieved using some popular heat tools such as, Flat Irons, Heat Combs/Brushes, Blow Dryers & Rollers. These tools are designed to temporarily modify the shape & texture of hair.

The flattened hair usually be reversed by environmental factors like contact with water, humidity etc. To lock the styling for few hours, hair setting sprays are used after heat styling.

Excessive use of heat leads to hair damage, to protect hair from damage, heat protectant gel, cream & sprays are used before heat styling or hair straightening. Once the damage has occurred, it can be disguised using various styling techniques, but can not be reversed.

Only way to repair is to cut off the heat- damaged hair and regrow. It doesn’t mean we can’t style hair with straighteners but yeah we need to take some care before & after its usage. Try to avoid hair straightening on regular basis.

We always recommend a best quality & zero damage hair styling products for you, which gives the best performance & is more durable than others. To explore such magic wands visit the blog on Top Hair Straighteners Available In India For 2020

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Permanent Method (Chemical Treatment)

There are several ways to permanent hair straightening. FYI permanent straightening lasts until our new hair grows. The most popular methods include –

Keratin Treatment (Brazilian) –

  • In this hair straightening treatment a layer of keratin is added to the hair, followed by a hot flat iron. The keratin treatment is considered safe for hair, since it uses the natural protein found in the hair shafts and is suitable for most hair conditions.
  • The treatment straightens the hair, reduces frizz and adds a shine.
  • The result lasts approx 6 months and gradually hair returns to the original texture.
  • It is suitable for all hair types, damaged and previously treated hair as well.
  • Duration of treatment is 2-4 hours.
  • The recommended hair care is, no hair washing for 3 days & after that, wash your hair using sodium chloride free shampoo and conditioner or Keratin shampoo.
  • Safety measures – It emits gases, is not recommended while pregnant. Protection for skin and eyes is required.

Check out the process here –

Japanese/Rebonding/Thermal Reconditioning/Yuko –

  • A non-coating treatment that makes the cysteine bonds in the hair loosened by application of a chemical for 15-20 minutes, and then a heat is applied to restructure the bonds into a straight type. This treatment is suitable for hair that wasn’t treated with chemicals before; bulky, loose to medium curls.
  • Duration of treatment is 4-8 hours.
  • The recommended hair care is, no hair washing for 3 days, use moisturizer and sun protection, wait 1-2 months until dying the hair.
  • Safety measures – This hair straightening might damage your hair from long exposure to heat, might cause scalp irritation and hair loss.

Check out the process here –

Relaxers/Chemical straightening –

  • Chemical relaxers break hair’s disulfide bonds. Lye relaxers contain sodium hydroxide, while non-lye relaxers contain calcium hydroxide and can be used on more sensitive scalps.
  • It is suitable for coarse, tight curled hair.
  • Duration of treatment varies. 
  • The recommended hair care is deep conditioning.
  • Safety measures – This hair straightening might cause chemical burns & hair breakage.

Check out the process here –

Final Words

Now it depends on you what type of hair straightening you would like to prefer, if you are interested in temporary styling, take a tour to some amazing hair straighteners of this season – Best Hair Straighteners Available In India For 2020

Disclaimer: We do not intend or force you to apply any of the above hair treatment. This is just an informational blog to help you get aware of different hair treatments & their pros n cons.

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